Parmanu Movie Review: The Movie will Feel You Proud for The Country

Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran

Our Rating: 3.5/5

Readers Rating: 4/5

Artist: John Abraham, Diana Penty, Boman Irani

Director Abhishek Sharma

Movie Type: Action, Drama, History

Duration: 2 hours 9 minutes

‘Heroes are not made by uniform they are made for their Intention’, director Abhishek Sharma and John Abraham’s ‘Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran’ narrates the story of the same hero without the uniform, who, under the nose of America, only not 5 conducted nuclear tests successful in Pokhran in 1998  but also he included the country in the nuclear states to the whole world. Now India is counted as a powerful country in the world.


John Abraham and Diana Penty starrer film ‘Parmanu’ are released in cinemas. The film is getting good response from audience. Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran’s most remarkable thing is that nothing in the film has been put to waste. This film, about two hours and 10 minutes, is able to keep you from the seat. India’s nuclear test has been shown in the film. The story of the 1998 nuclear test was shown in the film, which is very interesting and interesting. In an interview, John had revealed that his film was made on 80 percent of the truth. Nothing in the film is imaginary.

Parmanu Movie Story


The story of the film starts from 1995. When the talks about China’s nuclear test were going on at the Prime Minister’s Office At that time, IAS officer Ashwate Raina (John Abraham) advised India to become a nuclear power. His talk goes to the Prime Minister somehow, but the test is not successful and the US intervenes. After this Ashwat Raina was sacked from his post. Three years later, the matter of nuclear testing is going on again. And the new secretary explores John the earliest.


After this, Ashwat (John) chooses the team accordingly, including Bark, DRDO, Army as well as people of space sciences and intelligence. Once again, in 1998, there is a need for a nuclear test, which is specially taken care of where the US does not have ears and ears. And ahead of this very interesting way the story progresses. John’s acting in the film is quite strong. At the same time, the story works to keep the audience engaged.

Acting in the Movie


In the case of acting, John Abraham has been beaten this time. Action hero and Macho Man John were not seen anywhere in the role of Ashwat. He may have killed for the first time in the film. Diana Penty has been very supportive in her role. Anuja Sathe is very much fit in the role of John’s wife. Artists like Vikas Kumar, Yogendra Tinku, Darshan Pandey, Abhayyai Singh, Ajay Shankar have done a fine job. After a long period, in the role of Himanshu Shukla, Boman Irani has been seen in her old color. His presence in the film proved to be fun.


The music side of the film could be strong in the lead of musicians like Sachin-Jigar and Ganguly.


Why you should watch this movie: Do not miss this truthful film that glorifies the country at all.

Parmanu Public Review: Audience Review

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  1. Parmanu, that simplifies an important chapter in the history of Independent India, makes an interesting watch without resorting to any jingoism. The climax evokes a sense of pride about India becoming a global power.

  2. Excellent movie..successfully depicts the efforts taken by our great scientists and army people. The coordination between different departments is shown well. Overall such movies are the need of the day because a common man is unaware of the hard work done by the people. I congratulate John for such an high does raises patriotism in viewers..too should be tax free and should be shown in all schools..


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