Laila Majnu Movie Review: A Dedicated Film to Love

Laila Majnu Movie Review

Movie Points

  • Our Rating: 3/5
  • Critics Rating: 2.5/5
  • Artist: Satish Dimri, Avinash Tiwari, Mir Sarwar, Sumit Kaul
  • Director: Sajid Ali
  • Movie type: drama, romance
  • Duration: 2 hours 10 minutes

Creating the first film directed by Sajid Ali, brother of director Imtiaz Ali, who made his own identity in the glamour industry, could not be released till now. Under the banner of John Abraham’s production company, there was some controversy with the film that the film has not yet reached the screen of the cinema. In this way, Imtiaz gave the command to the brother to direct the film under the banner of Ekta Kapoor, of course this time Bhai gave him support at every step and this time the film has managed to reach the screen of cinema. If you are making a film by keeping ‘Laila Majnu’ in a lead role, the audience sitting in the hall will see your film somewhere linking with Laila Majnu’s Amar Prem Story, but by doing so the viewer feels cheated himself. Anyway, it is not easy to make a movie about the new star cast and hit the box office at the box office, something similar is seen with this film too. Built in the Backgrounds of Kashmiri buffery plaintiffs, this film introduces a different love story.

Story Plot

laila majnu movie story

A Kashmiri young boy, Qais Bhatt (Avinash Tiwari)’ father is a renowned wealthy businessman, there is hostility between Qais father and Laila father (Saturn Dimri). They don’t want to see each other faces. Between this animosity when the love story of Qais and Laila starts, the viewers sitting in the hall easily guess at that time that this love story is going to take a turn. Obviously their relationship to these two families is not approved by them, but Qais and Laila meet each other without regard to family and their love extends. One day when they are faced with their own family, then this love story of Laila-Majnu reaches a turn and what is the end of this love story is to see the film.

Acting and Directing:

Laila Majnu Movie

Avinash Tiwari, who plays Qais as Majnu, has made a lot of sweat to bring his character alive. Avinash also did a good homework to play the role, which you see in his role. Undoubtedly, Avinash will be uniquely identified in the glamour industry after the film’s release. It has to be appreciated that Kashmiri actors Mir Sarwar and Sumit Kaul, who made such a distinct identity of their character, remember that you are the character of these two after coming out of the hall. At the same time, Tirupati Dimri played Laila’s character. If there is a long innings in the industry, if there is fulfillment, then they have a long way to go. Director Sajid found a very weak and scattered script which repeatedly swollen. The biggest minus point in the film is that Laila-Majnu’s love story shows united love, which does not digest any classes of the audience. Screenshots appear to be extremely weak in many places, sometimes it seems like Ekta Kapoor is not making a feature film, making no major episodes. On the other hand, the camouflage scattered around Kashmir has captured the camera with great efficiency.

Why See Laila Majnu Movie

If you want to see the conflicts of their families between today’s Laila Majnu’s love story, then go to see this movie. Yes Kashmir’s beautiful locations is the USP of the film.

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