2019 Reliance Jio Phone Review: Why You Should Buy It?

Jio phone Review


  • Jio Phone has been one of the most anticipated phones this year
  • This is a 4G and VOLTE phone
  • Customers have to pay Rs 1,389 for buying this
  • Bhamashah card holders can buy Jio Phone at only Rs  95/-
  • Every user of Jio Phone have to wait for getting YouTube support


Jio Phone has been one of the long-awaited phones of 2017. This is a 4G and VOLTE phone that was introduced in the general meeting of Reliance Jio. The main reason for the frenzy around it is that it is effectively free. Customers will have to pay Rs 1,389 to buy this, which will be returned after returning the phone after three years at all the terms and conditions. Reliance Jio started the pre-booking of this feature phone in the month of August and the delivery of this phone was promised starting September.


Jio phone can not be placed in a particular category. It looks like a feature phone, but there are several smart features that make the phone different. All the apps of Jio work in this feature phone. You will be able to watch movies and also stream songs. With this tariff plan is being provided free data so that you can use these services. These claims are good to hear, but what is the experience of using the live phone? Let’s tell you. Have a look on the 2019 Jio Phone review in India.

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Jio Phone Price in India

When Reliance Jio was launched Jio Phone then its price was Rs 1500. But now Jio phone is available at a price tag of Rs 1349 in India. You can buy it from Amazon India by just clicking on the below mentioned banner.

Buy Jio Phone on Amazon

Jio Phone Look and Design Review


jio phone design


Jio Phone is like to a common feature phone, according to the texture and feel. It comes with small screen and Numeral keypad. Everything is made of plastic and we would say that its quality is good. Weight is not very much and it fits easily in hands. Due to the curved edges the hold of the phone is good in the hands. It does not feel to be fat or weighty.


The screen is 2.4 inches and its resolution is 240x 320 pixels. Viewing angles are bad enough, but according to the price it will be considered well. Below the display there are two function buttons, D-popped, call and disconnect button and number pad. There is a VGA camera next to the earpiece at the top of the screen. There is enough distance between each button and it is easy to reach. Let’s feel strong on pressing the button.

jio phone review


There is nothing excepting 2 megapixel primer cameras and loudspeakers on the back of the phone. You can see 2000 MAH batteries by removing back cover. Jio is a single SIM device and has a Nano SIM slot. You will get a separate slot for the MicroSD card. There is a headphone socket with a microSB port at the bottom. On top, there is a LED torch. It can be activated by pressing the up button on the D Pad for a long time.


In the retail box, you will get a charger and micro-USB cable in addition to the Jio Phone. The phone will already have a live SIM. It has to be activated before it can be used. We used an old live SIM in this phone and it went without any problems. According to the expectation, Airtel SIM did not work.


  • Good build quality
  • The weight is manageable and the phone fits well in the hand – the size of the phone is very good with the curved sides and edges and it does not feel too heavy to catch or take
  • Keypad buttons are well distances and easy to reach, and provide good feedback when pressed
  • Take a refreshment by listening music by Jio Music without any problem, and JioTV and JioMovies can be used to stream TV shows and movies, respectively.

JioPhone Review: Display

jio phone display

JioPhone comes with 2.4 inch full color display which is definitely a big improvement on the monochrome / black and white screen of the yore feature phone. It is sufficiently bright, thus, it helps in external facilitation. Although there is a catch. The maser in feature phone ships is 240×320 pixel resolution which is a big downturn that considers Jio is marketing Jio Phone more than just another basic feature phone. Add it to the terrible bad viewing angle of the phone, and suddenly the pitch of Jio Phone’s entertainment hub becomes suspicious.


Note that consuming multimedia on a 2.4-inch screen can already be quite a drawback. The poor viewing angle of JioPhone means that a slight tilt makes the screen almost impossible to use. Keep the phone upright all the time – and you are good to go though.


