TVS Victor Review 2019 India: Best in Performance and Mileage

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In 2002, TVS Victor had been launched as a commuter bike and earned a lot of names in the category of best mileage bikes. Right in front of the eyes, the bike came out as the first choice of Indian bike lovers. TVS had given a tough challenge to the competitors and had forced to all its competitors to change their strategy.


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However, after some time Viktor’s sales decreased and TVS started pulling back. But in 2016, TVS has made a strong come back with this popular bike with full strength. Are you excited to know about the specifications of the bike that make it special this time? Check out the TVS Victor review 2019.

TVS Victor Design

TVS Victor Design

The first impression of TVS Victor is its attractive design. Its old version looked like a boxy commuter, but this time it has been well-toned. Now this time, the bike offers an edge and sporty look. Seeing the colorful finishing on its large headlined and side panels, you can’t stop yourself to say ‘Waw’. If you compare it to 2002 Victor, then the difference in design will be obvious.


A single-piece seat has been installed in the bike. The company says that much of the research has been done for the design and development of the seat. The company claims that this bike has the best-in-class concert for the rider and the man sitting with it. Bike’s big clear lens headlight is also designed keeping in mind the customers’ demand. However, we did not get the chance to check the illumination of the bike’s headlight, but the company claims that it is also the best-in-class. The rear end of the bike is also quite sleek, in which a smart hexagonal tail lamp with a clear lens indicator has been installed.

TVS Victor Tail lamp design

If TVS Victor compares the design of both bikes, then you can see that TVS has shifted its logo under the tail lamp in the 2017 Victor version. Such a company has done to strengthen its branding.

TVS Victor Engine and Power

tvs vitor engine

Talking about the engine, the 2017 TVS Victor comes with three valve powerhouse that is borrowed from Star City Plus. The 109cc motor generates torque of 9.4 n1 meters with the power of 9.5 bhp. The powerplant is mated to a 4 speed gearbox that is responsible to transfer total power to the real wheel. These are all up shifting patterns (N-1-2-3-4). There is also a carburetor system for petrol passes.


By reading this, you will not be easy to understand the actual strength or quality of the engine. That’s why we did a 300 kilometer ride test of TVS Victor’s new bike. During this time we found that the engine works very smoothly and generates very good torque. The engine of this bike generates the highest power of 4 thousand rpm, whereas this is in the best position between 4500 and 5500 rpm.

TVS Victor Mileage

TVS Victor Mileage

If you talk about the TVS Victor mileage and fuel efficiency, the bike offers a better mileage of 50 KM/L easily. However, TVS claimed to have mileage 76 kilometers per liter in standard conditioning. The mileage that we enlisted is based on the city and the highway ride. We have been driving through all kinds of situations during this time.

TVS Victor Instrument Panel

tvs victor instrument

The new TVs Victor has a tachometer. It also involves the economy and power indicators so that the biker can get the best mileage. After its 4 thousand rpm, its red power indicator burns. When the bike is in the fourth gear, it burns at 5500 rpm power.

TVS Victor Ride & Handling

tvs victor riding handling

New TVS Victor’s ride quality is tremendously up to 65 kilometers per hour. Its chassis is quite tight. The bike is loaded with the front forks of telescopes and the rear mono-sock suspension that is equipped with series spring. Our Victor Ride is quite comfortable. During the ride, this bike does not disappoint even in broken roads or pits on the road. The clutch of this bike works quite smoothly.

tvs vitor mirror

Weak Point: One important factor that TVs needs to improve is the visibility of glass. Their width is sufficient but their length would have been enhanced to a certain extent. Only 70 percent of the scenes in the scene show a picture of a rider and a man sitting behind, while only 30 per cent of the rear vehicles are seen in the image. TVS needs to improve this also because it is a very popular bike among urban people.

TVS Victor Tyres Quality

tvs victor tires

The new 2017 TVS Victor features 2.75 / 17-inch front wheel and 3.00 / 17-inch rear wheel. Both of these tyres are tubeless. TVS suggests 25 psi in the next wheel and 35 PSI air in the previous wheel.

TVS Victor Braking System

tvs victor brakes

This is a very important bike in terms of security. The TVS Victor has a petal disk, which makes its breakdown quite sharp. You are always confident about Victor when you drive it anywhere in the middle town or highway. With this, the second most important feature is its comfortable seat. This is a great bike in the commuter segment motorcycle.

Overall quality of this bike is quite good. Its switches have been placed in a very precise place. Like other bikes, its plastic does not vibrate at high speed.

TVS Victor Full Control

2017 TVS Control Control

Its foot control has been done very well. It is an important factor. The biker does not have to work hard to carry their foot to the brake pedal or shift the gear.

TVS Victor Fuel cap

TVS Victor Fuel cap

Paint finishing of TVS Victor 2016 is quite tremendous. But our attention is drawn by Fuel Cap. This tank is painted until it is opened.

TVS Victor Comfort

TVS Victor Comfort

You might be thinking that point could be told in the slide with the riding and handling, and then why not tell! The reason is that TVS claims that a wide seat is given in 2016 Victor, which gives the most comfort to those who sit on it. Switching of the seat is also quite sharp. So far as we drive, the most comfortable seat is the same.

TVS Victor Electricals

tvs victor

Victor’s new model has a near switch and the engine lights are warning lights instead of switch. TVS had claimed that its headlight was quite bright, which we found to be true.

TVS Victor Competitors

TVS Victor Competitors

Talking about the main competitors of TVS Victor 2016, there are major bikes like Hero Splendor, Honda Livo, Bajaj Platina, Suzuki Hayate etc.

Positive Points

  • Tremendous build quality
  • Comfortable seat
  • Smooth engine
  • Great braking system
  • Mileage
  • Bright Headlight

Negative points

  • It is not Ideal to drive on highway
  • Gearboxes could have been better
  • Rear View Mirrors

TVS Victor Price in India

TVS Victor’s drum brake variant has been priced at Rs 44,490 (ex-showroom, Delhi) and disc brake variants worth 51,490 rupees (ex-showroom, Delhi).

TVS Victor Review: Our decision

TVS Victor has been placed in premium 110cc segment. This bike will be from Honda Livo and Hero Passion XPro. Overall, this is a good product though there are small drawbacks in it. How much TVS Victor bikes to your bike, we will try to find out too soon. The company could have done many more improvements in the design and styling of this bike. This bike is very simple and looks good.

This is a great 110cc commuter bike in this price. In this bike, you will get a good look, refinance engine, comfortable ride and good mileage.


Hope you like this post that holds TVS Victor review 2019. If you want to edit something and give some more suggestion regarding the post. You can comment below.

TVS Victor News ans Updates

TVS Victor has Launched with Combi braking system (CBS )In India with a smart prices tag of ₹ 54,682.

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