New Maruti Wagon R Electric Could Be Launched in 2020, Cheaper then Vitara Brezza

maruti suzuki wagonr electric car

Maruti is currently testing the electric version of its popular mini-MPV car Wagon R. More than 50 WagonR electric cars are testing all over the country. During the rainy season and snowfall, it was spotted in Gurgaon  and Shimla. According to reports, Wagon RV will be one of the cheapest electric cars in the country.

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maruti wagonr electric car

In addition to Maruti Wagon R, many cars including Mahindra XUV 300, Renault Kwid, Kona Electric, Kia SP2i, MG Motors’ eZS Electric SUV are preparing to knock the country by next year. According to reports, Wagon R Electric can be the cheapest city e-car. The price of Wagon RV will be less than 10 lakhs. Maruti New Wagon R will be launched by the end of this year or next year.


According to reports, the Wagon R electric car will have a 72 volt system and a 10 – 25kWh battery pack will be available. Wagon RV will set a distance of 200 km in single charge. There will be a specialty of Wagon RV, that will charge 75 to 80 percent of the DC Charger charging only 40 minutes. This would mean that the car can range from 150 to 160 km in 40 minutes of charging. At the same time, the government is also planning to make charging stations at every 25km. These charging stations will have the specialty that the car will be charged up to 89 percent in just one hour.

The government is working on FEM-2, which is the fastest adaption and manufacturing of electric vehicles scheme. Under which government will give tremendous subsidy on electric cars, so that people should shift from petrol and diesel cars to electric cars. Under Fame-2, the Central and State Governments will bear about 25 per cent of the car’s carriage in a month. It is believed that due to Fame-2’s scheme, the price of WagonR will be around 1.24 to 1.38 lakh rupees, then only around 7 lakh rupees. In addition, under Fame-2, electric cars will also get relaxation in road tax.
While the Wagon R electric car signals will run 200 km on the charge, Mahindra’s XUV 300 will run 400 km. At the same time, the price of the Kona Electric SUV will be around 20 lakh and the single charge will last up to 300 km. WagonR EV features a 7-inch touchscreen entertainment system with LED projector headlamps, ABS, dual airbags, Apple car play and Android connectivity.

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