2019 TVS Apache RR310 Review: Why You Should Buy This Superbike

tvs apache rr310 review

In 2017, the Indian giant, TVS launched its first superbike, Apache RR310 in Indian market. The youth were eagerly waiting for it. The price of this bike is 2.05 lakh rupees. This bike is considered to be a racing bike. It is believed to be the strongest bike of TVS.

TVS Apache RR310 Review

If you are planning to buy TVS new sport bike then we suggest you to buy Apache RR310 that is very dynamic bike that gives a next level of riding experience. Have a look on the TVS Apache RR310 review.

TVS Apache RR310 Design

tvs apache rr310 red color

The TVS Apache RR 310 is the first giant first motorcycle of the two-wheeler vehicle. Shark-inspired design attracts much more from the Akula concept seen in 2016 Auto Expo. The aggressive design of Apache RR 310 is awarded for the track and the most powerful street-walker TVs attracts attention to wherever it goes.


The front end of TVS Apache RR 310 dominates the first-class bi-LED twin projector headlamp that sits above the RAM-Air intake. The engines that increase the intake performance and cooling force give more air. The windscreen flush sits and presents the Indian tricolor as a dual.

Side firing on Apache RR 310 dominates the edges of the newest TVs. There is a patent defender Cowell with Gilt Vents in the fairing, which removes hot air from the engine while increasing the on-going Rider Comfort.


The TVs Apache RR 310 has the dominance of the snake-fang taillights on the minimal but highly crooked tail area, which look unique in comparison to the vertical bars and lines found on the rivals. The exit crowd, pointing slightly upwards, will know whether it is passing in a hurry because the rider allows to get up.

TVS Apache RR310 Instrument Panel

The vertical stacked device is as comprehensive as it meets with the speedometer, which has two racy timers along with the tachometer, gear position indicator, range and mileage read-out, which measure 0 – 60kph sprint and lap time.

TVS Apache RR310 Engine and Power

tvs apache rr310 engine

A 312.2cc, Liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine has been developed jointly by BMW Motorrad and TVS and it is common for both BMW G310 and Apache RR 310. DOHC motor produces 34hp and 27.3Nm at 9h700 rpm, torque at 7,700 rpm, and reverse tilt (backwards tilting), as well as emerging from the rear exit port. Keeping the wheelbase short, the engine helps to move forward, while keeping the wheelbase smaller, which handles stability and progress.

Engine position helps in adhering to emission norms, as it reduces the required exit length, thereby accelerating the catalytic converter. Thanks to the cylinder head featuring a button tapeet system with a down draft port, this engine benefits from an increase of 8 percent in volumetric efficiency. It essentially translates to better intake characteristics and optimal use of available air-fuel mixture within the cylinder. In addition, crankcase is a horizontally divided unit and the engine is limited to six-speed gearbox, which slows and encourages quick gearshifts.

TVS Apache RR310 Safety Parts


Standard is a dual-channel ABS unit at RR 310, which is programmed for at least infiltration. In the real world scenario, it means that ABS only pricks when you need it – either at the crawling speed or under complete panic breaking. This is very good for those who do not like aggressive breaking styles like ABS intrusion (which does, right?). Unfortunately, for people with an agenda against physics, ABS can not be broken, which means that the stops will be difficult to perform.


RR 310 shares its suspension components with the BMW G310R, although it is in line with its purpose as a everyday road motorcycle, which will also ride on a racetrack. The front-end gets a fork of 41 mm upside-down cartridge and the preload-adjustable gas-assisted monoshock is available in the rear, both the etiquette KYB


Michelin pilot street tires are standard on 110/70 R17 in front and 150/60 R17 in Rear, RR 310. These tires have been co-developed with TVS, especially for RR310. While these tires provide an impressive level. Grip – Our race ground was completely devoid of drama, no matter how much we tried – they are not in the form of communication on some RR companions (who are KTM 390’s).

TVS Apache RR310 Price in India

TVS Apache RR 310 has been launched in India, priced at Rs. 2.05 lakh (ex-showroom). The price may vary in different states.

TVS Apache RR310 Ride Handling and Performance

tvs apache rr310 riding and handling

Apache RR 310 represents a motorcycle with a great deal of research and development and track time. MMRT blazing through curves, it is fast and included. Yet at the top, the strength of the non-threatens mixed with the Ras Handling and the Cornering Grip, which makes it easy to ride; Spend a whole track on drag throttle the day.


Racer riding conditions are natural and it seems to be a race-replica. The rear set pegs have been deployed appropriately and also provide a favorable ride in the city. There is enough ground clearance for race track and those breakneck speed breakers.


170kg, Apache RR310 has 41-meter diameter reverse forks and preload adjustable rear mono-shock. Braking duties are done by double-channel ABS with a 300 mm single disc up front and 240 mm disc with rear-wheel lift-of protection. I’m sure this one day will be life saver.


But this is not all the roses. Steering is not pin-sharp, and handlebars require a lot of effort to indicate Apache RR 310, where you want it. And with a closed throttle, it is not snatched compared to the ktm ‘and ran away from the puff on the strap. But a quick remap and an Akrapovic slip-on and some simple-but-effective models should sweeten it.


tvs apache rr310 red color

Aside from those quirks, the Apache RR 310 is still superb. TVS Motors may reach the 300cc party late with Apache RR 310, but they have done it in style and look at the part with a machine and goes around racing circuits with agility, feeling and dignity.


Apache RR310 has been developed from the BMW-TVS Alliance platform, and has a similar package to some extent compared to the RR310 BMW G310R. Chassis, engine, gearbox, braking, suspension and electrical are almost the same; However, the Engine Control Unit (ECU) is from TVS Motors and is ready to satisfy the Indian conditions.

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