Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Review 2019: Check Expert Review Before Buy It

redmi note 5 review

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Seeing the specification, the Redmi Note 5 smartphone can be called the new Redmi Note 4 with the brighter and larger display of 18: 9 aspect ratios. Despite the same hardware being reducing the value of Redmi Note, the same hardware is now more economical. In the Redmi Note 5 review, you can find a great smartphone with best price tag.

Plus Points

  • Good battery life
  • Bright 18: 9 display
  • Good camera

Negative Points

  • Old design
  • Android 7.1.2 Nouga
  • Hardware is too old

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Price In India


redmi note 5

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 is priced at Rs. 9,999. You can buy this phone from various online stores including Amazon, MI.com etc, but if you want to get it 7% less more price, make order at Flipkart, which is 7% less than the cost of Redmi Note 5 at Tatacliq (Rs. 10799). The smartphone is available in 32 GB, 64 GB storage variants.

Buy Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 from Amazon

redmi note 5


redmi note 5 view

When Redmi Note 4 was launched, there was not so much competition between mid-range smartphones and last year this segment was definitely Xiaomi topped, but competition has increased over time, and Honor 7x, Moto G5, Moto G5s Like smartphones that offer different experiences compared to Xiaomi’s MIUI that came with stock Android.


Xiaomi also launched the Mi A1 smartphone equipped with stock Android, seeing the popularity of stock Android. Recently, Xiaomi had made a poll on social media, in which users had to vote between stock Android and MIUI, in this poll, MIUI also looked back and the users told stock Android their preference.


It was clear that Xiaomi’s monopoly is being ended in the mid-range market and now the company has brought a new device in the form of Redmi Note 5. With the upgrade, it’s the same as Redmi Note 4. However, despite the old hardware, it is a balanced device. The phone’s 4000 mAh battery is quite good and can run for a long time with single charge. So, let’s know what’s new in this device, as well as learn about its design, camera and performance.


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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Design & Build

redmi note 5 design

The Redmi Note 5 smartphone can be called an upgrade version, which comes with a large display of 18: 9 aspect ratios, though this is not a bezel-less device. The top and bottom part of the phone is slim but detailed. The corner of the screen is the curved, which shows it and seamless.


In addition to minor differences in camera bump and width, there is not much change in the rear part of the phone (back-side) compared to its predecessor. The rear-mounted fingerprint sensor is still in the best position, while Diamond Cut lines give it a premium look.


The Redmi Note 5 smartphone is made up of body metal and plastic combinations. The top and bottom part of the phone, where the antenna is plastic, the rest is the metal. This not only improves cellular connectivity but also durability.


There is an overall symmetry in the design; the speaker grill below has been mixed with the second grill for the main microphone. The device is the back side in the camera unit and a fingerprint sensor, a 3.5mm headphone jack on the upper side. Redmi Note 5 has been introduced in 4 color variants, Black, Gold, Rose Gold and Blue.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Display

redmi note 5 display

Redmi Note 5 comes with large display in mid-range. This smartphone features a 5.99 inch full HD + (2160×1080 pixels) IPS LCD display. Also, the phone’s display comes with 18: 9 aspect ratios. Although, this is not the first phone with 18: 9 display available in this range, but of course this phone is available with a better look. The display of this phone with 570 nits is quite good in the case of BrightNews. Apart from this, Shoomi’s signature warm tones, Deep Contrast is also present; the brightness of the phone’s display in sunlight seems brighter. This phone has warm, standard and cool three color modes and has 2 contrast modes. Color looks better in standard mode. Nifty reading mode also exists in it.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Camera

redmi note 5 camera

The combination of large pixel size and lower aperture allows more light to fit individual pixels with less spills. The results are better detail breeding, better dynamic range and deep contradictions. Although, this is not the best Xiamy offered. Big Redmi Note 5 Pro is actually a better camera (s) with a vertically aligned dual camera stack with a sensor for depth, which makes for some stellar imaging capabilities. .


The camera of Redmi Note 5 is better than its predecessor but there is no excellent change. These improvements are the same as you would expect from a generation of a device to be in the next generation. Redmi Note 5 has new camera hardware as 12 megapixel sensor, which is present with 1.25um pixels and f / 2.2 aperture. The combination of large pixel size and low extraction allows more light to fit in individual pixels with less spills, which improves dynamic range and contrast with better detail.