Plus Point: Although the viewing experience of the video is quite simple on a small display, there will be a TV cable available, which should prove to be a good investment (you can use it to connect the phone to your TV, and consume a video there)

Negative Point: The screen is definitely 2.4 inches and has a resolution of 240×320 pixels – vertical viewing angles are bad and the colors appear to be washed – at this price point it is all very much expected

Jio Phone Specification and Software Review


Reliance Jio Phone Specification and Software


The phone is a feature phone, but the specification is worth considering. There is a dual core processor with 512 MB of RAM. Inbuilt storage is 4 GB. There is 1 GB available for user. 1 GB is reserved for apps and the rest will be used for storage software updates and app cache. Storage is not a concern, because you will be able to use up to 128 GB MicroSD card. You will be able to transfer files via USB cable to your personal computer via USB cable, simply to inbuilt USB mode.


The phone has Bluetooth and WiFi for connectivity. With the help of Bluetooth, you will be able to transfer files to another phone. We have access to the internet through no hassle Wi-Fi router. These connectivity features are not available in the feature phone. Because of this, Jio Phone goes beyond the rest in the race. It supports 4G VoLTE feature. The phone quickly connects to the Jio Network. There is no hotspot feature, that is, those who want to consume free data that gets us every day from other devices will be disappointed.


We have got many questions about Jio phone’s operating system. For your information, let us know that the live phone runs on KiaOS. This is a customized version of Firefox OS. It seems that Reliance has worked to improve the software. Because there were many drawbacks in the Firefox OS given in Intex Cloud Fx. The user interface is simple and easy to understand. There is grid style menu. The app’s name and icon easily identify them. You can not punish these icons according to your own. But you can surely keep the favorites at the top. The Jio Phone has a JioStore App, but here you will find nothing other than Jio Apps.


jio phone review


On the Home screen, the four buttons of the D-pad also work on the shortcut to launch the app. You will be able to access the settings app, camera, message and inbuilt music player from these buttons. We are unable to use these buttons for the app of your choice. Alerts are in one place. These can be accessed through the left-hand function buttons. The settings menu is a good out-of-the-way and finding options is easy. Software update is available and OTA updates will not be found which is not common for feature phones. We hope that Reliance Jio will continue to add new features to the live phone through it.


The feature phone has Jio location which tells the location through GPS and Wi-Fi data. It is used for SOS Emergency Function. If the user has long pressed the number 5 button, then the phone will send the SOS message with the coordinates. NFC has also been given for payments in the Jio Phone, but it is not available right now. It is possible that it is enabled through OTA update.


There are also other nice touches in the software. Whenever you type a number to dial, the contact names will be automatically found in the suggestions. If you want you will be able to make a video call by pressing the call button for a long time. However, navigation is a bit slow. Do not expect smartphone level function from you. When we dialed or dialed a number, we found that the beeped voice from the keypad came shortly. The experience got worse, while in reality there is no lag in the keypad. After mute the phone, we could type faster.

Many Jio apps are already installed. You will find live apps like Jio Cinemas, Jio chat, Jio music. Basic calculator, unit conversion, notes, FM radio, video player and gallery app are also given. We were able to stream songs on Jio Music. He saw television serial on Jio TV bzand enjoyed cinema on Jio Movies, without any problem. This subscription is free for Jio phone buyers, which is a good thing.


Streaming videos play in Jio Apps in landscape mode. But only the microscope cards are played in portrait mode. In both cases the viewing experience of the video was very bad. There will be a TV cable accessory, which should prove to be a good investment. Control of the volume is not easy because no physical buttons are given. This reduction will cause you to play media or phone during normal use.


There is also a voice assistant in the phone, which is named Hello Jio. It can be activated by pressing the depressed button for long periods of time. It understands the basic command. Like – Call the caller, or open the app. But it is slow. This is for those who are unaware of this technology.


Popular social media apps like Facebook and WhatsApp are not available in the live phone yet. The news is that the company is working on it. You will find a web browser through which you will be able to take advantage of Facebook and other services. During the review, we were able to use the Telegram Messaging app on the Jio Phone web browser. We used YouTube as well, whose experience was fine. However, Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video were not worth living on the phone browser.


