Samsung Galaxy S10 Review: Meet With Samsung New Flahship

smasung galaxy s10 review

The Samsung Galaxy S10 has been portrayed as a conversation changer, a phone that “Turns to Really Need to Upgrade” to turn on everyone’s annual question? In a more exclamation “Do I really need to upgrade!”


With our S-10 (and closer to one week of testing the Plus version), it is proved at our hands-time that it does this case with some cave caveats.


It’s a 6.1-inch infinity display that actually sells this phone. It offers a nearly visible edge-to-edge look that spreads from top to bottom, with pixels spread on curved edges on its edges – Samsung’s 2019 flagship smartphone has no place for big beams.


It’s new Infinity-O screen – Galaxy S10 plus is also a feature of the Cheap Galaxy S10 – it actually displaces the front camera, it displaces it in the screen as a small ‘punch-hole’. All important sensors have neatly tucked behind this vibrant and bright super AMOLED display.


Also behind the glass is the new ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. You will not see fingerprint pads anywhere else on the phone. Samsung put its sensor – now invisible – on the front side, where we think it is related.


The Samsung Galaxy S10 officially displays the punch-hole after considering the on-view 20, and in-screen fingerprint sensor OnePlus 6T, Huawei Mate 20 Pro and some Vivo became more mainstream after appearing on the phone Are.


This is due to achieving that impressive 93.1% screen-to-body ratio on the front of the phone. And, obviously, we prefer it slightly better than traditional notch. It will not bug you after a few hours with the Samsung Galaxy S10.


Maximization is also considered behind Galaxy S10’s rear-facing triple-lens camera. Samsung’s camera arrays have lenses for normal, telephoto and new ultra-wide photographs. Ultra-wide camera is about to capture more of what you see in front of you for back up without back up.


Definitely, LG phones have touted ultra-wide camera lenses for LG V40s for years, but Samsung’s cameras have been more consistent with low-light conditions. This feature is ultimately in a flagship level phone that you want.


Galaxy S10 also has all the features that can be found. Its wireless power share feature lets you use the back of the S10 to charge another phone or new Galaxy Buds, cloning the reverse wireless charging idea in Huawei Mate 20 Pro, a phone that is widely used in some areas including the US Is not available from.


The Galaxy S10 is an amalgamation of the single hallmark feature of the other handsets, which has been packaged in a phone, while Samsung is leading with many technical features because it offers the fastest Wi-Fi 6 and HDR 10+ in both smartphones. The first is And that’s what Samsung really does the best.


The Samsung Galaxy S10 has a decade of Galaxy S Phone, and Samsung has not had much innovation in recent years, including the most popular smartphone brands, including Samsung (Bixby and AR emoji do not cut it), to woo you in the S10 There is enough newness to upgrade.

Release Date and Price of Samsung Galaxy S10


The release date of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is Friday, March 8th. It was officially announced on February 20, in some countries the pre-orders are still open. In the US, the Galaxy S 10 pre-order began on February 21.

There is a hitch or two in Samsung’s master plan that everyone gets to upgrade to this particular handset. The Galaxy S10 is expensive, even higher than the Galaxy S9, although it is better than the iPhone XS, which is more expensive and has a 5.8 inch smaller screen.


Then it is a fact that Samsung’s biggest competition in 2019 could be Samsung. Galaxy S10e is cheaper and almost as good, while the Galaxy S10 plus the phone that you want that you can handle the price and size of the screen – and nothing about the Galaxy S10 5G and Samsung Galaxy Folds says that Quick adopters can seek true innovation at high value.


Samsung prices Galaxy S10 128GB storage model starting at $ 899 / £ 799 / AU $ 1,349 / AED 3,199 to occur, which means that an additional $ 180 / £ 60 / AED 100 spent on the phone for more than the S9 are doing.


If you do not want to need more storage (and using MicroSD slot in the Galaxy S10) so you can choose the 512GB model priced at $ 1,149 / £ 999 / AU is $ 1,699.


If you like the look of this phone, but think that the price is very high, then you have two options: you can go for the cheap Galaxy S10E, which is $ 749 / £ 669 / AU $ 1,199 / AED starts from 2,699, or the price sucks. New 6.1-inch screen and 128GB base hike storage, Marvel and feel that takes Apple $ 100 / £ 200 / AU $ 430 small 5.8-inch iPhone half the internal storage for the XS, overcharged with 64GB.


