Royal Enfield classic 350 Gunmetal Grey launched with ABS, See How This New Feature Works

royal classic 350 abs

Royal Enfield has launched its best-selling bike classic 350 Gunmetal Gray with Dual-Channel ABS. Due to the addition of the dual-channel ABS feature in this bike, prices have been increased by about 20 thousand. After that its on road price is 1,80,000.


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Enfield Classic 350 has become the first bike for the first time to make a disc brake in both wheels. In the classic 350 Gunmetal Gray, the company has given a wheelbase of 1370 millimeters and the ground clearance of this bike is 135 millimeters.


Let you know that Indian Govt has made compulsory ABS system for above 125cc bikes and CBS for below 125cc motorcycles from 1st of April, 2019. In result, all bike manufacturer companies are moving towards this system.


Apart from ABS system, there is no change in Royal Enfield Classic 350 Gunmatal Gray. It is powered by a 346 cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine which generates torque of 19.8 bhp and torque of 28 nm, and this engine is equipped with a 5-speed gearbox.


This bike of Enfield goes up to about 37 kilometers in 1 liter. It takes only 5 seconds to catch the speed of 0 to 60 km. However, Royal Enfield has already updated this feature in its Himalayan and Classic 500 bikes.

How ABS works

If you believe that ABS only fixes the entire braking system of your vehicle, then this information is not complete. Actually, ABS only protects wheels from being locked. Although equipped with an ABS system, vehicle wants more space to stop, but the ABS system provides the grip to the vehicle’s wheels so that it stops easily at the prefixed time.


Regardless of its condition, if your vehicle’s wheel is wet or anything else, the ABS system provides a better grip during the wheels of the wheels and forces them to perform like a dry wheel. All of them know that the possibilities of getting locked wheels are more.

Why is it necessary

If your vehicle’s wheel gets locked due to high braking pressure during driving. In that case, your vehicle moves forward on a straight line, but as the wheel of the vehicle gets locked, the driver’s control gets reduced on the steering wheel.


In such condition if the vehicle is present in the ABS technology, then it provides the brake of the vehicle’s wheels in a controlled condition, causing the driver of the vehicle to regain his control over the steering wheel and escape easily from any type of emergency Could.

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