Oneplus 6T Review 2019: Why You should Buy This Phone?

Keeping in mind its traditional pattern of launching the new smartphone every 6 months, OnePlus has launched a new 6T smartphone. Apart from offering some improvements to the phone, the company has taken a bigger step here, taking away the audio jack and the fingerprint sensor given backwards.


The OnePlus 6 does not have a perfect phone, and there are some very attractive features in it, you can see some such thing in the phone, at that time it proved to be a bit critical, but slowly They were adopted by Will this thing be true even in the case of OnePlus 6T? We got some time to use this device after which we have brought a quick review of Onelus 6T based on our first experience. So let’s have a look on the Onelus 6T review 2019.

What does OnePlus 6T get in the box?

  • Handset
  • USB Type C to 3.5mm Audio Jack Connector
  • Case cover
  • Screen protector
  • Type c cable
  • Fast charging adapter

OnePlus 6T Price in India


The OnePlus 6T price in India starts at Rs. 37,999 for the 6GB RAM/ 128GB storage model, which is only available in a Mirror Black colour variant. The 8GB RAM/ 128GB storage model on the other hand is available in both Midnight Black and Mirror Black colour variants, and has been priced at Rs. 41,999. Finally, the 8GB RAM/ 256GB storage model is available only in a Midnight Black colour variant, priced at Rs. 45,999.

OnePlus 6T Design and Build

oneplus 6t review design

OnePlus 6T does not look much different than OnePlus 6 in view. Some small changes such as the water-drop nine display are used to look a little better here. In the notch display, you get a selfie camera and due to being small in size, there is a better place for the icon in the status bar.


If you talk about the back side of the phone, there is no fingerprint sensor.. There is no significant rise in the thickness of the device due to the in-display fingerprint sensor on the front. Back-panel is available in clear and different color options.

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Compared to the OnePlus 6, OnePlus 6T has a big battery due to its weight has also increased. But the user seems to be getting it normal soon. OnePlus 6T is a smart and well-designed smartphone that I personally like a lot.

OnePlus 6T Display

OnePlus 6t display

OnePlus 6T is featured with a 6.4-inch AMOLED display with FHD + resolution display. There are no other changes, apart from the water drop notch display, the display quality is kept the same as OnePlus 6.


Apart from the option of hiding in the display settings, you have also more option such as changing color profile and better reading mode for eyes. The latest Gorilla Glass 6 protection is also provided for the safety of the display.

OnePlus 6T In-Display Fingerprint Sensor and Face-Unlock

oneplus 6t in finger print sensor

OnePlus 6T’s biggest feature is the in-display fingerprint sensor given in it like Vivo, OnePlus has also used the optical-type sensor here. The display of this device is similar to OnePlus 6.


In the initial testing, the in-display fingerprint sensor is the same as the Vivo V11 Pro, but requires a little more testing to say flatly. In-display is definitely a bit slow compared to the back fingerprint sensor, but we expect that OnePlus fans will like it.


Face-unlock is quite fast as well, but with Apple’s FaceID, there is a slight improvement in scope.

OnePlus 6T Software and Processor

oneplus 6t software

Using the OnePlus 6 since last 6 months, we have not seen any kind of trouble or slowness. To do any task, you get a nice experience on the device, because of which you can trust the phone.


In the case of OnePlus 6T, the display will remain the same. In the device you have been given the Octa-Core Snapdragon 845 chipset. With Qualcomm’s latest chipset, Oxygen OS, 6GB RAM and 128GB storage are also given the option.

oneplus 6t software

In order to make better use of the available RAM in the phone, the new option of Smart Boost has been given in the phone, through which the application has seen rapid exposure of 5 to 20% while opening. OnePlus has said here that the advantage of the Smart Boost feature can be easily seen in applications with more input data.


Oxygen OS is still one of our favorite skin. You get better customization options with the experience of stock Android here. In the new version of Oxygen OS, you get to see very attractive animations that make the user experience even better.

OnePLus 6T Camera

oneplus 6t camera

In OnePlus 6T, you are given the same camera specification as OnePlus 6. With 16MP Selfie Camera and 16MP + 20MP Rear Camera, sure you will get a much better performance.


The company has said to improve the camera performance here. OnePlus 6T gives you Night mode, which reduces the ISO to keep the shutter open for a bit longer and AI does not allow any kind of hand shaking. In OnePlus 6, you offer a little soft-image change in ISO during low-light shots, so we hope the new Night mode will perform a little bit in low-light photography.


Better HDR algorithms have also been claimed in OnePlus with the advantage of super slow-motion video recording. For the other conclusion, we will be able to say something after only a few more tests.

OnePlus 6T Battery

oneplus 6t battery

As mentioned above, in OnePlus 6T you get bigger battery. Well, even in OnePlus 6, battery backup is much better, but with bigger battery, you will be more likely to increase the backup.


Now OnePlus does not use the word ‘dash charge’, but the 6T uses the same charging as OnePlus 6 and it charges the device fast enough.

OnePlus 6T in Last Words – Why You Should Buy? It

OnePlus 6T is an upgrade version of OnePlus 6 but it is not that OnePlus 6 is better in everything. Giving a big screen and water-drop nach is a good step but the removal of the rear-side fingerprint sensor and audio jack makes it even the most different. Apart from this, software improvements in OnePlus 6T prove a little better than OnePlus 6.

Now with the device we will spend a little more time and also check the variations in the user experience and will do some more tests. It is certain that OnePlus 6T is a much better device which will be difficult to compete because it is very much in the market There is only a few options that can bump OnePlus 6T.

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