Why Cheat India Movie Review: Excellent Movie based on Indian Education System

why cheat india

Critics Rating-3.5/5

Artist- Emraan Hashmi, Shreya Dhanvatri

Director-Soumik Sen

Movie Type-Drama

There have been many films like ‘Tare Jameen Pe’, ‘Three Idiots’, ‘Reservation’, ‘Nil Battey Sannata’, ‘Chalk n Duster’, raising questions on the education system in Bollywood, but this is the first time that when the education system licks The termite of the cheating mafia has been exposed in such a manner that your eyes become wide and you fall into thinking. This subject will be strengthened, which is known as serial Kisar, Imran Hashmi did not restrict himself as an actor through the film but decided to become a creator.

The story is of a man like Rakesh Singh alias Rocky (Imran Hashmi), who has been under the burden of his family and dreams and has gone on a path of cheating, which he considers to be right for others not only for himself. In the Rakesh Education system, it is a mafia that has penetrated the inside, which leverages the flaws of education system. Poor students use the intellect and abilities of meritorious students. These poor qualified students give entrance exams for disadvantaged children, and it charges a lot from the parents of those rich children. Rakesh is free from guilt by giving money to poor children. One of his victims is Sattu (Snigdadeep Chatterjee) and his sister (Shreya Dhanvantari) also comes under his influence.

In the story, Rakesh Singh has a decent and decent family, and on the other side Cheetar team accompanying him in Cheating. The fondness of earning good fortune on the strength of the competent students makes him bother to make this scam bigger. Now big people have joined with him. He makes poor children addicted to money and indebtedness, but then a trumpet leaf falls in the wrong direction, and he goes up to the lawmakers. Will law boards prevent it from hollowing up the education system? You need to watch the movie to know this.

Writer-director, Soumik Sen, held a tight hold on the subject, under which he opens the layer-rate layer of corruption spreading in the education system. He has a realistic depiction of the pressure of the doctors, engineers, MBAs on children, with the imperfections inside the system. They do not forget to tell that under the burden of education loan, the father will not see his child as an investment, then he will die. Despite this the screenplay would have been tight, the story could be made more sharp. After the interval, the film gets some grip. Pre climax is interesting, but climax could be made more shocking.


Emraan Hashmi as an actor has done the best. As Rakesh alias Rocky, this cheating business has its own jurisdiction to be the chief executive, and it appears in the body language from the justification of Imran’s satirical smile. While playing the role of heroes and villains, the difference line for Imran would have been very fine, but they did not allow it to be any extremes anywhere. Shreya and Snegdadeep have freshened and instinctively acted in new faces. Collaborative casts are perfect.
In the presence of many musicians in the film, songs like ‘Dil Main Ho Tum, ‘Kamayab’, ‘Phir Mulakat’ have become good.


See why: The film can be seen to know the terrible cheating happening in the education system and to act as Imran Hashmi.


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