Ordering the Galaxy S 10 before March 8 will give you some bonus in some countries. For example, in the US, Samsung is offering free wireless Galaxy Buds priced at $ 149 / AU $ 249, when you pre-order the Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S10 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Display

samsung galaxy s10 display

Samsung’s screen is very good “Our competitors are also using them”, Samsung Brand Manager Paul Guzek said, which is a very clear excavation in the apple. It is difficult to disagree with it.


In fact, the Galaxy S10’s 6.1-inch 19: 9 Super AMOLED display panel is better than Samsung selling its rivals. It has elegantly curved edges with piglets that spread on the sides, amped-up brightness for better external visibility, and HDR10 + support for better contrast and color.


There is also a QHD + resolution, which creates a pixel density of 550ppi, ensuring that everything on the screen is highly detailed. However, the phone defaults to full HD +, which looks as good and will not make any difference to the phone of this size, unless you are using it for two-inch VR from your face. It saves battery life by burning less pixels.

galaxy s10 display

The new Infinity-O display type is the same which stands out for better or worse. Samsung has successfully left a footprint cut-out at the top of its flagship phone, instead of using a laser-cut hole in the top-right corner of the screen to embed the on-facing camera, on Honor View 20.


Is the punch punch-hole camera more or less distracting from a notch? We are going to make a decision for our final Samsung Galaxy S10 review, when we put the phone through its paces in day-to-day use. One thing we can say right now is that Samsung has been given to play more screen real estate than ever before.


The 6.1-inch big screen size cannot intimidate you. The dimensions of the S10 are 149.9 x 70.4 x 7.8mm (weighing 157 grams), so it is only slightly taller and wide than the S9 with its 5.8-inch screen, and it is quite thin and slightly lighter.


A slight increase in height and width was due to the S-10’s screen-to-body ratio, 93.1% (83.6% in the previous year). S10 Plus sports a 6.4-inch screen with the same screen-to-body ratio and a good size if you can handle it. However, if you touch the false corner due to bezel-less edge (especially while typing) then stick to the normal S10.


Bezel outlines this display above and below, even if we said that it was not big. Samsung’s top speakers still rule, and the bottom is a thin but noticeable chin; It is less acidic rather than bezel-less.


And the fact that the bottom bezel is bigger than top one catches our eye- it can be more distracting than the punch-hole.


Little dislike about the new performance – if Infinity-O does not distract from day to day, and as we mentioned, we update this review when we have more time with the S10.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Design

samsung galaxy s10 design

You will not be surprised at the rest of the Samsung Galaxy S10 design, though there are some remarkable enhancements here, two hidden surprises and an old classic.


Its thin aluminium frame is sandwiched between smooth glass, in which the color of your choice comes: Flamingo Pink, Prism Black, Prism Blue, Prism White, Canary Yellow and Prism Green. The Samsung Galaxy S10 will vary according to the color area, in which the US will get all yellow and green colors.


While handling the triple-lens camera array, there is the smallest camera bump on the rear side, while we did not see any sign of the Samsung’s invisible reverse wireless charging module below it. This camera looks especially clean in the world of bump and rear-fingerprint sensor.


After turning it on through the Quick Settings notification shade, we did not have any difficulty in activating Samsung’s wireless power share facility. We placed our Galaxy Buds case in the lower third of the S10 and earbuds started charging almost immediately. It also accused our iPhone XS Max.


Samsung introduced two scenarios, in which Wireless PowerShare would be helpful: charging a friend’s phone, or charging your Galaxy Bud at night, effectively creating your plug-in S10 with the Mobile Qi Charger Pad. However, it has been noted that, when the phone is less than 30%, PowerShare did not work.


Invisible – this time on the front – fingerprint sensor. While many Android phones have a rear-facing fingerprint sensor, Samsung Galaxy S7 is stuck with all kind of front-facing physical sensor pad. So Samsung seemed to be backwards alien on the phone – but it came back to the front of the S10, this time tucked under the glass.


It is an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, for example, onePlus 6T and Huawei Mate 20 Pro is different from the optical sensor.


Samsung uses Qualcomm supported technology which is better and safer by scanning your print of 3D, but we have to test it day by day. So far, it unlocks the phone when we place our thumb on the lower third of the device.


It takes a little more time to read your finger than an optical scanner, and you have to apply a little more pressure to make it work, but you still do not see more than a second to unlock by touch.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Camera

samsung galaxy s10 camera

Samsung wants you to take photos at any angle, so the Galaxy S10 has a triple-lens camera with 12MP regular lens, 12MP optional zoom telephoto lens and a new 16MP ultra wide lens.


We got to test S10 camera through our S10 Plus review unit (they have the same camera), and got impressive results.


