PadMan Review: From today Akshay Kumar becomes Bharat Ratna’s contender

padman review

Akshay Kumar has been specializing in screening serious social issues lightly. But in PadMan he could show his fun.
Akshay Kumar’s film Padmana has been released on 9 February 2018. And at the same time, Akshay Kumar can be kept in the possible names of Bharat Ratna. The film was supposed to come with Padmavat on January 25 but Akshay Kumar postponed PadMan’s release for two weeks on the request of Sanjay Leela Bhansali. On the lines of Akshay Kumar’s toilet, a love story, the film also raises a serious issue for women. By the way we tell you more about Paddman, first learn these things from the movie –

Rating – 3 stars

Director – R. Baalki

Music Director – Amit Trivedi

Cast – Akshay Kumar, Sonam Kapoor, Radhika Apte

Story of PadMan

padman movie review

Now talk about the story of the movie, it has been taken from the book “The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad” by Twinkle Khanna. Although, real Padman Arunachalam Muruganantam continued to appear with Akshay Kumar in the promotion of the film.


Laxmikant Chauhan (Akshay Kumar), after marrying Gayatri (Radhika Apte), finds that during his menstruation, his wife not only uses dirty clothes, but she has to stay out of the house for 5 days like a untouchable girl. When the doctor shows him that in those days women use many dirty clothes, ashes, bark etc. to treat many deadly and dangerous diseases, then they themselves get into the exercise of sanitary pads.


In this regard, he has to face the disdain of his wife, sister, mother and then the villagers and society exclude him in a way, but the more he becomes a jalal, the strain of making his sanitary pad becomes sure. The family leaves him, but he does not leave her tunes, and in return for this truth, her MBA student fairy (Sonam Kapoor) of Delhi has been supporting him.


As far as the film is concerned, Akshay Kumar has become a master on screening the characters of real life and Padman is another link. Now it will be called Bad Luck of Akshay Kumar that, despite his entry into the soul of real life, his acting was never taken seriously. The film’s dialogue applies as smoothly as they wear trunks and pads in the film, that people who are crazy can change the same world.


At the same time, considering the concept of Akshay Kumar’s work and the film, the government might think of honoring him with Bharat Ratna.


Yes, like a toilet, a love story, the film sometimes looks like a government advertisement on the Periods. The purpose of the film is to make the layers below the society as well, just like ‘toilet’, many scenes in the film seem more dragged. You will also find that Feelings will be many times that Padman could also be called Sequel of Toilet a love story.



The direction of R. Balki also has its own style. They inspire emotions on the screen with this feeling that the common story also becomes special. If you search for Pa and after Paddman, then you will not be surprised. Though his name is Chinese Movies, Andy, Shamitabh and Dear Zindagi are also movies.


And Padman If you have a live campaign, then you can give credit to R. Balki. After all, those stains are good, jago ray and walk when you talk, which are related to the series of ads.



The rest Radhika Apte and Sonam Kapoor are comfortable in their acting. Seeing the role of Radhika, it is understandable that we still feel so hesitant to talk about natural processes like organic bicycles. When she says that it is better for a woman to die than to die of illness, then you do not understand that you support that helplessness or become angry with her.



Amit Trivedi, music director of this year’s Special Song Padman of Valentine’s Day has given us the film. It is happening that Ariji’s songs from today … of This song will last the year At the same time, there is a special reason for seeing Padman and its cinematography. You will surely appreciate the work of PC Shri Ram.

Why Watch PadMan


This movie can be seen for Akshay Kumar’s acting. Along with this, if you like to watch movies made on special issues, then see ‘Padman’. Together, Padman is a good social issue movie. Yes, Akshay’s claim is not true that he is the first film to be made on the Periods, but it is true that this commercial film is saved from being a documentary!

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