2018 Jurassic Park Fallen Kingdom Review-Not as Fun as Before | Check Review Before Watch

2018 Jurassic World fallen kingdom Review

Artists: Brice Dolls Howard, Chris Pratt, Justice Smith, James Cromwell, Raffe Spell, Danielle Pineda, Isabella Same
Director: J. a. Beyono

Jurassic Park’s fifth series ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ has come. When this science fiction first film, Jurassic Park came in 1993, it surprised the whole world with its brand new theme and amazing presentation. That movie had created such anxiety in people’s mind about dinosaur that everyone was anxious to know about them. Therefore, the enthusiasm and eagerness of the people of this series remained constant. Has the movie been fully judged with the curiosity and expectations of the people? The answer is that the film, screenplay and presentation level has not reached that level.


The story of this film begins three years after the story of its prequel Jurassic World. The Jurassic Park in Iceland, located in Nublar, has been damaged. The volcano has been active there. Due to this, the existence of dinosaurs and other organisms living there has been threatened. American meetings are being done to see whether the dinosaur should be saved or not. Ultimately the decision is taken that the government will not interfere in this matter. Clare (Bryce Dallas Howard), associated with Jurassic World, has become Animal Rights Activist and is lobbying to save dinosaurs. Only then does he contact a mythical familiar Eli Mills (Raffe Spell). She works for Kharbapati Benjamin Lockwood (James Cromwell). Lockwood used to work with Jurassic Park founder John Hammond. Then both of them got separated at some point. Lockwood has created a secret secretariat on an island, where they want to bring dinosaurs so that dinosaurs can live peacefully away from human intervention. But Mills’s plan is something else.


To execute this secret mission, Mills needs a man who keeps the deep knowledge of Jurassic Park and Claire is the perfect fit for this. Mills also wants to catch a Velociraptor Blue, which is very sharp mind. This small dinosaur was trained by Owen (Chris Pratt) and he could be mad at catching it. She is given the responsibility of celebrating this work to her ex-girlfriend Claire. He is successful in it.


Claire reaches Iceland Nübel Island with Owen, a very brilliant young technician Franklin (Justice Smith) and one of her colleague doctor Jia (Daniela Piñeda). Owen tries to control Blue, but Mills man fainted with Tranqualizer gun. Mills is found, they are cheated. Men of Mills leave 11 species of dinosaurs on a ship with a ship and leave Claire, Owen and Franklin out there. The volcanic eruption of the island is fully burst. Looks like no one will survive on the island now …


However, the plot of the story in it is interesting. But as the film progresses, its magic becomes slightly less. The biggest feature of the Jurassic series is dinosaurs. But it seems that the depiction of humans in this movie is highly appreciated. Regardless of the good story, the script is not very strong and the dialogue seems to be very light in many places. There is also a story going on in Lockwood’s Nathin Meghe (Isabella Sarman), which does not mean anything in this film. Maybe, the role of this character in the next film is clear. A great feature of this series is to create tension and fear in viewers with the effect of events and scenes. But there is a slight reduction in this installment. There are many such scenes in which fear and tension could have gone to the extreme, but it did not happen.


The film’s most important feature is Visual, which is quite beautiful. Cinematography is fantastic and the graphics are awesome. The whole scene is filmed with the finest skill. The drawbacks of the screen are covered by beautiful scenes and VFX. Director J. a. Beyono has not been disappointed altogether, his work is not extraordinary, even not slight. They successfully kept the dangers of genetic weapons in front of the world. There is no doubt that this movie is entertaining and is worth a look once.

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