Tata Tiago Review 2019: Why You Should Buy It?

tata tiago review

Tata Motors has launched its new hatchback, Tata Tiago. Its initial price has been kept at Rs 3.20 lakh. This is less than 50 thousand rupees less than expected. The cost of the car is less, but the price is not the same as the scale, which determines whether a car can be purchased or not bought.

Apart from the price, there are many things that need to be addressed. Similar in the case of Tiago. So here we will try to know how good the decision to buy it will be? Have a look on the Tata Tiago review 2019 in India.

tata tiago spec

These were the figures associated with Tata Tiago. But just like the price, the decision to buy a car can not be taken by looking at the engine data alone. It is also necessary to take other information related to the car.

Tata Tiago Engine Power

tata Tiago Engine

Tata Tiago is available in both petrol and diesel engine options. Both are 3-cylinder engines. These are good for city driving. In this segment, only Maruti Celerio and Chevrolet Beat have the option of petrol and diesel engines.


Maruti Celerio’s petrol version has 1.0 liters and diesel version has a 0.8 liter engine. Which give power of 67 bhp and 47 bhp, respectively. In the petrol version of Beet 1.2 liters and diesel engine is given 1.0 liters. Which give strength of 77 bhp and 56 bhp respectively.


In terms of power, Tata Tiago is heavily burdened with both these cars. The car feels quite agile in City Riding. It also performs well on the highway. By the way, the 3-cylinder engine gives more vibration than the 4-cylinder engine. But in Tiago, Tata has been successful in maximizing the engine noise, vibration and Horses (NVH) level. Tata Tiago is a better option if you want a car that gives you a feeling of good, balanced and stable driving.

Tata Tiago Dimension

tata tiago dimension

Talk about Tiago’s length, width and height, then the case of length and width is beyond the Tiago rival cars. Celerio goes forward in height. The Lag Room and Shoulder Space in Tiago are quite good, but Celerio is a bit more comfortable for long term travelers.


In terms of overall space in cars, Tiago is the best. Its boot space is also quite large. If you talk about space in the car, then Tiago is ahead and there is also a good package.


In the case of features, Tata has not left any core in Tiago. It is equipped with features such as Advance connect next infotainment System, turn-by-turn navigation app and juke car app.

Tata Tiago Advanced Features

tata tiago connect next system

Harman’s connect next infotainment system is also included in Tata Zest, Bolt and Safari Storm. It supports Bluetooth, USB and OX connectivity. The system has eight speakers, including 4-speakers and 4-twiters. There are parking sensors on the back side of the car, with the help of which the car can easily be parked. This feature has been seen for the first time in this segment.


Apart from these turn-by-turn navigation apps provide accurate information about the paths. It is connected to the smartphone with the help of Bluetooth or can be seen by visiting MapMindia from the phone. Apart from this, there is another special feature, the Juke-Car App. It works like a Wi-Fi hotspot.


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With this help, ten phones can connect to the music system simultaneously. And play songs of every phone’s playlist. Once the playlist is created, the playlist remains active even after disconnecting the rest of the phone except the master phone.


So these were the special features of Tata Tiago, which would not be available in other cars in this segment.

Tata Tiago Ex-showroom Price in India

Tata Tiago is available in 5 variants. The price of petrol variants of the car has been kept from Rs 3.20 lakh to Rs 4.75 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi) and diesel variants for the price of Rs 3.94 lakh to Rs 5.54 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).

Some Drawback points that can change your idea of buying this car

tata tiago on highway

Tiago’s attractive design, performance, space, and features certainly make this attractive package but there are some points that can change the idea of ​​buying a tiago. Let’s know about them …

1. No automatic gearbox

The 5-speed manual gearbox has been given in Tata Tiago. However, there is also the option of automatic gearboxes in Petrol Variants of Slereo. If you want comfortable driving in the city then Celerio’s automatic variant is a better option.

2. Smoothing the engine

In Tiago, three cylinder engines are given, which produce more vibration than the engine of 2 and 4-cylinder. In the case of smug and refining of the engine, it is slightly backward than Maruti Celerio and Beat. There is a scope for improvement here.


So it was some important things related to Tiago. According to us, it would be better for you to know these things before buying a Toyota.


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