Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Review 2019: Why You Should Buy It?

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Review 2018

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 is the most anticipated motorcycle of years. And if you are reading this, you are interested in knowing how the bike is, and how the new 650 cc parallel-twin engine is. We had to spend one day in Jaipur near by Nahargarh Fort to ride RE Interceptor 650, and then inland and winding mountain roads and Redwood woods. On smooth tarmac, while respecting the local speed limitations as early as possible, we were led on a full day ride to experience Interceptor 650, and we are happy to report that the new 650 twin is probably the easiest And the most powerful is the Royal Enfield Engine we have ever experienced.

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The 650 cc Twin development story

The 650 cc Twin development story

650 cc, parallel twin engines have been made since 2015. And in this engine there are many inputs from the engineering and design team based on Royal Enfield’s UK Technology Center, in collaboration with the Royal Enfield team located in Chennai. The result is an air cooled, 64 cc, four valve per cylinder, single overhead cam (SOHC) engine with an oil cooler, which places 47 bhp power at 7 b 100 rpm and 52 nm peak torque at 5,200 rpm. There is a 270 degree firing interval in the engine, and such a decision of architecture was clearly taken to take a unique sound – Royal Enfield’s single-cylinder engines were loved for some. Although there could not have been a sound similar to a parallel twin single, the 270 degree firing interval ensured that there is not a good collision in the engine, if there is no thump. To make the engine smooth and sophisticated, the balancer shaft is included, keeping the vibrations in check.

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

But this is more than just the engine. Idea was to create a platform that would be launched with the model not only will the home market be targeted, but also global acceptability, especially in markets such as Europe and even in parts of Latin America and Southeast Asia. Will go. Of course, India will be the main market, in addition to imported or foreign brands, there is a difference in the market above 500 cc, which are expensive. New Royal Enfield twin performance is not accessible in terms of price, but also in price. And Royal Enfield intends to do this – inhibits the market with well-engineered and well-designed products, which will be accessible to the average buyer who is willing to spend the type of any Japanese or European brand orders Is not looking. For reliability, Royal Enfield is offering three years or 40,000 km on both the interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650, therefore, the products have ‘official’ beliefs.

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Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Performance and Handling

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Performance and Handling

In a blurred morning exit from Santa Cruz, the Interceptor 650 was entered, it became clear within a few minutes that it was in contrast to any Royal Enfield, which we had seen, rode or experienced earlier. There is no lettering in the form of Rev counter climbing, display, or finishing. Royal Enfield says 80 percent of the peak torque is available as low as 2500 rpm; And before you hit 3,000 revs, the engine pulls with urgency, goes up to about 6,000 rpm, and goes even further to the red line of 7,500 rpm. And wonder, surprise! There is no tension with the engine, there is no resistance, and there is no shock from anywhere.

The twin-pod instrumentation console gives you the old-school cool feels

Outside of Santa Cruz, we captured the Delhi Jaipur Highway, which was a stretch of road along the Jaipur hills. The six speed gearbox on Interceptor 650 is slim, the changes are accurate and smooth, and once we did not face any miss or false changes, and finding neutral is a light tap case with a toe, without any drama . As fast needle climbs, things become clear; In fact, creating a good motorcycle involves many ideas, attempts and passions. And the years of making development, testing, and prototype have not been in vain. It’s easily the best Royal Enfield I’ve ever rode, and it comes from the ownership experience of some in the family, and still there’s a couple left in the garage. The Interceptor 650 looks and performs like any true-blue modern classic and can easily rub shoulders with the best motorcycles in that genre.

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Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Performance

Moving from the Jaipur Highway, it is now time to infiltrate the shadowed paradise by the edge of the Redwood tree. The single lane track to the hills contains tight corners, which are surrounded by dive and wide tilt. And once the Interceptor 650 did not skirt or the rider left no doubt about his handling or road manners. This sportbike can not be fast, but it is more than enough capacity to catch the corner without feeling nervous. Interceptor 650 ride on 18-inch spock wheels, shod in pirelli rubber. Tires are not tubeless, but the compound has been specifically developed for RE Interceptor 650 so that large grip, as well as stability can be provided.

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Riding and Braking

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Riding and Braking

Of course, get discs at both ends of the wheels – 320 mm disc in front, and 240 mm disc behind the standard dual-channel ABS. Brakes offer good bite and inspire confidence to speed up the speed in haste, and it should be noted that the easily accessible person of Interceptor 650 has been complemented by brakes about which to complain about There is no reason. They can not be sharp or concentrated as fast nude sportbikes, but they do the job very well, and for satisfaction.

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Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Riding and Braking

The test route on the way to the state of California through Highway 1 and then the state of California has rarely given us an option to test the ride quality of Interceptor 650. For the most part, we were on the silky smooth termac, and even the “loose gravel” sections were warned, which were not warned, there were no term or any type of pillars. . The irregularity of the road and turning asphalt which we encounter, and introduced the interceptor, felt a bit difficult with the ride, possibly a settlement to improve handling. How home bikes work in real, real world situations back home in India, only once we put it under proper road testing, it will be known. Who is thinking for our highly concentrated readers, “Can it go to Ladakh?” Yes, it can definitely do it, and without any whispering, but we will still reserve our comments about the quality of the ride on the broken roads, until we actually do not test the bike in such an area .


 Interceptor 650 verdict
It is well made, looks good, looks great, performs great and has a very personality personality. The only negative we can think of are cosmetic – lack of LED headlights, and a clock on the instrument panel, as well as a gear position indicator. But then, they can still come in the next change. And with the choice of different colors and different badges, RE interceptor will provide a typical cosmetic taste tailored to buyers with 650 different flavors.


Interceptor 650 is likely to be launched in late October or early November, in the next few months. Our estimation on prices is between 3 to 3.5 lakhs, but Royal Enfield intends to set up new 650 twins as a motorcycle, which will be a natural upgrade for the current Classic 350 and Classic 500 owners, The product is intended to be large quantities. And this could mean that the price of Interceptor 650 might also be lower, possibly ₹ anywhere around 3 million points. If this happens, then there is a long wait period on Royal Enfield dealership and expected to see a whole new tribe of Interceptor 650 owners. But this time, it can push for Royal Enfield even in the new global markets.


Interceptor 650 Certainly the Royal Enfield in modern history is the best motorcycle to be stable. On our test route, we had easily observed the speed of 90 mph (which was more than 140 km per hour) on many occasions, and that too, tension was felt without the engine, or any part of the body of the motorbike Did not tilt in vibration It is a Royal Enfield motorcycle that can cruise comfortably at 130 kmph, in which some power and performance on the tap can also grow faster. You typically feel a little bit more than 5,500 rpm on footpages, but it’s not something that will bother you, or complain to you. There is not much to criticize the new Royal Enfield Interceptor 650, and to cope with it, motorcycles are very good to be stiff with this praise. Take a bow, Royal Enfield.

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