New Driving Rules: Know about them, or else your driving license will be canceled

new traffic rules

Who does not like driving. Everyone wants to keep the car on the road without stopping. But sometimes there are some incidents that happen with us on the road that we do not even expect. For instance, when you are driving in your tune, traffic traffic comes suddenly to your vehicle in front of your vehicle and indicates your vehicle to stop.


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Believe me, at that time, there are many questions that arise in just about a second, that the police will have stopped because of what. By the way, traffic police has a very big trunk of rules but now in the list, there are some new rules that you may still be unaware of. Today we will tell you about the same 10 new rules in this article. So let’s know those 10 new driving rules:

Listening music on loud sound

playing loud music in car

listening to music at the time of driving is good for everyone, but do you know that listening to music in fast sound during driving can also put you in trouble. According to the traffic rules, listening to music on loud sound at the time of driving is a crime, you can be fine too.


Although no information has been provided about how much volume should be when listening to music, but the high sound means that you have trouble. Traffic police can invoice up to 100 rupees for this. Not only this, if traffic police on the spot thinks that the music playing in your vehicle is so fast that other drivers are also having trouble, your driving license can also be seized.

Driving at high speed in the school areas


You must have seen signboards on the side of the road many times which says that there is a further school. This is not written for the promotion of a school, but a special reason behind it is hidden. We all know that children are less careless, they have less knowledge of right wrong. In the school area, they cross the streets casually, so in order to avoid any untoward, the drivers running on the road need to be on their own alert.


If you are driving in such an area then you have to keep your speed at ease. According to traffic rules, your vehicle speed should not exceed 25 kilometers per hour in such an area. If the police catch you while driving in greater speed than you, then you have to pay a fine. Apart from this, the police can also seize your driving license.

Mobile use during driving

phone using during driving

They all know that talking during phone calls is very fatal. That is why traffic police has taken this issue seriously and kept it in the category of crime to ban it. If you use a mobile phone while driving a car, then you may have to pay a fine for it. According to the new rules, you can not use mobile phones while driving. But right there, if you use navigation on your mobile phone then you get a discount for it.

Talking via Bluetooth on the phone

Talking via Bluetooth on the phone driving

If you think that you can connect to Bluetooth instead of a mobile phone and talk while driving, then you are wrong. Because of the new rules, you can not talk to Bluetooth even when driving. The reason behind this is that, when talking about driving, the driver is distracted, which increases the likelihood of the accident. However, some companies provide features such as Bluetooth connectivity in their expensive models. But according to traffic rules, it falls under the category of crime. Your license can also be seized for this.

Crossing the pedestrian crossing

It is seen many times that people do not take care of pedestrians on the road while driving. In such a situation, they drives their car on pedestrian or the pedestrian path, or sticks there. Zebra crossing is made to cross the road for people walking on the road so that pedestrians can easily cross the road.


If you also stop your car on the zebra crossing, it falls under the category of crime, for this, the traffic police can cancel your driving license according to your invoicing and the seriousness of the situation.

Driving on the sidewalk

Some people make the road to the sidewalk as the road to rule of law in a state of stagnation on the road. During that time they forget that, this path is made for walkers. During such a situation, one can suddenly appear before your vehicle, which can cause any type of accident. If you also run your car on the sidewalk and in such a traffic police catch you you may have to pay a heavy penalty. Driving on the sidewalk also falls under the category of Criminal Crime.

Using pressure horn Near Hospitals and Schools

Using unnecessary pressure horn can also increase your problems. Many people think that using pressure holes can easily get rid of them from the roadside jams. But it is not so, the road jammed on the road only progresses at its own pace. The use of pressure horn also falls under the category of crime according to the new traffic rules.

Because not only does this sound pollution increase, but there is trouble for other people on the road too. Therefore, if traffic police arrests you using pressure horn, then your driving license can be canceled as soon as you can pay a heavy penalty for it.

Transforming the lane at high speed

It is generally seen that many motorcycle drivers come out in high speed by hitting the middle of the vehicles. During this time, they do not pay attention to this, which lane they are going in. Let me tell you, as you approach the divider, it is high speed lane and if you move away from dividers, then they are low speed lanes. Before leaving the lane in this condition it is very important to have your attention on your speed. If a traffic police catch you while doing so, your license can also be canceled.

Do not give way to ambulance

Although generally it is rare to see that there is no way to ambulance. But some drivers do not pay attention to this and do not give way to ambulances in the huge crowd. Let me tell you, this act has also been kept in the category of serious offense. The government has also made preparations for this.

In today’s time, many ambulances are equipped with the camera in which all the activities around the ambulance are recorded. In such a situation, if a vehicle forgets the way to ambulance, then necessary actions can be taken on it. For this, the driver’s license can be canceled.

Racing on the Road

It has emerged as a very big problem in today’s time. Especially in the youth, they are racing cars or bikes in public, regardless of their care. Let us know, if you do this then your problems can increase. Because of the new traffic rules, the road to racing on the road is a crime and for this, the driving license of a driver can be canceled as well as a heavy fine.


We hope that, after knowing these new rules, you will drive better vehicle on the road and try hard to avoid any difficult phase. Remember, these rules are not made to disturb anyone, but our interest in it is hidden. If you give way to an ambulance on the road, then it may be possible to save the life of a patient on board. Your little help and co-operation can save the lives of a person. Therefore, always follow traffic rules. Also encourage others to follow the rules, do not give any wrong advice to any small child or other person in the house and also ask them to follow the rules. As we do ourselves, the next generation of us also does.


Being an engineer in Information Technology, Krishna, is a word that is inspired by the Lord Shri Krishna, believes in the inspection of the latest technology in the real world. Krishna Shekhawat has done his engineering from LIET, Alwar. He started his career with SAGInfotech Pvt Ltd ( Jaipur). He is an enthusiastic about the bikes and cars that are roaming around him. Krishna likes to write reviews about all things. His mostly time spend in gaining the knowledge about new things. He wants to demonstrate his powerful word’s empire in front of the world. Apart from this, he is a simple person and has a helping nature.

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