Camera App

redmi note 5 camera app

There are many modes in this phone and the special thing is that it is easy to use them too. Although the app’s setting menu is a bit tricky, it is hidden inside the ‘Options’ menu, but once you find it, you can adjust the contrast, saturation and sharpness of your photos, even 18: 9 Aspect ratio can also change. In Pro mode you can only increase the white balance and ISO settings, the choice of adjustment in shutter speed is another good thing.

White Balance and Macro

camera redmi note 5

After spending some time with the phone, I realized that the image sensor is quite sensitive, with a slight change in the photo frame, this phone is quick to adjust to white balance. You will also be able to see good detail reproduction and this work is about 1.25um pixels size sensor. Although Defth Field does not output like dual cameras, but still admirable.

Indoor Light

redmi note 5 Camera Review

The camera present in Redmi Note 5 is equipped with high contrast. It performs well in taking indoor shots with a light source. Camera darkens the edge of the frame.

HDR & Outdoor Landscape

Redmi note 5 camera

Talking about dynamic range, Redmi Note 5 is not perfect, but it is definitely better than many devices. The HDR stops by default, but once you turn it on, you will see the change. The warm picture comes in the direct light of the sun.

Low light

redmi note 5 low light camera pic

Photos taken from Redmi Note 5 in low light are almost the same as the photos taken from the phone of mostly mid-range phone. Low light has less focus; noise is there, as well as lack of sharpness and detail.



Filters are hidden inside the camera app. There are some good features in the filter menu, which people may like. When scrolling to the end of the filter, you will get a ‘tunnel’ option, which gives the picture a rapped effect. The BW filter, especially in the phone, is quite good and it is easy to capture some nice and beautiful scenes.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Front Camera


If you are fond of Selfie, Redmi Note 5 Pro will be a better option for you than this smartphone. The front camera of this phone is of 5 megapixels, which also has a beauty mode. It comes with front facing flash, but if you take selfie in low light, then this flash does not look much more effective.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Performance

redmi note 5 processor

The internal hardware of Redmi Note 5 is similar to its predecessor phones. In this device, Xiaomi’s favorite snapdragon 625 chipset is also used. Redmi Note 5 is available in 2 variants of 3GB and 4GB RAM. The 3 GB RAM variant comes with 32GB of storage and 4GB RAM model comes with 64 GB. The performance of the phone can be good, the app does not take much time to download and the device does not slow even during the games.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Software: New Interface, Old Android

redmi note 5 miui9

Xiaomi’s MIUI has made its place for you either you either like it or dislike, there are different reasons for both. The interface is packed with fast and nifty features, but it does not run on the latest version of Android and you can see an update soon. Redmi Note 5 runs on Android 7.1.2 MIUI 9 based on Nouga, which is quite frustrating because now the Android Orion has also come.


MIUI 9 brings new F2FS file storage format with real-time defragmentation and dynamic resources and other things. However there is no way to know how this facility can improve performance. Yes MIUI 9 is faster than the old version.


The Redmi Note 5 smartphone runs on MIUI 9, which comes with several pre-installs apps. There is a Mi Drop, which is a file transfer app in Xiaomi. You get a dedicated video player, music app, photo editor and more. The Nifty ‘Quick Ball’ offers another way to navigate the phone, while Dual Instance allows the running of two accounts of the same app on the phone. In this phone, Amazon Shopping, WPS Office is pre-installed, but you can also uninstall it if you wish.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 battery life

redmi note 5 battery

Redmi Note 5’s battery is 4,000mAh, which gives good battery life. But the battery of its predecessor was also 4,000mAh. That is, there has been no change in the phone’s battery as well as the hardware. However, this device’s battery life is good; the battery is not too early to discharge. You can comfortably use this phone all day with a single charge and after that your phone battery will be left. That is, if you want to get a phone equipped with more power and good battery life, then Redmi Note 5 is definitely a good option.


The Red Micro USB port in Redmi Note 5 is also old, which supports Regular 5V / 2A and charges 30% of the phone in 30 minutes, which means that this phone does not come with Quick Charging support. You will take at least 2 hours to charge the phone for full charge.

Bottom Line


Redmi Note 5 does not have any significant changes other than large display and bright camera. The phone’s hardware, batteries and designs are the same as Redmi 4. If you are using Redmi Note 4 then there is no point in buying Redmi Note 5. Yes, if you are looking for a phone equipped with reliable and good battery in the mid range, Redmi Note 5 is definitely one of them.

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