Royal Enfield Classic 350 Review 2019 India: An Expert Review

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Review

Royale Enfield Classic 350 News and Update

Royal Enfield has launched Bullet 350 and 350 ES at low prices in India. Check out full report here.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Review Starts from Here

If someone asks you what is the oldest and most powerful motorcycle on Indian roads, then in your mind only and only one name will come “Royal Enfield” which is known as ‘Bullet’. Since 1955, Royal Enfield Motorcycles have been maintained its special place in the tough competition period by its styling. Eadie had acquired the contract to supply precision parts for fire weapons in the Enfield, London Borough in Enfield, Middlesex, now with its offshoot in the long-established Royal Small Arms factory in the government and the brand name Royal Enfield Mann Had taken. In 1896, he also included a new subsidiary, The New Enfield Cycle Company Ltd., to handle the work of cycling as much as possible, and in 1897, Enfield made a complete bicycle, as well as all the other assemblers from Ada Took the work of the bicycle assembly.


Riders of Royal Enfield have a different class and they have a different position on the road due to the Royal Enfield, which has its own bright, strong stroke. Those who run bullet in India are seen with great respect. Perhaps one of the reasons is that Royal Enfield was used by police and army officers till now, but in the last few years, the number of people who adopted it has increased significantly, especially among the youth.


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Keeping in mind the royal class, the Indian giant brought many attractive and better model in the market. Models available are better and easier than the earlier Royal Enfield. From 350 cc to 550 cc lightning and cruise Thunderbird’s powerful engine speed is a great option for people who are fond of speed.


On the same lines, Royal Enfield has introduced its new model Royal Enfield – classic 350 for more Power and Traditional Love’s Diwans, let’s see what’s special in this model:

Royal Enfield Classic 350-Design

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Design

Talking about the Royal Enfield Classic 350 design, as per its name, the bike has classic design. It also offers unique and stylish look as it is featured with split seat, aggressive fuel tank, and cute tail lamp. The cruiser bike comes with same pack with its 350cc engine siblings. Its design is only one thing that makes it the best choice of buyers.


The Classic 350 has a retro character that it a lighter version of Classic 500. It gives an aggressive look as it is featured with chrome crowned headlight. Other noteworthy features including vintage tail lamps, short silencer, fuel gauge, classic toolbox, the single seat with springs and so on. The circular chrome mirrors, spring-mounted saddle, the black rubberized knee pads, old-fashioned chrome fuel tank cap enhance the retro appeal.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Engine and Power


Royal Enfield Classic 350 Engine and Power

Royal Enfield Classic 350 is powered by a 346cc, Single Cylinder, 4 strokes, Twin spark engine, which churns out the maximum 19.8 bhp @ 5250 rpm power and generates the maximum 28 Nm @ 4000 rpm torque. Royal Enfield Classic 350 gives a liter of mileage of 40-45 kilometers. And can run at a maximum speed of 130 kmph.
Engine Starting System: Electric and Kick, Gear System: 1-n-2-3-4-5.


  • 346 cc engine
  • Maximum Power 19.80 bhp at 5,250 rpm
  • Maximum Torque 28 Nm torque at 4,000 rpm.
  • Expected Mileage 37 Kmpl
  • Top Speed of 130 kmph
  • BS-IV Engine


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Royal Enfield Classic 350 Performance

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Performance

Royal Enfield is not only known for its unmated luxury and royalty, but also it well known for its performance. We know, everything changes according to the time and RE also made some new interesting to present the generation. Do you know that, what is the behind its great performance. The UC engine is behind its performance. Talking about the performance and mileage, it feels a bit heavy on the turns and it seems like it does not like turning it. But on the direct path, it is the best cruise at the speed of 60 kmph. If you run it to 90 or 100 kmph then its engine tension will shake your feet. But the best mileage bike also runs on the speed of 60 kmph.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Mileage

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Mileage

Not everyone will be familiar with this word for Royal Enfield motorcycle, but many riders claim to take advantage of about 40 km from their classic 350. With careful driving and fuel efficient throttle value, the average price is not less than 35 km in most riders, it can touch 40 kilograms without any hesitation.


Riders do not have to worry about super continuous refill because the motorcycle happily provides a 500 km ride range in the entire fuel tank, which has a medium hand throttle.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Review – Riding and Handling


2017 Royal Enfield Classic 350 riding

When come to riding and handling, the motorcycle comes with low centre of gravity that makes it easy to handle in the heavy traffic. When you ride the bike at low speeds, it offers a good quality of ride experience. But you can face some problems when you ride the Classic 350 at a high speed on bad roads. The motorcycle offers a dynamic riding and handling as it is featured with telescope front forks and twin gas charged shock absorbers at rear. Its heavy weight makes it a good handler that is easy to handle on the bad roads.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Safety Features Review


royal enfield classic 350 disk brake

In terms of safety, the bike is not loaded with specific safety features in present which makes the bike safe. Braking duties are managed by the disc brake at the front and the disk brake at the rear. Earlier the bike only came with rear drum brake but now the company has given a standard rear disk brake in the all variant of the Royal Enfield Classic 350.