Plus Point:

  • Easy to use user interface, easy to learn – Easy enough.
  • Comes with JioStore’s App Store – though there is nothing except Jio App.
  • There is a software update feature for over-the-air updates, which is rare in feature phone segment, and Reliance should allow time to present new features for Jio phones.
  • There are other good touchs in the software – Saved contacts are auto-suggested when you type to dial a number, then there is a T9-style predictive text input for typing, a quick setting panel that you can use Shoot the arrows and get them. On the home screen, you can launch the video call quickly by pressing the call button for long periods, and there are granular security and privacy controls in the settings menu.
  • The phone comes with many Jio App preinstalls. JioCimena, JioChat, JioGames, JioMusic, JioTV, JioPay, and JioXpressNews, JioVideoCall – basic calculator, unit conversion, notes, FM radio, video player and gallery app are also
  • There is also a voice assistant named HelloJio in the phone, which can be triggered by pressing the D-Pad’s Select button for a long time – it can understand basic commands to dial a contact with their name or to open a specific app. (Although it is slow) – This technique is a useful feature for people unfamiliar with, helping them do things without learning the user interface of the phone
  • To be clear, Jio Phone is not targeted to smartphone users, but for the first time buyers and feature phone users who want to upgrade without spending much – it aims to bring people beyond Tier II and Tier III cities . Online, especially those who have not touched the computer and can not even dream of paying for Internet access at current prices – and have the ability to do this because hardware is enabled and software is a good enough Provides experience.


Negative Point:

  • It can be packed with a lot of features, but at the end of the day, this is a feature phone, not a smartphone, so it can be compared only with the feature phone (and in comparison to that, it does well. is)

Jio Phone Review Performance


Reliance Jio Phone Performance


Even after sharing the common hardware and KiaOS, you can not expect cheap smartphone speeds from it. The app will take time to load, but you will not be disappointed with this reason. The hardware is so powerful that it plays full-HD video. You will be able to run the same app at a time. We also played some games on Jio Games. Even though these games are very basic, but are not bad. The performance of the Jio app depends on Internet connectivity. During the review our phone got good 4G coverage. Therefore, waiting for a few seconds for the songs or the streaming of the cinema. But in the coming time, the status of millions of live phone users can change.


Plus Point

  • The performance of the Jio app is definitely dependent on Internet connectivity – If you have good 4G connectivity, you will not have to wait more than a few seconds to start a movie or song

Negative Point

  • Speed ​​/ performance is not really the level of the smartphone – the navigation is a bit slow and the application takes time to load – again, something that you should expect from a feature phone

Jio Phone Camera Review

Jio phone camera


There is a 2 megapixel camera with no flash on the back of the phone. The VGA camera is on the front panel. At this price two cameras are welcome steps. We do not have much hope for these cameras. The camera app is very basic. You only get photos, videos and self-timer modes.


Photos taken with the 2-megapixel rear camera have a resolution of 1600×1200 pixels. There is a lack of detail in the landscape shots. There is a lot of noise in this. In comparison, close shut shots are better. Photos are blurred every time due to motion. At night, the performance of the camera is very simple. For the good shot you will need a paused hand. Subjects are seen only if there is enough light. Sightly appear in low light. The photos look much better than handsets on the screen compared to the computer screen. You can choose the resolution of your video. The video with a high quality video will be 720×480 pixels. The quality is not very bad. It can be used in use. But do not expect much detail.


Selfie’s resolution is 640×480 pixels. In this you will also find rear camera knees. It would be wrong to compare Jio Phone to today’s smartphone. Photos do not fade due to lack of light or slight hand shaking. The highest resolution of selfie camera is 352×288 pixels. This is not of any use.

Negative Point:

  • Normal camera – again as you would expect at this price point – the pictures have a fair amount of noise, and motion blur is indispensable

Jio Phone Battery Life Review

jio phone battery


We were desperate to know how much the phone battery will be used in common usage. According to the feature phone, it comes with a large battery of 2000 mAh. But there are features like Bluetooth, 4G, Wi-Fi and GPS which are known for battery consumption. After the common use, we found that even after 24 hours, 80 percent of the battery is still left. The phone goes without charging for about 4 days.


After 15 minutes of continuous talk, we found that the battery was reduced by 2% and 5% on talking for 30 minutes. This is a good performance according to the 4G data connection. We also streamed the TV serial on the phone. It was found that after watching 30-minute episodes, the battery decreased by 7 percent. In the same type of test on Wi-Fi connection, there was a decline of 6 per cent. When the phone does not touch even once for 12 hours, the battery is reduced by just 3 percent. You will also get a power saving mode that switches off everything to reduce the power consumption.


