Nokia 8 review 2018 India: It’s fantastic but not perfect

nokia 8 review 2018

The year 2017 will be memorable for HMD Global because the company has launched several smartphones while handling the Iconic ‘Nokia’ brand properly. In addition to presenting Nokia’s memorable and energetic Nokia 3310 in a new avatar, the company has also introduced its Android smartphone at different prices. At the same time, the company had introduced its flagship smartphone Nokia 8. This phone is knocked off in the market with top-line hardware, rear dual camera setup and new design.


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nokia 8 design

Nokia 8 has been introduced in the Indian market at a price of Rs 36,999 and is available for sale on Exxulous E-Commerce website Amazon India. Apart from this you can also buy this device from offline retail outlets. This flagship smartphone from Nokia can get a tough competition from some smartphones like OnePlus 5, Honor 8 Pro and LG G6, which are already available in the market. If I got a chance to spend some time with Nokia 8, then let me know what’s the release of the Nokia 8 smartphone.

Looks good but nothing new

nokia 8 design

If you talk about the design and build of the phone, the AJ-TO-AGE display is the hot trend in the smartphone this year. Even if the high-end smartphones leave Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 8 and Apple iPhone X, this kind of display has been seen in budget smartphones like Micromax Canvas Infinity and LG Q6. These smartphones come within the price of Rs 15,000. But, if you are thinking that there is something like this in Nokia 8 then sorry you will not be able to see anything like this in this phone. See also: Nokia 5 review: Strong design and stock Andrew came to rule the hearts of people


HMD Global has introduced the boring 5.3-inch IPS QHD display in Nokia 8 with the bottom and top-notch bezel at the top. Even after the sun is bright, it is easy to read messages and play games on the display. The color reproduction of the panel was quite punchy and the black dark and white is quite bright.


Earpiece and front camera are placed at the top of the display. At the same time, the Android navigation buttons are downwards. The Home button given in the phone is a capsule shaped, in which the fingerprint sensor is embedded. The fingerprint sensor given in the phone proves useful in unlocking the phone quite quickly. At the same time, the power / sleep button in the phone and volume is given towards the rocker right. There is a hybrid dual sim card slot on the left side. At the top of the phone is 3.5mm headphone jack, then the USB Type-C is present on the bottom bottom.

Nokia 8 review usb type-c port

Nokia 8 USB Port

Today, most smartphone makers are adopting glass back designs while HMD Global has made this phone from series 6,000 aluminum. This smartphone does not easily slip by hand. Dual camera modules on the rear panel of the phone are given in ZEISS branding, dual-tone LED flash and laser auto-faux modules all in a capsule design camera setup. Apart from this, the company has given a metal ring on its side to make this camera setup a little better.

Dual cameras: Dissent but not impressive

nokia 8 dual camera

Nokia’s smartphones are known for their camera prowess and users who have used the N-Series and Lumia smartphones will know about it well. Dual camera setup has been given keeping in mind today’s trend in Nokia 8. It has 13-megapixel RGB (color) sensor optical image stabilization (OIS) and 13-megapixel monochrome sensor. Both sensors are equipped with f / 2.0 aperture. Apart from this, both cameras come with laser auto focus which help in fast foxing.

Nokia 8 review dual cameras

nokia 8 dual camera

The camera app in Nokia 8 is quite easy, but for some it may be a little complicated. On top left you have the Hamburger menu for camera settings. There is an icon to toggle between the dual camera shot, color or monochrome. After this there is a camera switcher that switches to the front or rear camera. Apart from this timers, HDR and LED flash toggles are given.


In the bottom you have a video recorder on the left, a camera shutter in the center and a gallery shortcut in the right. There is another shortcut at the top of the camera shutter, from which you include menu mode, live bokeh, panorama and goodbye mode.

Nokia 8 review camera app

Before the camera quality, I would like to tell you that sometimes I took two seconds to save the photo in the camera roll. Sometimes the shots taken by the phone were quite blurred. When I clicked the shutter button, I had to hold the phone for a few seconds, until the photo camera roll was saved in the roll. I did not expect this from the device running on top line hardware.


