Royal Enfield Himalayan ABS Review 2019 India: Why You Should Buy It

royal enfield himalayan review

Royal Enfield Himalayan Updates and News


Royal Enfield Himalayan 650 will be launched in June 2019:

Talking about the affordable adventure tourer Bike Segment in India, we currently have only Royal Enfield Himalayan as an option. In the coming months, Indian bike maker, Royal Enfield will launch its adventure tourer bike Himalayan with 650cc engine with an affordable price.


Now coming to the Royal Enfield Himalayan review, it had entered in the Indian two-wheeler market with an aggressive price point of ₹ 1.55 Lakh (ex-showroom, Mumbai) and ₹ 1.78 Lakh (on-road price).


2019 Royal Enfield Himalayan is exactly a new bike from others. It has been around from 2016, when Royal Enfield introduced the company’s first adventure-touring motorcycle. The Himalayan also got the first counterbalanced engine on any Royal Enfield, but in the first carborated Himalayan, there has been its fair share of complaints from the owners, especially reliability and mechanical issues. Last year, Royal Enfield Himalayan received two important updates. First of all, the Himalayan was introduced with fuel-injection, and at the end of last year, Royal Enfield also introduced dual-channel ABS. And now, we have to spend some time with the new RE Himalayan ABS, to see how much has changed.


Mr. Siddharth Lal, MD and CEO of Eicher Motors Ltd said, at the launch event of the Royal Enfield Himalayan, Royal Enfield Himalayan is the best bike ever for 60 years of Royal Enfield. That’s why this Adventure Tourer bike is special. Let’s know. Have a look on the know Royal Enfield Himalayan review 2019.

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Royal Enfield Himalayan ABS Design and Looks: What’ Changed

RE Himalayan review

The design of the Royal Enfield Himalayas and the overall silhouette are the same. It’s a love, or hate it, like the design. We like the design of functional, and almost industrial, bare-bones, and it seems to be made to work very hard. Composite designs, body panels, bicycle parts and even engines are the same. The engine also has the same 411 cc, air-cooled engine, which gives power of 24.5 bhp at 6,500 rpm and 32 peak torque of 4,250 rpm.


Chassis, Suspension, Wheels and Tires remain the same, such as Instrument panels and Lights. But as previously mentioned, the Himalayas now receive fuel-injection and standard double-channel ABS. They are only changes, but they have felt the bike different; The throttle response has improved, and hence the power has stopped, but we will get it in more detail.


Talking about Himalayan’s design, it looks a bit outdated, but the company has kept it still. Round headlight, long windscreen, round mirrors can attract anyone’s attention. The distance between the fuel tank and the seat is sufficient. The Himalayan is designed for a special place, if it is considered, then in that sense it is a great bike.


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Royal Enfield Himalayan is specially designed with the attention of the adventure lovers. Its look is also given on the same pattern. It will prove to be a good bike for people fond of biking on racing or hill slopes. The long handlebar with the 21 inch front wheel and 17-inch rear veal makes the Himalayan look attractive. Its most remarkable thing is that its coming into the Indian automotive sector, a new bike segment has been added to an ‘adventure tourer’ in two-wheeler segments.

Royal Enfield Himalayan ABS: Engine and Power

Royal Enfield Himalayan Engine and Power

Talking about the engine and performance, the Royal Enfield Himalayan has 411 cc, single cylinder, overhead cam, air-cooled engine. It generates torque of 24.5 bhp and torque of 32Nm. In this sense, the engine is strong, don’t worry about the power.

Royal Enfield Himalayan ABS Performance

royal enfield himalayan performance

411 cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled, single overhead cam engine has the same output as before, but now it receives electronic fuel injection, and the difference occurs when you press the starter button. The engine becomes useless with constant assurance, and of course the improvement is accelerated. The fuel-injected engine seems more lenient and more responsive than the earlier carburetted engine, and the shift quality on the five-speed gearbox has also improved significantly. Although the shift quality is accurate, it is not less than modern standards. The clutch is heavy though, and if you get stuck in a bumper position in the bumper, working on the clutch repeatedly will not be a pleasant experience.


As long as the traffic is moving forward, there is a relaxed performance on the Himalayan tarmac. The engine has got a strong low and mid-range, and you do not really need to work gearbox to maintain the speed. But this is not a high revolving engine, so the Himalayas are still most happy when you play with the torque and pull it fast, instead of trying to get triple digit speed in a hurry. If you push it, you get about 125 km / hour speed on the highway, but the engine is not the most happy at those speeds.


Despite being a restricted engine, the 411 cc single has more or less the same features as the Royal Enfield 350 cc or 500 cc engines. The difference of only one minute is that it appears a bit more, but it does not translate to any real performance gain. Himalaya is the sweet spot in the distance of 90-100 km per hour, but at high speed, after some time the vibration on handlar, footpag, seat and fuel tank will start troubling.

