2018 Yamaha Fascino Review India: Opt and Or Not

yamaha fasicno review

Nowadays, in the Indian automobile market, scooters have been fast moving forward, adapting into something more than just a means of convenient city commute. They have turned into what can now be a part of one’s style statement. Yamaha has taken this forward with the launch of the Fascino scooter. Here we have mentioned a full 2018 Yamaha Fascino review.

Yamaha Fascino Design

yamaha fasicno design

The restro design of this scooter will remind you of the past time. This scooter is typical of retro look and smooth floating line. This is a scooter with Chrome Highlight and Yamaha’s high quality. The chrome front grille and old round rear view mirror are featured in Yamaha’s new scooter. Along with this, the company has introduced a new triangular headlight in this scooter.

Retro analog instrumental console has a normal speedometer and fuel gauge. Finishing of switch gear is of good quality, but it can not be called special. The design of long and thin exhaust look attractive. Simultaneously, the tail shape also gives a unique look to the scooter. Madflapps with the last wheels will help save the water from the splinters. There is a space to keep mobile phones or other essential items near the key hall. You can also place a small bottle of water in it.

Comfortable while Ridding

yamaha fasicno ridding

The telescopic front frocks and the rear shock observer have been made a bit firm, but they are not bouncy. Telescopic suspension will help to improve the scooter on bad roads. The journey of this scooter will be much more comfortable than activa, which has link-arm setup. The seats are comfortable and big. At the same time, its height has been kept so that the rider’s legs can easily reach the ground.The Yamaha scooter weighs just 103 kilograms. Accordingly, this is Yamaha’s lightest scooter. Not only this, it is also the lightest scooter of this segment.

Yamaha Fasicno Measurements

yamaha fasicno review

Yamaha Fascino is a long scooter. Its wheelbase is 1270 mm. However, its ground clearance is only 128mm, which can not be considered good. This scooter has a basic 10 inch MRF jacket tire. The choice of big 12 inches wheels, alloy wheels and disc brakes is not present.

Yamaha Fasicno Engine

yamaha fascino engine

Fascino’s engine is one of India’s most refined engines. Although it is also included in the strength of the lowest powerful engines. This scooter is equipped with 113 cc air-cooled, 4 stroke, single cylinder blue core engine.


The price of Yamaha Fascino in Pune is around 62 thousand rupees, which makes it a good choice.

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