The Galaxy S10 camera also takes excellent pictures in mixed and low light conditions. It is not very dark on our subject, US mobile editor David Lamb, and shining running flames have been captured without further detail.


We’re going to keep a close eye on the camera, how it is compared to class-leading pixel 3, and determines how well ultra-wide photos look like. Samsung’s 123-degree field is wide, which caters to the purpose of not backing up to get everything in one shot. But the result may look unnatural. This ultra-wide camera lacks OIS as compared to the other two lenses.

samsung galaxy s10 selfie camera

On the front side, we have a single 10MP camera with dual auto-focus. If you upgrade to S10 Plus, you will also get an 8MP camera to enhance the portrait photo.


Sean Optimizer gets 10 new categories, with Samsung’s camera AI now able to tell the finer things like a white balance between the difference between a cat and a dog. Shot suggestion is a new feature that uses the nerve processor engine so you can better fix your shots or frame themes.


On the video side, the software has been upgraded to record in HDR10 + and to offer digital video stabilization. Samsung says that this is to make all your Ultra HD videos smooth as action cams. Shots were fired, GoPro Hero7 Black

Samsung Galaxy S10 Battery life and Spec

samsung galaxy s10 spec and battery life

Samsung Galaxy S10 gets a proper under-the-hood upgrade for a new under-the-go-snapdragon or Xinos chipset, depending on which country you live in.

It’s pretty fast. Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset that we benchmarked came back with Android for a record-breaking multi-score speed. The iPhone XS is still slightly faster, but Samsung is close to Apple’s 11,481 at 11,002.

It also comes with 8GB of RAM – a serious upgrade to 4GB of RAM in last year’s S9 – and includes 128GB or 512GB internal storage options. There is no 64GB version to worry about, and Samsung still supports expandable storage.

It includes an upgrade of 3,400mAh of battery, over S9’s 3,000mAh capacity. Due to the big screen, officially, Samsung is still claiming full-day battery life, if not slightly else.

Plus Onboard is the next generation Wi-Fi 6, which will support smooth transitions between Wi-Fi router and four times faster than 802.11ax. It should boost the speed of 20%, but in order to actually use this feature, you will need a new router.

What you will not find on this phone is the S10 Plus and Note 9-Exclusive steam chamber cooling. If you are a gamer, you may want to upgrade to bigger phones for more than just bigger screens.


  • Weight: 157g
  • Dimensions: 149.9 x 70.4 x 7.8mm
  • OS: Android 9
  • Screen size: 6.1-inch
  • Resolution: QHD+
  • CPU: Octa-core chipset
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Storage: 128/512GB
  • Battery: 3,400mAh
  • Rear camera: 16MP + 12MP + 12MP
  • Front camera: 10MP

Why You Should Buy Samsung Galaxy S10

samsung galaxy s10 display

The Galaxy S10 is the 10th Wanted phone for Samsung and its storage S series. Its new display type gives more pixels in the lower body, it has a triple-lens camera, so you can now take ultra-wide photos, and it has a bigger battery surrounded by beefier specs.

You will love all these features, while your friends will like the new Wireless Power Shareware Perk. The S10 marks an anniversary, but it also marks something different between the smartphone. It only disrupts smartphone parity to become a lucrative upgrade.

However, the price can give you another idea. Where is the Galaxy S10 play an important role?

The review of our Galaxy S10 has not finished yet. This phone requires a lot of testing and day-to-day use to determine whether the three-eyed rear camera is the best in the world and the ‘punch-hole’ style of the Infinity-O display screen is what we want to gaze in 2019

Here’s the only shot in Live Focus (Samsung’s Portrait Mode). It blurbs the background properly, and even after taking the shot, you can change the background blur intensity. Samsung also includes Blur filters: artistic, spin, zoom and color point (in which case background is black and white). They really look really good.

Here’s the only shot in Live Focus (Samsung’s Portrait Mode). It blurbs the background properly, and even after taking the shot, you can change the background blur intensity. Samsung also includes Blur filters: artistic, spin, zoom and color point (in which case background is black and white). They really look really good.

Galaxy S10 Verdict

The Galaxy S10 is a fitting 10th anniversary phone for Samsung and its store s series. It delivers on the change with a novel-looking Infinity-O screen, so that it can displace the front camera, and a triple-lens rear camera that takes ultra-wide pictures. Its in-screen fingerprint sensor technology should serve you well, while its wireless power share can serve your friends well. It’s a lot of change – just know that it comes at a higher price.

  • Positive Points
  • High screen-to-body ratio
  • In-screen fingerprint sensor
  • Wireless PowerShare Perk

Negative Points

  • Stunning price rise
  • Bixby button still exists
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