Priyanka Chopra Left Salman Khan’s ‘Bharat’ Movie, Katrina Kaif In, Check What is Reason Behind It?

priyank chopra and salman khan Bharat

There is a shocking news from Bollywood corridors. Priyanka Chopra has left Salman Khan’s “Bharat”. The news has been confirmed by the director of the movie Ali Abbas Zafar. Let me tell you, Priyanka was returning to Bollywood from this project after two years.

Ali Abbas Zafar tweeted: “Yes, Priyanka Chopra is no longer a part of ‘Bharat’. The reason for their doing so is very special. Priyanka has told us her decision in a very short time and we are very happy for her. ‘Team Bharat’ praises Priyanka Chopra for many love and happiness for her. “It is known that Salman-Priyanka, through Bharat, was going to work together almost a decade later.

Reason Behind It

Ali Abbas Zafar tweet indicates that Priyanka Chopra is going to marry Nick. He has taken Nick’s name in this line of his tweet, “She told us in the Nick of time about her decision and we are very happy for her”. Anyway there was speculation that the actress could marry her foreign boyfriend. Recently Priyanka introduced Nick to his mother and other family members.

Apart from leaving Bharat, too many media reports have cited the marriage of the actress. But some reports also say that the actress has signed a big project, due to which she was unable to shoot “Bharat”. Well, the reason is that Nick is married to Nick or something will soon be in front of the Fans.

Who Will be Next Actress of Bharat Movie with Salman Khan

katrina kaif salman khan in bharat

The ‘Bharat’ movie continues to be in constant discussion these days, mainly due to Priyanka Chopra’s left of the film and then to be the entry of Katrina Kaif. The information was first reported on the social media by the director of the film. After this, Bollywood’s Dabang Khan tweeted is creating a lot buzz in the Bollywood.


Salman Khan tweeted late on Monday night – ‘A beautiful and gentle girl whose name is Katrina Kaif … welcome to the Bharat Family.’ After this tweet of Salman Khan, there was a goof up on social media. Some people have again started connecting Salman’s tweet with his affair.

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