The Nun Movie Review: A Conjuring Series Movie

the nun review-hollywood movie review

Movie Points

  • Our Rating: 3/5
  • Critics Rating: 3.5/5
  • Artist: Damien Becher, Tisa Farmiga, Jonas Blake, Bouncy Erans Director Corin Hardy
  • Movie Type: Horror, Thriller
  • Duration: 2 Hours 3 Minutes


Nowadays, only 1920 series films come in the name of horror films in Bollywood. In such a scenario, Indian audiences have the option to watch Hollywood horror movies in the name of horror films. Of course there are also many tales related to the devil, on which Hollywood producers often make films. In the popular Hollywood horror films, the audience has liked films from the conjunction series. ‘The Nun’ is the next film of the conjuring series, which is being described as the most dubious version of the series. The idea of ​​the film’s craze can be based on the fact that the morning show of ‘The Nun’ was a houseful.

The Nun Movie Story

The Nun Movie Story

The story of this film began in 1952 from A1 Saint Carta (where a nun lives) of Romania. It is believed that Satan lives in one of the doors of that Abbey and beyond that there is no rule of God. Because of this, the people around are away from him. One day a nun went inside that door and died at the hands of the devil, while the other nun hanged under the planning already done to avoid the devil. Morris got a man who brought his body to the vegetables there. When this news spread, then the Vatican formed an investigation team.


There he sent a priest to Father Anthony Burke (Damien Bihir) and a nun-seister Irene (Tessa Farmiga) who had not yet taken an oath, to Romania. They both go there with that vegetable person. Father Anthony is a priest who often investigates such incidents. There are strange and strange happenings with these two, but do not lose heart and decide to disclose the secret attached to that mysterious abbey. Morris, who sells a vegetable, also decides to support them. Can Father and Sister overcome Abby’s devil? What is the secret of that dreadful abbey? You will find the answer to this dreadful question only by going to the theater.


Like all the Hollywood movie horror films, this film has also shown the battle of Satan and the Church. However, this time this church has taken care of a nun rather than a pastor. Tessa Farmiga has done a good acting role in the role of Sister Eirin. Especially in the scene of the devil’s fight, he looks strong. At the same time, Damien has done fine acting. In the role of Morris, Jonas also entertains the audience. The shooting of the movie has also been done on the horror of the story according to the demand of the story. Background score is very important in horror movies. In this film, the scenes of the war from the devil seem very scary to you. At the same time, the horrors of the creepy abbey are also dangerous. If you like to watch horror movies, you must meet the nun.

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