2019 Maruti Suzuki WagonR Review: This bread box became much stronger and stylish!

maruti suzuki wagonR review

WagonR’s modern, more capable, safe and well-designed model has been launched in India and it was the perfect time to launch this car and I am happy that the new WagonR has come into the market. I would like to say that this car has been specially made for India and not like the WagonR sold in Japan’s market, because the new Generation WagonR created for us is little bigger than the size. This is the most common thing, because Maruti Suzuki has made this car on the new heartect platform, it has been made available in platform Swift, Ignis and other cars of the company. With this new platform, this car has grown not only in size and cabin space, but also with big changes in design and structure.


I have run this car in Udaipur of Rajasthan and before that I got a chance to run it, I was happy with the comments on the video of the first look of the car and the tweets of Maruti Suzuki’s WagonR launch. As I told you that the new WagonR came with a great look, for the first time it was better to look at the car. Comparing New Generation WagonR to the old model becomes a completely different story, because you have never seen Good Luck and WagonR joining a line.

Maruti Suzuki WagonR Exterior

maruti suzuki wagonr side view

The face of the new WagonR has changed a lot and the car’s style has now been much more attractive than the new headlamp cluster, the next grill and all types of metal work. Along with this, the car’s tilted ceiling and a superior place, taillight make its stylish look stylish and stylish. I want to highlight that the car’s wheels are of very small size and when the big wheels are mounted, the car comes in even stronger look. Overall, I liked the car’s design and the way the company used the width of the new WagonR, it enhances the quality of the car.


I have seen AMT running with Maruti Suzuki’s new Generation WagonR’s 1.2-liter petrol engine. The car’s manual and AMT or the AGS, which are both Gearbox 5-Speed ​​and according to customer feedback, the company has launched a much stronger WagonR country. In this case, Maruti Suzuki has installed the K12M engine taken from the rest of the car in this car and added the K10B in the car line-up. The K12M engine gives 21.5 kmpl mileage with generating 82 bhp power and 113 Nm peak torque. In fact, it is understandable to see how much better the new Generation WagonR than the old model.


Generally, you expect so much from the new generation car, but in this case, these changes are not minor. The new Wagranara has improved in every way; it gives a bigger car flex, is more balanced and comfortable. Apart from running the car, even after sitting back, it feels like sitting in a big car. The car remained quite balanced in the running, the engine continued to perform well, but the car’s steering could be improved. The car’s engine also makes little noise while driving fast, but overall the company has worked hard on the new WagonR.

Maruti Suzuki WagonR AMT Gear Box

maruti suzuki wagonr amt gear box

Talking about AMT, AMT of the car has been much better compared to the older model, and the WagonR AMT is quite smoother, just like Vita Brezza. I found this gearbox a bit slower, including a car’s gear changing and the driver’s response time available. AMT is hesitant in the car and if you take it a little early then it stops there instead of changing the gearshift position. But all also know that cars with automatic gearbox have to face these problems. This means that there are better AMTs available in the market, one of which has been made available in the new Generation Centro.

Maruti Suzuki WagonR Engine

Maruti Suzuki WagonR Engine

The car’s engine is quite strong and it performs better on light accelerating only, it also provides better mileage and as of now I have seen the AMT version of the car running, I am very excited to run the manual engine. Maruti came out here vicious and the company has also provided a 1.0-liter engine in the old car with the new Generation WagonR, which generates 67 bhp power and 90 Nm peak torque. In such a case, the engine will also perform well after running on this light platform. The good thing is that the company has also launched the car’s 1.0-liter engine with AMT transmission with better mileage. This gearbox gives 22.5 kmpl with 2 mile mileage compared to the previous model.

Maruti Suzuki WagonR Manual Gear Box

maruti suzuki wagonr manual gear box

Now after AMT, the car’s manual 5-speed gearbox, which is quite balanced compared to AMT, has been placed at the precise place for better gear shifting. There is a great difference in every manual and AMT car and it’s quite fun to run a manual version of the new WagonR. The car’s gearbox engine is much better according to the engine and even after getting a much stronger engine, the WagonR could not be included in the cars running on the highway. This is a good urban family car. While this car easily captures the speed of 90-100 on the highway, the speed at which it is more speedy is the sloppy work. If you take this car more patiently, it will be able to reach 120-130 km more.

However, this thing has not made me unhappy, in fact this car has not been made as a high-speed cruiser. It is a car made for some purpose and according to customers, it has always been one of the best cars of the company. That does not mean that I am extending this car. I would say that the engine of the car should be worked out, especially on the 1.2-liter version of the car. Wide tires for better grip on the road and a comfortable steering wheel for better handling, so that the new Generation WagonR is a great car.


In the olden times, many people used to call the Maruti cars a tin box, many still sit still in the same opinion about the new WagonR. In this way, I assure you that the new car is not exactly that at all. I am speaking with such confidence because the car has been built on a new big and safe platform. Although there has not been any crash test result of the car to prove my point, but the process of making new cars, Maruti has changed so much from its own side that the company is passing through the crash test itself to the new vehicles, House test labs are being done. Along with that, the car is going to be ready for the upcoming safety rules which are soon to be implemented, so the car has been made bigger and better than the old generation.

Maruti Suzuki WagonR Interior

maruti suzuki wagonr interior

Talking about the car cabin, the new Generation WagonR is quite new. The cabin is completely refreshing, which is a brand new appeal and comes with the effective use of the enhanced space. First of all, the raised headroom of the car will entice you, you will be impressed by the Lagroom too. Car has steering controls, smart instrument cluster and a brand new touchscreen encoding system. After the WagonR, Maruti Suzuki has provided this Infotainment system, called the SmartPlay Studio, in Maruti suzuki Baleno this week. Through this app you can use navigation, internet radio, in which three devices can be connected and used together, which can be used to call the navigation from first device, from second to muke and third to the interface. Apple Carple and Android Auto are also included in this list.


The rear seats of the car are quite comfortable and in this too much lagroom has been given that you will love it, although the armrest in the previous seat has not been made available, which is something to be found. The price of the new WagonR is quite attractive and the price of the car’s 1-liter engine is a little over 4 lakhs, in which the second engine option is Maruti Suzuki’s Vicious Idea, where the ex-showroom price of 1.2-liter engine goes up to Rs 5.69 lakhs. . While the company will provide BS-6 engines with these cars next year, Maruti has provided both the new WagonR engines in the automatic model, which is a good decision of the company.

Maruti Suzuki Wagon R Price in India

Talking about the price of Maruti Wagon R in New Delhi starts from Rs. 4.15 lakh. The lowest price model is Maruti Wagon R LXI BS IV and the most priced model of Maruti Wagon R AMT VXI Plus Option priced at Rs. 5.36 Lakh.

Why You shoud Buy Maruti Suzuki WagonR

Maruti Suzuki wagon R is a good setback.This car is good in a various areas of stability,safety body structure and fuel efficiency. It is available in CNG, LPG and petrol engine variant. Even the cost of vehicle is less than other cars the in same class.


We also suggest that you can go with other options like  Maruti suzuki celerio,alto 800 etc for new design and fresh look. The wagonR’s rear seat gives feel like seating on low height chair which is not comfortable for long trip.

Maruti Suzuki WagonR News and Updates

New Maruti Wagon R Electric Could Be Launched in 2020, Cheaper then Vitara Brezza. Read ful news here.

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