2019 Renault Kwid Review India: Why You Should Buy It?

reno kwid 1.0 l review

Over the last several days, the people were waiting of this entry level 1.0-liter variant Reno Kwid. The 0.8-liter version of Renault Kwid has already made a tremendous hold in the entry-level hatchback car segment market and now the same car has been lowered with a powerful engine. We driven the Reno Kwid 1.0-liter, let’s know what’s different in a 1.0-liter variant. Have a look on the 2019 Renault Kwid  review in India.


  • The company has done a great job on 2019 Renault Kwid.
  • Its 1.0-liter engine gives power of 67 bhp and 91Nm torque.
  • This car gives mileage of 23.01 kilometers per liter.

Cosmetic Upgrades

The company has done some cosmetic upgrades in the new Renault Kwid. The company has incorporated body color bumpers, wheel covers, black out alloy wheels, fog lamps etc. in the dual tone bumpers, razor sharp chrome front grill, sea-sealed signature lighting, mid and top end variants. Which provide a more sporty look to this car.

Reno Kwid Engine and Power

reno kwid 1.0 l engine

The Reno Kwid 1.0-liter engine gives the power of 67 bhp and the torque of 91Nm. The biggest difference that you will get when driving this car is the power of its engine. The company has done a lot of work on this 1.0-liter engine and it affects the engine in terms of power and drive.


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Reno Kwid Mileage

reno kwid 1.0 mileage

However, in the case of mileage, Maruti Suzuki Alto has still remained a Segment leader. Maruti Suzuki Alto 10 gives mileage of 24.07 km per liter, while Reno Kwid 1.0-liter offers mileage of 23.01 kilometers per liter.

What’s New in 2018 Reno Kwid 1.0

what's new reno kwid 1.0

Another important thing about this car is that it has its NVH level. The company has made the car’s NVH level better than before. Compared to 0.8-liter, this version is a bit cooler, people who are in the car will love it. The good news is that these changes have been done in 0.8-liter variations. The car’s torque is also quite good according to city driving. There is no need to change the gear repeatedly during driving.

Rear parking camera and 12V socket

Renault kwid Rear parking camera and 12V socket

As we told you, Renault has included some of the best features in this car that are rarely seen in this segment. The company has also given a rear parking camera in the new Renault Quiddet. Which helps the car driver better park his car in any condition. Apart from this, the company has also given a 12-volt socket in the car. In Reno Quid’s top and variant, the company has given MediaNav’s touchscreen display, with the help of which the driver can keep track of the condition behind the car.

Reno Kwid 1.0 Riding and Handling

Reno Kwid 1.0 Riding and Handling

Renault Kwid 1.0-liter’s ride quality and handling similar to the 0.8-liter variant and it is the largest USP of this car. Ground clearance of the car is 180mm, which makes it different from other cars. The gear is also quite smoother and quicker. At the same time, there is less vibration in the car’s steering and gear levers, which is making this car a bit special compared to other cars.

Why You Should Buy Renault Kwid

When it comes to decision to buy, Kwid AMT warts with Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 and Tata Tiago TT. The Alto K10 is both cheap and has a SMUT AMT transmission in the city, but there is a lack of Kwid passenger and luggage space. Tiago offers more space and better performance but is dear. Kwid scores indicates with its fancy touchscreen input system and digital instrument cluster and captures a safe mid field between the two, that is, if you can live with the shortcomings of its AMT transmission.


On the other hand, Kwid Climber offers a nice looking package from the factory with a powerful-and-efficient engine, which provides driving and comfort of driving in the city. This is a car for those who are looking for a more stylish Kwid and if your heart is set on it then there is nothing to discourage you from buying it.

Renault Kwid News


Reno Kwid adds some excellent features that make it different from others: 


2019 Reno Kwid has been in the market with first class and best in class features and these special features make it very different from other cars in the market.


First of all, let’s talk about first-class features, Rino Quiddy gives its customers a touchscreen media navigator, digital instrument cluster, rear armrest and a guarantee of 4 years or 1 million kilometers.


In the best in class features, Renault gives 300 liters of boot space, 180 mm ground clearance and excellent cabin space.

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