2018 Jaguar XE 20d Review India – A Complete Mix of Power, Comfort and Luxury

Jaguar XE 20d Review

Jaguar launched the XE 20D diesel variant. The company had earlier launched the Jaguar XE petrol variant in auto expo 2016. XE 20d is one of the cheapest brands of the Jaguar. Jaguar is known for its luxury cars and their excellent performance. Recently, we conducted a new Jaguar XE 20d drive test to show you how this new luxury car ride looks like. Here is complete expert Jaguar XE 20d review.


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Jaguar XE 20d Design

Jaguar XE 20d Design

Similar to the Jaguar’s other cars, XE 20D design is also great. In its design, amazing mix of sporty and elegans is found. Horizontal slats have been installed on the front bumper of Jaguar XE 20d. As it is seen in every modern Jaguar, its front is also given a large grill and Jaguar logo in its center. Compared to other cars, the new Jaguar XE 20D has the best chrome garnishing. The LED DRLs in the new Jaguar XE comes with new designing, but it does not have cornering lights.

Jaguar XE 20d front

The front of the car is kept quite low. Talking about its side profile, it shows the best aerodynamics stance. You will be surprised at the first sight by looking at its side view, because it is really fantastic. To give an elegance look to the car, chrome treatment has been done on the windows of the car and its door handles have been finishing body color.


Just like all Jaguar cars, the front chrome duct has been given in the Jaguar XE, which helps to collect the air gathered in wheel-well in general.

Jaguar XE 20d rear end

Talking about the design of the rear end, two big taillamps have been given in it, and in the middle of it, the number plate has been replaced. Just above the number plate is the Jaguar’s magnificent logo. Compared to other Jaguar Salon cars, the new Jaguar XE has been given a dual-tip exemption, which has been found as a sporty feature.

Jaguar XE 20d rear light

Like a flagship jaguar car, XE 20D taillamps have an LED strip, which is mainly given in Jaguar cars that are F-Type. The most special feature of the new Jaguar XE is the Integrated DuckTall, which introduces an extremely beautiful and car’s sportiness.

Jaguar XE 20d Interior

Jaguar XE 20d interior

When you enter in the car, you are welcomed by a lot of new features, from Conflict and it will give you a luxury atmosphere. In the new Jaguar XE also has a central console alike the Jaguar F-Pace. Along with this Jaguar has given special drive control.

Jaguar XE 20d music system

Jaguar XE has a 9-inch touchscreen information system, which is smaller than expected.


Jaguar XE 20d front seat

According to the brand in the new Jaguar XE, there have been quite spectacular and comfortable seats on both sides. Its interior is quite spacious and luxurious. The new Jaguar XE 20D has a large 300-liter big space and a space, in which a family’s travel arrangements can be kept comfortably.

Jaguar XE 20d room

This luxury car has a very large panoramic sunroof. The opening of this sunroof is great, and when it opens, this car looks even more cool.

Jaguar XE 20d engine and performance

Jaguar XE 20d engine

The new Jaguar XE 20D has a 2.0-liter Ingenium Diesel engine, which generates 182 bhp power and 430 newtons of torque. This engine is equipped with an 8-speed ZF automatic gearbox, which sends the entire power into the rear wheel.

Jaguar XE 20d speedo meter

The Jaguar’s entry-level salon car takes only 9 seconds to catch the 0-100 km / hr speed and its top-speed is 228 km / h. The new Jaguar XE comes with four driving modes: Echo, Normal / City, Dynamic and Rain / Snow Where eco mode saves fuel consumption, the dynamic dynamic mode is used for fast driving. In Rain / Snow mode, this car helps in making grip on the road.

Jaguar XE 20d Safety Features

Jaguar XE 20d safety features

Speaking of security features, the new Jaguar comes with XE Dynamic Stability Contro (DSC), ABS + EBD along with other features such as BA, traction control, ASPC and five airbags.

Jaguar XE 20d Price and Mileage

Jaguar XE 20d rear end

Jaguar XE 20d is one of the cheapest cars in the brand, whose price is priced at Rs 43.21 lakhs ex-showroom (Delhi). In the city, this new Jaguar XE gives an average of 11.2 km / liter and 14.5 km / liter on the highway, which is quite good according to a luxury car.

Should You Buy Jaguar XE 20d?

Jaguar XE 20d Design

Jaguar XE 20D looks a bit expensive at the starting price of Rs 43.21 lakhs. But even if you want to buy an entry-level mid-size sporty sedan car, who pay special attention to power and comfort, this car can be a perfect choice for them.

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