Plus Points

  • Excellent battery life – One of the biggest batteries for feature phones at 2000mAh – With moderate usage, the phone can last up to four full days before it needs to be charged
  • And if you want to save more battery life, then there is a power saving mode, which closes everything, turns it into a basic feature phone

More About the Jio Phone

Plus Points:

  • Low Advance Cost – This packs for this type of convenience – and the cost is also refundable after 3 years depending on certain conditions and conditions.
  • You can also play some games on JioGames and when they are incredibly basic, they do not look too bad

Negative Point

  • The phone only works with 4G VoLTE networks – which basically means only Jio at this time – so you will not be able to use it with other networks

Jio Phone Q/A

When people buy this phone, so many doubts are running their mind like does it support hotspot, it is worthy to buy etc. So lets discuss some doubts to clear them, hence you take risk to buy this phone.

Does the Jio phone support hotspots?

When we are using this phone then we find that there is software problem to connect device to the internet via hotspot as Reliance Jio Phone does not offer you the Direct Access of Activating the Jio Phone Wi-Fi Hotspot to share Internet Connection.

Is it worth buying?

Yes, it is worthy to buy and why you should buy this phone. Hope this question’s answer you would have got in this post.

Jio Phone Services

The most special of this is Jio TV. Through this, you can take advantage of TV programs, you can see them at any time. These include Colors, Discovery, Zoom, Cartoon Network and others. Apart from this, you are also getting Jio Cinema which gives you the opportunity to stream the movie. There is also Jio Music through which you can stream audio, as well as Jio Express, through which you can monitor news etc.

Verdict: Why You Should Buy It

Jio phone review why choose it


The Jio Phone smartphone is not made for the user. It is for a user who wants to upgrade from feature phone, but without much money spent. Apart from this, it is made for connecting people of Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities with the Internet. Will the Jio Phone achieve the target of the company? We will say that there is a capability in it. Hardware is enabled. The experience of using the software is also good.


The free subscription of Jio Apps makes this deal even more spectacular. The ability to update OTA just indicates that more features can be found in the future. However, you should read the ‘Apply Terms’ section carefully on Jio’s website. Here, the specifics related to the tariff plan and the call back and mentioning the necessary conditions for refund. Apart from this, buying a phone is not easy. What will be its performance after a long time? And how dependable is it? All these questions can not be answered yet.


To upgrade the phone, tell the user who wants to spend as much as possible to upgrade that the phone is much better than the rivals. Seeing the feature, it can be called a smart feature phone. If you are successful in booking it, you will not be disappointed.

Jio Phone Advantage or Disadvantage

Jio Phone Plus Points

  • It works entirely on 4G, 3G and 2G networks.
  • VoLTE technology for call that gives superior/HD voice calls
  • Unlimited free calls and SMS
  • Excellent Internet Speed at low network area.
  • Wide and Reliable connectivity
  • When you are in roaming, all calls are free (Incoming or outgoing)
  • Good battery Power Backup
  • Supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and GPS
  • Jio apps & services work Nicely

Jio Phone Negative Points

  • There is no pack of Rs 50/GB
  • Unlimited Night Data has a Catch
  • No calls for non-VoLTE phones
  • No voice calls if you don’t recharge again
  • YouTube not suppurated phone
  • Supply chain issues and manufacturing issues
  • Lack of Wifi hotspot
  • It is not use android
  • Poor viewing angles
  • Single SIM locked to Jio

Jio Phone Return Term and Conditions

In terms of recharge and initial returns, the company has also placed the following conditions about Jio Phone’s return after 36 months:

  • The device must first be returned between 36 to 39 months from the date of issue.
  • Jio Phone should not be damaged and should be in working condition.
  • Normal wear and tear is expected and if it is still working then the company will accept the device.
  • All the user’s date must be removed before the device is returned.
  • The user should remove the SIM card before returning the device.
  • The user must follow all the other terms outlined by the company on their website.

In addition, if the customer does not return Jio Phone within 3 months of the 36-month period, then the results will be:

  • Security Deposit will be forfeited.
  • Reliance will take back the device from the Geo user.
  • In addition, the company has said that it will take further measures against the user.
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