Royal Enfield Continental GT Review 2019 India: Why You Should Buy It?


A lots of ink, whether real or virtual has already been used on Royal Enfield Continental GT, the latest bike coming out of the Chennai Motorcycle Super Kings stable. And in Thiruvottiyur, instead of the old man, there is no new stable in Oraagadam, new spanking new. If you have consumed any of that ink, you already know how the RE had gone to Harris Engineering for a new frame, worked on the engine, and Xenophya design helped them to make the right size. . And now, it is that the sum of all efforts is to ride every day.


Whether you should take Royal Enfield Continental GT or not, we can help you in this decision. Yes, we worked on the look and performance of this bike and the results came out. Here is full Royal Enfield Continental GT review 2019 India.

Royal Enfield Continental GT Review – Looks


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As soon as the name of a racing bike comes in the mind, the bike looks different from it. It does not look like Japanese racing bikes. Its Narrow Fuel Tank Design and Single Seat First comes in the notice. The bike has worked on quite a bit of detail which comes out on the lookout. That is, the closer it is to look, it looks equally beautiful. The rear view mirrored look of a very small size makes it special and its work is also done properly. Best part quality paint in case of looks. Red color is fantastic and if you want something different then there is also YELLOW option.


You get used to it. People are waving, excited, indicating thumb impression and the intense awareness that out of your sight, a Gazillion people are crushing their neck to look better on their motorcycles. Whenever you go to Continental GT, it is like clock clock. I suspect that the nominated Bentlele actually gets less than this level of attention.


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Royal Enfield Continental GT In-depth, superb color, motorcycle looks fantastic for the opposite of magnificent chrome bits.


You have to hand over to Royal Enfield. ContiGT looks at the business. In contrast to the chrome bits, the magnificent red color, the motorcycle looks tremendous. You can almost come away, thinking that the motorcycle was a simple design because the lines are extraordinarily combined. However, it tells you how good the designer is. They have successfully resist.

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Royal Enfield Continental GT Review – Performance


In performance it proves better than any Royal Enfield. Royal Enfield has done a lot of work on modernizing the engine while retaining its heritage. So far, the company using the 350 and 500 cc engines has installed a new 535 cc fuse injection engine in this bike. With the power of 29.1 BHP we have easily conveyed it to the speed of 120 km / h, although it feels a bit overwhelmed. But with 44 nm torque, it proved to be much faster in city traffic. Just twisting the accelerator, it leaves the world behind.


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The ride and handling of the bike has improved considerably due to the use of Twin Down Tube Cradle Shashi. Especially the high vibration on high speed has been reduced. We ran this bike heavily on the highway and saw out of heavy traffic as a sports bike. It has been successful on both fronts. Its quality tires also help in handling a lot. Many times it is difficult to neutralize the bike.

Royal Enfield Continental GT Price


The price of the bike has been priced at Rs 2.05 lakh (on-road Delhi) and Rs 2.14 lakh (on-road Mumbai). Check out the on road price of the Royal Enfield Continental GT in Jaipur , you have to contact your nearby dealer.

Royal Enfield Continental GT News and Updates

Wait is over as Royal Enfield launched its much anticipated parallel twin powered 650cc motorcycle in India. The price of Café-style Continental GT 650 starts at 2.49 lakh rupees (ex-showroom), while the more classic looking interceptor starts from 2.34 lakh rupees. (ex-showroom).

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