Yamaha YZF R1 Review

yamaha r1 review

In 2017, the Japanese bike maker, Yamaha Motor has launched its new super bike YZF-R1 in India. The price of the newly launched new bike has been updated and according to the showroom of Delhi, Rs 20.73 lakh has been kept. Yamaha has started the new journey of YZF-R1 to strengthen its position in this superbike section of the Indian market with this bike.


The new YZF-R1 has been developed as a major model of race track with pure MotoGP blood. The new motorcycle is made in two color options, with Yamaha Blue and Tech Black. YZF-R1 is brought to India via CBU (fully built unit) route. To know more, check out the Yamaha YZF R1 review.

The All New Yamaha YZF R1-Born for the track

yamaha r1 riding

YZF-R1 is very much like your track brother YZR-M1. With pure MotoGP blood, a crossplane engine, short wheelbase chassis and high-tech electronics, WJF-R1 is ready to take your riding experience to a new level. On the same racing DNA, his elder brother, the heavy power of 200 HP, weighing 200 kg and the 1405 mm wheelbase developed in the form of the VJF-R1 is not embarrassed far beyond the massive rebuke. But this is what you can not see which makes it even more special.

Chance to reveal your true potential

R1’s Lift Control System (LCS) has been updated with more progressive mapping which improves drive further while interfering with the system. Compact chassis has a racing ABS track developed for magnesium rear frame, long swingarm and outstanding handling. Moreover, suspension and magnesium wheels have been designed to race and undoubtedly make this bike a serious contender. This is not a machine. This is an opportunity to discover your true potential.

Yamaha YZF R1 Engine and Power

The 998 cc inline 4-cylinder, the crossplane crankshaft engine has titanium fracture-split connecting rods, which are the first industries for a production motorcycle. About 60% is light compared to titanium alloy steel used to make connecting rod, and this decrease in weight provides a R1 engine with a responsive and powerful character at high RPM. This stunning engine offers a strong pulse of highly high horsepower and linear torque.

Lightweight titanium exhaust and midship muffler

For top power and strong linear torque, the crossplane engine is equipped with light weight 4-2-1 exhaust system. A servomotor controlled exhaust valve adjusts the gas flow for improved response and strong engine output, while the compact mid-ship muffler contributes towards large-scale centralization and a unique rises.

High Volume Air Intake

For optimal intake efficiency, a WZR-M1 type central air inlet feedes a large capacity of 10.5 liters of airbus. Fresh air is fed into the electronically active Yamaha Chip Controlled Intech (YCC-I) Funnel, which adjusts its length to match the engine RPM for optimum power characteristics to provide a high level of usable performance.

Compact Deltabox Chassis

The aluminum delta box frame has a long upwards truss-type swinger and magnesium rear frame, which underlines R1’s strong YJR-M1 racebike heritage.

Only 140 kg small 1405 mm wheelbase chassis and 200 wet weight weight of wet weight YZF-R1 provide high level of agility and reaction for excellent race and track performance.

YZR-M1 inspired Cowling

Its central forced air intake, with high screen and low headlight position, is an unmistakable YZRM1 race bike silhouette in the front cowle of the YJF-R1.

On both sides of the air intake, the compact LED headlight emphasizes race-ready look, while the Twin LED running light gives this superbike a truly unique face.

High-compression Cylinder Head and lightweight internals

To achieve optimal performance the engine uses a high compression 01:01 PM cylinder head featuring a pent roof combustion chamber with large diameter intake and exhaust valves. And for instant response with high power and strong linear torque, the YZF-R1 is equipped with titanium con rods and forged aluminum pistons.

Powerful, ABS Controllable Brakes

Tracks developed ABS and integrated braking systems provide maximum braking performance. With force distribution on the basis of UBS bike attitude and lean angle, the back brake prevents unwanted back movement during braking by activating the rear brake. 4-piston radial mounted front caliper rides on the large 320mm rotors for excellent stopping power.

YZR M1 Level Controllability (IMU)

Yamaha’s Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) uses six axes of measurement: A zero sensor that measures pitch, roll and yaw, and accelerometer which measures the acceleration in pre-prior, up-down and right-left directions. .. All at 125 counts per second. IMU communicates with ECU, which activates technologies in Yamaha Ride Control (YRC): New Quick with Power Mode, Traction Control System, Slide Control System, Launch Control System and an Updated Lift Control System and Riv-Mailing Shift system All these systems are adjustable and can be saved within four presets in the YRC system.

Last Wards: Why You Should Buy It

New Yamaha Y bends its technique from ZFR-1WZR-M1. Design and engine is also inspired by its MotoGP brother. Engine gets some new features which further increase motorcycle performance. YZF-R1 is currently one of the advanced litter-class motorcycles available in the Indian market.

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