Yamaha FZ25 Review 2018 India: You Should Buy It?

Yamaha FZ25 Review 2018

Before the arrival of Yamaha in the Indian Mass Bike Segment, the streetfighter design was missing. In 2008, Yamaha launched First Generation FZ16 in India. The aggressive styling of this bike and the 140 section of the rear tire was enough to pull everyone’s eyes towards it.


With time everything changed and more power ‘hunger’ bikes grew in the lovers. Many were not happy with the 150 cc models, so some wanted that there should be more power bikes than that. Fans of Yamaha FZ series did not easily trust any other brand. Finely, Yamaha understood the demand for the bikes of their bikes and the result was 8 years later. The company has brought the FZ25 bike. Read its Yamaha FZ25 review.

Yamaha FZ25 Design and styling

yamah zf design

While most bike companies are inspired by their forward bikes, Yamaha’s new FZ25 design is inspires from the previous FZ Bikes. This model of 250 cc looks a bit larger than the 150 cc FZ bikes.


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FZ25’s Low-sling LED headlights give it transformer face. It has a 14-liter masculin fuel tank. Large air scoops are provided on tank cladding. This strengthens the bike’s wild appeal.

All Digital Instrument Cluster in the Bike

fz25 instrument console

All digital instrument cluster has been given in the bike. There is a lot of information related to the bike. However, the LCD screen disappoints according to the size. Seat coals are slick, but wide. The FZ 25 stubby exhaust gives the bike a strong look in the back.


Its split seat is basic and does not look new in the segment. Its new chain cover is unique. 10 Spokes Alloy wheels are also new and this is a new change compared to the 5-spoke FZ bikes.

Yamaha has used the best quality material

Yamaha FZ25 Review 2018

Yamaha has used the best quality material in the bike. Its fit and finish is fantastic. Keeping FZ Fans in mind, Yamaha has designed it. It has been given to Signature Elements of FZ Series Bikes.

Yamaha FZ25 Electricals

Yamaha FZ25 Electricals

The Orange backlit LCD screen on the FZ25 dashboard is small, but informative. In addition to Speedo, Teco, Odomometer and Fuel Gauge, digital clocks, two strip meters are also given. The placement of switches is conventional. The white light of the LED headlamps gives freshness to the newness. Tail Lamps are also LED units. Turn indicators have been kept as the rest of the models.

Yamaha FZ25 Engines and Performance

Yamaha FZ25 Engines and Performance

Yamaha dropped the idea of ​​liquid cooling and has tried the oil cooler for this new 250 cc bike. This is a single pod, air-cooled motor. The company claims that it reduces voice as well as generating power of 20.9 PS. Its peak torque is 20 newtons. Engine refined is visible up to 7000 rpm. But there will be no need to go to this as it only accepts the bike peak torque at 6000 rpm. Upon achieving top power, feet pegs and handlaber vibration starts.


Its extinguish bets the dominating appeal of the bike. The bike is capable of catching speed of 100 km in 9 seconds. It takes time to achieve the top speed of 140 kilometers per hour. But its 46T rear sprocket KTM 200 makes the duke bike faster. This bike’s engine is equipped with 5-speed gearbox.

Yamaha FZ25 Mileage

yamaha fz25 mileage

The engine is based on Yamaha’s new Blue Core technology. The company claims that this bike gives mileage of 43 kilometers per liter. But when we drive, it gives an average of 33 to 35 kilometers per liter of mileage. This mileage changes according to the rowing style and condition.

Yamaha FZ25 Ride Experience

Yamaha FZ25 Review 2018

Yamaha FZ25 comes with well-equipped, flat and wide seats. Right set foot pags and handlebars risers provide perfect riding posture. The seat of 795mm is the height descent.


Its suspension is largely like Yamaha FJ16. It has 41 mm telescopic forks in front wheel. Along with this, the rear monoculture unit has been in the rear wheel. In various conditions this bike rider gives comfortable driving experience.


The bike’s stability on straight roads is tremendous. The MRF tires offered in this are provided by the grip but it seems more apt to bend while turning the bike. Yamaha was to be given premium tires like TVS Apache RTR 200 4V in it. There is no anti-breaking system in the bike, which should have been.


Ymaha YZ25 Verdict

It is clear that Yamaha FZ25 is not for those who are watching Sharpe and Agile Sportbike. It is a lightweight bike that gives a good experience in the areas of city traffic. It also gives a great experience in Daily Commuting. Its ex-showroom price in Delhi is 1.19 lakh rupees.

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