Missing movie review: Excellent Performance of Manoj and Tabbu

Missing movie review

Missing movie review

Our rating is: 2.5 / 5

Readers rating: 2.5 / 5

Actor: Bajpai, Tabu, Annu Kapoor

Director: Mukul Abhyankar

Movie Type: Thriller

Duration: 2 Hours

The cyclical thriller ‘Kaun’, which was released 19 years ago from today, proved to be a movie that has become a goose-hugging scene. In Ram Gopal Verma’s film, it was found that Manoj Bajpayee’s performance was met with Urmila Matondkar. Manoj Bajpayee’s recent release ‘Missing’ also seems to be practicing the same tradition, but this film does not prove to be 20 proven in comparison to ‘Kaun’.

Missing Movie Story

missing movie

The film begins with a very interesting style, where Sushant Dubey (Manoj Bajpayee) checks at a resort in Mauritius with his wife Aparna (Tabu) and a 3-year-old sick girl Titali at one o’clock. When the husband and wife’s eyes open in the morning, it is known that the Titali is missing from their room of the resort. After much research, the police officer (Annu Kapoor) is called. In the investigation of the police, there are strange things about this couple. Sushant tells the police that Titali has no existence and his wife Aparna is a victim of mental illness. Due to the same mood, she has devised a fictional Titali story. Not only that, as the police investigation goes on, the story gets tangled and a point comes when the police start doubting about the interrelationship of this spouse. Is there really a girl named Titali? If it is, then where did it disappear? What is the problem between the relations and the relations of this couple, which the police even see them with suspicion? You will have to watch the film to see all these things.

Missing Movie Review

missing movie review

The first movie of the film director of Mukul Abhyankar, director of the world of television. They have tried a lot in terms of thriller film, but the problem is that soon after the film starts, the viewer knows about the developments going forward. Despite being predictable, the director has made it greasing, but in pieces. In most places, this film loses its hold. There is shakiness in Mukul’s writings. The suspense-thriller laughs at many places, which is not in the interest of the film. The screenplay is very weak. By climax, you know the culmination of the film and lose the thrill. Sudhir Chatterjee’s camerawork in the film is amazing. The film could be editing and sharp.


Manoj Bajpayee has presented the tricks, fears, and all siblings of a delicate character in the best manner. After being trapped between the circumstances, many places also get laughing at their helplessness. Tabu has played the role of the mother of the lost girl from the heart. Annu Kapoor gives some momentary relief in the role of the police officer. The companion cast is fine. Composer M.M. Karim’s music thriller is normal as per the film. ‘Lori’ song is definitely impressive.

Why You Should See This Movie

Fans of suspense-thriller films and fans of Manoj Bajpai-Tabu can watch this movie.

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