Now talk of quality. I had a lot of hope from Nokia 8, but this phone disappointed me a lot. The photos clicked on the phone in Daylight were quite good, which contained a lot of detail. But the characters in this picture were a little bit mesmerizing. For example you see the picture below. In the picture you will see that the sky is a little cloudy. On the other hand, the white color is a bit pale. If you look at the whole picture then it is blurry. But if you look at the second shot taken down then you will see that the picture has more clarity than the previous picture. That’s what I’ve seen often. This will be called the lack of stability in the Nokia 8’s dual camera setup. Even with close-up shot-when you get a depth-of-field, in the picture below you will see that the flower looks a little blurred and the edges are not sharper.


With the help of dual camera you can click DSLR Like Bokeh Photos. Here you can adjust the menu aperture and focus on the subject and facox. But, the smartphone is not using a dedicated telephoto lens. For example you can see three pictures shown below. The first picture is clicked in Indoor, which has a density of background blur, but the area with the laptop is in focus. The second picture is clicked in the outdoor. The picture taken from the dual camera in this photo is considerably better. After this, look at the third photo where the picture taken by the camera cannot be said in any sense. This time we clicked the photos in Low Light to test this phone’s camera. Nokia 8’s camera also disappointed in this case. There is no clearness in pictures. You can see the pictures given below. These photos have been taken from Dual Camera and Monochrome sensors.


Nokia 8 has a 13-megapixel front camera for Selfie Lover. The photos taken from Selfie Camera were a lot better. In the photographs taken from the front camera, the lighting conditions were much better with the skin tone. But, while taking selfies, keep in mind that your phone may not move or the photo may be blurred. I clicked the timer photos for good shots. In this phone you also have the facility of dual site feature ie Both mode. With this feature, you can capture photos and videos at a time with front and rear camera. This mode can also be used on Facebook and YouTube during live. This feature will be preferred by people who often like to go live on social media.

Pure android and sharp performance

Nokia 8 performance

You can stop buying a top-end smartphone, but you can achieve any major software update on time. This is difficult and it’s hard to forget security patches and bug fixes. Nokia wants to separate itself from the other and has chosen Pure Android. It allows Nokia to make updates on time.


Nokia 8 Android 7.1.1 Nuggets operating system comes with latest October security patches. Android 8.0 Oreo beta uptought has already rolled out. Its final version can be expected to roll out in the coming months.

Nokia 8 Review Interface


HMD Global has used some customization, but this is only present in the camera app. In the phone you will find Google Apps like Gmail, Photo, Drive, Chrome, Calendar, Maps and Duo app. Besides this, the phone has an olive-on display, which lets you easily see the time. The company has left the phone to reduce the double-tap-to-the-speak feature and some motion gestures like flip-to-silence and ringtone volume.


Talk about the performance of Nokia 8, you will not find any problem in it. Snapdragon 835 Octa-core SOC and 4G-8 in Nokia 8 offer a smooth and speedy performance. I used features like Whatsapp, Slack, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and Telegram in the phone. I did not have any problems using these apps.

Nokia 8 Review Fingerprint Sensor

nokia 8 finger scanner

Speaking of gaming performance, Nokia 8 is much better in this department. In the phone you can easily play games like Subway Surfers, Super Mario Run and Ludo King. Apart from this, graphic-intensive games such as Asphalt 8: Airborne and Modern Combat 5 can be easily played without any hassle. Many of these phones become slightly hot while playing these games, but Nokia 8 remains the most different in this case. During the playing of the game, there was no problem of heating the phone.

Our decision


Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC, Near Stock Android Naugat Experience and Dual Camera Setup are being offered in Nokia 8, which is priced at Rs 36,999. Looking at the price, the Nokia 8 comes with a Better design and build. Due to being stock Android, security updates in the phone will be available in time.


However, the performance of the dual camera is a little disappointing, especially in low light. It is not equal to competing smartphone and battery life could be slightly better. OnePlus 5 coming in price of Nokia 8 can be viewed once. If you are looking at another smartphone with premium look and feel then Mi MIX 2 can be thought of in the loss. If you are searching for low price smartphones with features of Nokia 8, then Honor 8 Pro can be a good choice.

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