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Royal Enfield Himalayan Gets Termignoni’s Performance Exhaust


Now, there is also a good news for Himalayan riders, the bike has been updated with the Termignoni’s a special dedicated exhaust system, whereby the performance of the Himalayan will increase.

Termignoni Sleep-On exhaust system

Due to Termignoni’s sleep-on exhaust, the bike’s power output has increased by 0.7 bhp. There’s an increase of 1.65 nm in its torque. Overall, this execution has resulted in better performance of bike and especially off-road performance.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Features and Equipment

royal enfield himalayan features

Talking about features and equipment, it is featured with the digital gear indicator. There are two trip meters, average speed display, side stand indicator, clock, temperature gauge and so on and also compass. The best part is that the fuel is fueling through the carburetor, which can be seen in any remote area, but its problem can be seen.

Royal Enfield Himalayan ABS Braking System

re himalayan brake

We had a drum breaks in the breaking department with the first generation Himalayan. And now, Royal Enfield has introduced standard dual-channel ABS on the Himalayan. Yes, there is a definite improvement in the breaking department, but the two-piston caliper gripping with a single 300 mm disc does not offer cutting or confidence to shave triple digit speed in a hurry. And ABS is not even switchable. So when you are riding off-road, loose surfaces and so on, the intrusive ABS becomes disconcerting and sometimes gets completely distracted. But they make small windscreens, honest riding positions and easy ergonomics easy for a long day in the saddle, and couples with a sorted ride quality, this is quite comfortable mile muncher, unless you are in a hurry to get anywhere.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Comfortablity

royal enfield himalayan Comfortablity

The Himalayan seat is quite convincing. You do not even feel tired on a row of 3 to 4 hours continuously. At the same time, the lesser height of the 800mm seat also does not allow the exhaustion of the journey.

Royal Enfield Himalayan ABS Handling power

Himalayan Handling power

For the most part, handling the tarmac is predictable and neutral. It is not a bike to stir around a set of corners, nor is it designed to be boarded like this. But the traditional double-cradle chassis keeps things taut and anticipated, and even when taking a sweeping turn, the Himalayan looks and feels stable. But more than the capacity of the motorcycle, it is lacking to feel from the front end, which will discourage you from pushing hard around a corner. Of course, there is a 21-inch bigger wheel, but dual sport ceat tyres do not give the confidence to push a bike around a sharp corner.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Price in India


When the Royal Enfield Himalayan has been launched, its was price Rs1,56,000 Ex-showroom. But now the company has launched Himalayan with ABS, that’s why the price has been increasing. The Royal Enfield Himalayan ABS has been priced at 1.79 lakh (ex-showroom)

Royal Enfield Himalayan Mileage

royal enfield himalayan mileage

Talking about the the Himalayan fuel efficiency, the Royal Enfield claims that the bike offers around 36.26 kmpl mileage. But we are telling that the actual bike only gives mileage of 29.48kmpl in city and 34.53kmpl on the highway.

Royal Enfield Himalayan ABS is Different Model from Other RE Bikes


Himalayan is totally isolated bike from the Royal Enfield company’s first popular models such as Bullet, Classic, Thunderbird, and Continental GT of two-wheeler unit of Eicher motors, separate from these enclosures of Royal Enfield. This bike is built on the adventurer base. This bike is a new version of Royal Enfield for exciting travelers.

Verdict: Should You Buy Royal Enfield Himalayan ABS

The Himalayan’s performance on Tarmac may not be earth-shattering, but once the road is over, and the mark begins, its easy display makes things very simple. Even the riders coming in contact with limited or non-dirt rides will find the Himalaya stability and off-road potential fully enjoyable. In the price tag of 1.79 lakh (ex-showroom), the Royal Enfield Himalayan is the most affordable adventure touring motorcycle available right now in the market. With a strong sales and service network, and with the ease of availability and the cost of spares, it is also easy to stay with it. And this is the biggest strength of the Himalayas.


The Royal Enfield Himalayan is a simple, bare-bodied motorcycle that is affordable, accessible and designed for a leisurely two-wheeled adventure. It’s not an out-and-out motocross bike, or you have a display to pull a wheel in the dirt, or even pull a suitable electric slide. If you are looking for a modern, sophisticated and performance-oriented adventure motorcycle, then you should not even see the Himalayas, because it can demand you a lot, because it is not a triumph tiger or BMW R1200 GS.


But if you are looking for a simple, affordable and easily accessible bike to ride a few dirt trails without being impressed by the performance or the expensive repair bills, the Himalayan is just the right bike for that kind of job. Affordability, accessibility and versatility are its biggest strengths, and with that price tag, there is no other motorcycle on sale that presents its properties. In fact, riding the Himalayas in a couple of days, you start praising its simplicity and its potential, and these are the main reasons that you should consider.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Infographic

royal enfield himalyan infographic

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