Tiger Zinda Hai Review: Really Tiger is Alive and Safes Nurses from Terrorist

When Salman Khan himself raises his weapon for ending terrorism, then the audience will not be charmed to see him. In the Today released movie, ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ Salman turns out to end terrorism and goes on a mission to bring peace to the whole world. Through him action, he entertains  audience as well as  he also wrecks the terrorists. Salman’s previous film ‘Tubelight’ was flop, because of this, every trick has been adopted in this film to be a super hit. Even in it, Salman Khan has also been shirtless.


If RAW and ISI agents meet together in one mission, then the extent to which Kalpana’s flight has been filled in this film, you can think of it well. In this film based on a true incident, everything except fiction is nothing but imaginary.

Tiger Zinda Hai Story

Tiger Zinda Hai Story


The story of this movie is about Tiger, after completing the Cuban mission, living a quiet life with his family in the snowy Tulsators of Austria. Now he has also become the father of an eight-year-old child. When ISC militants in Iraq’s Iraq city make 40 nurses hostage inside a hospital then the mission of Tiger begins.


There is also a Pakistani in the Nurse’s group, so it becomes a joint mission of Mission Raw and ISI. Needless to say, Tiger gets over all the problems in this mission, escapes the nurses from there and keeps the country’s shame.

Fast moving story


Around three-and-a-half-hour film takes a look at your endurance many times, but despite this the film does not bore you much, because the events in this movie are very fast. If this film is worth seeing for some reason then it is definitely due to its production quality which is obviously due to its budget.

The action of the movie is bang

tiger-zinda-hai action


While watching the movie, it really does feel that you are watching a rescue mission. Director Ali Abbas Zafar will have to be praised for the fact that on such a large scale he thought of a film and made it look like a good looking person. In the history of Hindi films, this film has a lot of height before the two films which we have got from detective films.

Collision with Hollywood movies


Tiger is introduced into the film with one action sequence in which he encounters dreaded wolves. Now on paper, it feels a lot, but while shooting this scene, the director could not put it to life. With fast cuts and camera movements, you cannot kill any scene. But along with this, a few sequels in the film have also become such that after seeing the sound of your voices comes out. When Salman meets his Hindustani agent and one child meets him as a human bomb, then the action which starts after saving him is very much appreciated.



Talking about acting, I would say about Salman Khan that he looks very good in this film compared to his previous films. Sleepwalking is a left-handed game for many scenes of the film and Tiger Zinda Hai, there is no exception. Katrina feels confident in action scenes. But Katrina Kaif does appear in full contrast to the rest of the cast in this film, despite this, that there is not such a big role in her film. Their action scenes are amazing and their hard work is clearly visible. Just seeing their action style, your money will be collected. Angad Bedi and Kumud Mishra are members of Salman’s team and his work is also fine. In the role of Abu Usman, Sajjad is Delfruz, and his work is quite simple.

You should also Salman’s Bangs


You can see Tiger Zinda Hai for his scale. This is a completely commercial masala film that doubles the fun due to being in the real event perspective. You go and see Salman in the form for which he is known. The talk of tube lights will be outdated now.


The director has not done any kind of agreement with the story. It is proved by this that only two songs will be seen in the film if I leave the songs of end credits. Bypass logic in this Christmas and New Year and enjoy the tiger roar. And thanks to Ali Abbas Zafar because Jason Bourne and James Bond, if they have Hollywood, now we have Tiger too.

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  1. There is a lot of action, and whistle worthy scenes make you have a great time in the hall. Salman Khan is that same Tiger from the first, and his mere presence on the screen is a treat.


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