2019 Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Review India: Why You Should Buy It?

2019 Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime

In the expensive smartphone segment, Samsung has gained a great lead with the Galaxy S8 series and Galaxy Note 8. However, there is no other phone except the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime and Samsung Galaxy On Max to make similar claims in the company’s budget range. The first month of the year 2018 has not even passed and many well-known companies has launched their handsets in the Indian mobile market. One of them is Samsung’s Galaxy On7 Prime. Check out the complete 2019 Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime review in India

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The specifications of Samsung’s new phone are very much compatible with the Samsung Galaxy On Next and the older Galaxy J7 Prime. But this time the company has focused its attention towards software by offering features such as Samsung Pay Mini and Samsung Mall. The Samsung Mall feature has just launched with this phone. The price of the phone starts at Rs 12,990. Because of this, Galaxy on 7 Prime gets the challenge from many phones of the company’s Galaxy J and Galaxy on series. Let’s try to figure out how much different and powerful this model.

Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Design

Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Design

Galaxy On7 Prime’s Metal Unibody gives a sense of being strong to the phone. The phone is slim as it has a thickness of 8 mm. Its grip is good in the hands. The texture of metal back is smoothed and it does not have fingerprints. But this does not happen on the glass given on the front panel. Unknowingly, the design of the Galaxy J7 Prime will be clearly visible in its design, which was launched in 2016. If the new style capacitive button is left, then both phones look almost the same

Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Screen

Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Design

Due to the 2.5D Curved Glass, the phone looks much better to look forward. In the Galaxy On 7 Prime, the company has decided to give a 16: 9 aspect ratios, which means that you play a shortage of 18: 9 current trends. The 5.5-inch screen is full-HD resolution. Because of this, pictures and text appear sharp enough. Colors also seem accurate due to PLS TFT LCD.


Surprisingly, this phone have not ambient light sensor. When we used the phone in the dark then it came out. These features like NFC and Wi-Fi AC can not be avoided in this price range. But the basic feature like Ambient Light Sensor is disappointing when not given. Because of this, we had to control the display’s brightness again and again itself.


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Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Build Quality

Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Build Quality


The display has a 13-megapixel selfie camera, notification LED and earpiece. At the bottom, there is a physical home button on the bottom which is also a fingerprint sensor. There are capacitive buttons on both sides of this sensor. The sensor will quickly detect your fingers. The display becomes active only after touching the home button lightly. Capacitive buttons are not backlit; it is also disappointing.


On the left side, the volume buttons are at the top and there are two SIM and MicroSD card slots. The primary SIM card can be placed in the first slot. Secondary slot has space for the second SIM and up to 256 GB microSD card. The speaker and the power button are on the right side of the phone. Micro-USB port and 3.5mm headphone socket on the bottom have got place. In the box, you will find Travel Adapter, Data Cable, SIM Eject Tool and other important papers.

Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Performance

Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Performance


On 7 Prim in general use works well, but according to our calculations the interface should been more smoother. Switching between Portrait and Landscape Orientation in the app is slightly delayed. We have often found that the Touch Response does not register properly. Make it clear that this reduction has not appeared again and again. But many times the experience of using the smartphone during the review is poor. The brightness of the screen is sufficient for outdoor use, but you have to control it yourself. Not having a compass means that while using Google Maps you will not be able to know which direction you are looking at.


We liked one thing about this phone, it does not get hot quickly. Whether playing games or using a camera in the outdoor, it is only occasionally hot that is good. Benchmark performance was also not going to affect. Casual games work well, but in game with powerful graphics like Asphalt 8, there is no frame rate smooth. We did not get any problem with playing 1080p video in Galaxy On7 Prime. Speakers are not very good. The sound does not come enough for the media file.

Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Camera

Samsung Galaxy on7 prime camera


Talking about the camera, the phone has 13 megapixel censors with F / 1.9 aperture on the front and rear panels. The auto-focus of the rear camera does not work fast, that too in good light. It’s not easy to capture a moving subject. The detail comes in the landscape shots. But the camera sometimes misses getting the right exposure. For this reason, sometimes a few pieces of shot are seen as Burnt Out. There is also HDR mode but the results are not very good. Due to the wide aperture lens in the closing-up shot, good depth of field is available. But the colors are not very accurate.

Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Camera


Performance is less than expected even in low light. The details in the landscape are not well and autofocus is slow. You will be able to record videos up to 1080 pixel resolution. The quality of the recorded video is also very average. We inform you that there is no electronic image stabilization in the phone. The camera app also has some shooting modes, but these are not for video.


The front camera is also 13 megapixels and it is also F / 1.9 aperture. Front camera works fine in daylight. But this does not happen same in low light. It has a screen flash, but it is not very effective. Selfie focus attempts to give a portrait portrait mode effect, but the results are not very good.


The camera app also has a social sharing feature that makes you able to quickly share any picture on Facebook and WhatsApp.

Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Battery Life


Battery life is good according to the 3300 mAh battery. After full-charging, we could use the phone all day. Even when using powerful apps, the battery level does not drop much faster. When the battery power is less than 5%, the brightness of the screen goes to the lowest level. If you want, you can increase it. There is no fast charging support. Charger in the retail box will take about 3 hours to charge the phone.


Verdict: Choose or Not


After spending enough time with Samsung Galaxy on 7 Prime, we also realized why Samsung launched the Samsung Mall feature with this handset. Because without this there is nothing special in the Galaxy on 7 Prime. The variant we have reviewed has a value of 14,990 rupees. This is extremely expensive, especially when there are not some very basic features like Ambient Light Sensor. So much so, Samsung will soon make the mall app a part of its other handsets.


In addition to good battery life, the phone does not excite in any other department. Samsung Mall is a good idea, but right now it’s in the early stage. There is a lot of work to do on Samsung’s visual search campaign. If you want a Samsung phone of Rs 15,000, then Samsung Galaxy On Max is a better option. If to be seen, the Moto G5S Plus and Xiaomi Mi A1 are a great deal for you.

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