  • Front- 280 Disc 2-Piston
  • Rear- 240 Disc Single Piston
  • Twin Gas Charged Shock Absorbers
  • Disk Brake at Both Ends

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Wheels & Tyres

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Tyre

The Classic comes with 8 alloy wheels. The motorcycle is loaded with 90/90-19 inch tyres at front side while rear features 110/90-18 inch tyres.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Competitors

royal enfield classic 350 competitors

Sometime, many people use to compare the Classic 350 with other sportbikes like R15, Duke 200, CBR250R, Pulsar 200NS etc. But what you think is it all makes any sense? Answer is big no. All these bikes are sports and the RE Classic 350 is classic cruiser. In my opinion, the real competitor of the Classic 350 is UM Renegade Sports S.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Price

The RE Classic 350 has been priced at Rs 1,35,813 (Ex-Showroom, Delhi). You can try it by paying EMI that starts from Rs 4,840/month. It comes with 8 paint schemes including lagoon, ash, silver, chestnut, black, redditch red, redditch green, redditch blue. Its on road price in Jaipur starts from ₹ 1.5 Lakh.

Updated Price of Royal Enfield Classic 350 with Rear Disk Brake

The initial price of the Royal Enfield Classic 350 rear disc brake variant is 1.47 lakh rupees (ex-showroom price in Pune). It can be booked by paying 5,000 rupees on the dealership.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Colors in India

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Colors: Black, Lagoon, Blue, Chestnut, Red, Silver, Ash, Green

The all new Royal Enfield Classic 350 is offered in 8 different color variants:

  • Ash
  • Black
  • Lagoon (Blue)
  • Chestnut (Red)
  • Silver
  • Redditch Red
  • Redditch Green
  • Redditch Blue

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Models


Royal Enfield Classic 350 comes with 4 models. The base model of this bike starts at Rs. 1.36 lakh (Ex-Showroom) and the top model is sold out at Rs. 1.62 lakh (Ex-Showroom).

  • Classic 350 Redditch – Rs. 1.36 lakh
  • Classic 350 Standard – Rs.1.40 lakh
  • Classic 350 Gunmetal Grey – Rs. 1.49 lakh
  • Classic 350 ABS Signals Edition – Rs. 1.62 lakh

Verdict: Why you Should Buy Royal Enfield Classic 350

The Classic 350 is proven a strong motorcycle for tourer that makes a strong statement on the roads. When it is on the road, it grabs every eye balls of the audience as it offers majestic and magnetic look. It is able to deliver sufficient power to handle every riding condition. If you are looking for a commuter and long riding motorcycle, the RE Classic 350 is only one brand name that fits in any angle.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 EMI Example

EMI computed for Royal Enfield Classic 350 is Rs. For the loan amount of Rs.3800 per month @ 9.45% per month for the loan amount of 36 months. 1,18,713 To find the best car finance for Royal Enfield Classic 350, check the calculate loan interest rate and equal monthly installments (EMI) by entering the amount of car loan that you want to take.

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  • Ride quality, superior handling and retro-looks
  • Exclusive Design
  • Powerful Engine
  • Electric Start
  • Powerful Headlight
  • Excellent Mileage


  • No Fuel Gauge
  • Refinement Issues
  • Heavyweight
  • High Pricing
  • Lacks ABS
  • Unresponsive transmission

5 Points that You should Consider when You Buy Royal Enfield Bullet

Royal Enfield Classic 350

1. Lack of Factors – Royal Enfield does not have essential features such as tubeless tires, tachometers, trip meters and fuel meters. All these features are now available in almost every bike.

2. Vibration – This bike vibrates quite a lot. If you go up to 80 km / h, then hardly you can see something in its rear view mirror.

3. Breaking System– Nowadays there are essential features like ABS (anti-lock braking system) in every bike and in the bullet, you will not get ABS and rear disc brakes. However, Now RE is relaunching many bike with ABS and Disk brakes.

4. Weight – Royal enfield bikes are quite heavy, because they are made of metal. If you have to push, consciousness will get worse. It has to put a lot of emphasis on setting it on the main stand. Because of this, bike mileage also reduces.

5. Waiting Period – If you try to buy Royal Enfield then you will have to wait a long time because it has a long waiting period.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Infographic

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Review Infographic

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