Padmaavat Movie Review: It Shows the Royalty of Rajputana

Padmavat review

At the beginning of the film, Khilji’s dialogue ‘Sara Masala Khwahishon Ka Hai’ is the essence of the whole film. Allauddin Khilji, who is keen to capture every unending thing in the world, is desperate to see a glimpse of Padmavati. The whole film is about the fad of Khilji, his faintness, his desires, his wishes, his sexuality, his passion.


The Rajput king of Chittor forced him to kneel and the Khilji got success to grab the state by fraud, but Rani Padmavati leaves the aspiration of an eccentric khaliji incomplete through her sense of diplomacy and the Presence of Mind. How did she do it? That is what Sanjay Leela Bhansali has shown in his film ‘Padmavat’ in a great way. In this period of Bhansali’s dazzling eyes, there is one of the finest performances in the film. Two things will come out of the cinema hall and knock on your mind; Ranveer Singh’s powerful role as Khilji and other is that why there is so much controversy on this film, while there is nothing like that in the film.

Story of the Padmaavat

padmavat review


The story of the film is based on an epic poem Padmavat written in 1540 of Malik Mohammed Zaisi, which says Rajput Rani Padmavati’s saga of bravery and heroism. Padmavati is the wife of Raja Raval Ratan Singh of Mewar, besides being very beautiful, she is also wise lady, courageous and very good archers. Because of these qualities of Padmavati, Alauddin Khilji is so impressed with her that’s why he attacks the fort of Chittor in 1303. At the end of the film, in the scene of fencing between Maharaj Raval Ratan Singh and Alauddin Khilji, Ratan Singh disarms Khilji by following the rules of his principles, ideals and war, but in the desire to get Padmavati, Khilji kills Ratan Singh by saying that there is only one rule of war, victory. After this, for the sake of his honor and pride, Padmavati demolishes Khilji’s wishes by doing the johar. This is the story of the film. Chittaur’s famous Surma Gora and Shahadat of Badal are also depicted with full respect in the film.


‘Padmavat’, made at a cost of about 200 crores, is the most expensive movie ever seen. In every scene of the film, Deepika Padukone, covering her head and feet, has a strong influence on the face of her face and especially through eyes, it is commendable. Whether it is love or anger, every kind of emotion can be easily felt by Deepika’s big eyes. Deepika is full of 30-30 kilo beautiful lingerie, heavy ornaments, and especially in the nose nude. The presence of Sajid-Deepi Deepika has been shown on the whole screen so much that everything around is seen dwarf.



Shahid Kapoor has judged the character of Maharaja Raval Ratan Singh. He looks gentle from beginning to end but a character who takes the entire film in his possession is Alauddin Khilji i.e. Ranvir Singh. Ranveer is also full of energy in real life. From the beginning to the end, Ranveer has died in lifting symptoms such as an eccentric, luxurious, adulterous and frustrated mindset. His Happy Dance in Khali Vali song has managed to co-energize his energy. Many of his dialogues will keep you out of the cinema hall. For example, in a dialogue – “uski wife kahati hai, kuch to khof khaiye, iske jawab me Khilji bolta hai aaj khane me kya kya hai. Wah bolti hai tarah tarah k pakwan, der sari mithai. Ispar Khilji fir se jawab deta hai Jab khane me itna kuch hai to fir main khof kyu khau?” Also, in the film, a dialogue showing the helplessness of a failed boyfriend in the movie – she almost crying out of her slave Malik Kafur, saying, Kafoor, there is no love streak in my hand, can you make such a riddle? ? Kafoor cries to see his master’s condition.


In the role of Ghulam Malik Kafur, Jim has given a surprise as Sarabh Bhansali has given to the industry. Only through their splendid gesture, mischievous people are successful in proving that they were in love with their minds. In the role of Jalaluddin Khilji, Raza Murad has played a very strong role, then Aditi Rao Hyder has also been very strong in the role of Khilji’s wife. Bhansali’s camera has raised their beauty in a very good manner. It is already quite a hit to sing Ghumar, apart from this, there is a good confluence of Turk-Afghani music in this movie. Editing of the movie is so good, the script is so tight that two hours and 44 minutes go out. On the scale of 3D film, Padmavat is absolutely perfect. In the beginning, when fantasy, romance and Rajasthani traditional folk-music story suddenly bind you in your drama, you do not know. Overall the film will look very beautiful, your eyes, your ebb and your heart. It is possible that after seeing this, people who oppose it will start to feel proud of changing their ideology.

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