Jaguar F-Pace Review 2018 India: An Expert Review

Jaguar F-PACE Review

From the past few years, the company has been playing naker of its name in the entire world called, jaguar-a Luxury vehicles company. British multinational car manufacturer started has started slowly moving from sedan, MPV to SUV. This time around the world Jaguar’s camper or luggage carriage vehicles are seen. Earlier in 2015, the British car maker had announced that the firm would enter the world of SUV segment after 80 years to build sports cars and luxury sedans at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Under which the company has built an F-Pace SUV. This model is available only with diesel engine. Let’s have a look on the Jaguar F-Pace review and know how is it.

Jaguar F-Pace Exterior

Jaguar F-PACE Exterior

At first glance, the F-Pace looks as spectacular as all of the Jaguar lineups. From the front, the SUV looks like any other Jaguar, but it is larger than the other. F-Pace is equipped with a single LED headlamps and grill signature with DLLS and light.


The large window of the car is flanked by a smooth headlight ensemble and connects the appeal of the bonnet F-Pace muscles. A low, sloping grill of F-Pace in the profile gives it a sportswear. And the high arm line flows well over the backlight headlights.


Pump-Up Wheel does reminiscent Prestige Edition in F-Pace, and an 18-inch alloy wheel adds an appeal to F-Pace. Backwards, the F-speed F-Type lends tail-lamps from sports car that connects to the SUV’s sporty look. Fittingly covering the sporty show of F-Place is reversing the windscreen behind the rear.

Jaguar F-Pace Interior Feature

Jaguar F-PACE Interior

When you enter in the car, then you will be welcomed in the car with seats included in White Leather. The remaining cabin’s black colored subject covers Sharpe look. The interiors of F-Pace have been really well prepared, which are similar to the ones found on XE and XF sedans.


F-Pace also gets a leather wrapped steering wheel and dual climate control system, both run from the XF. Jaguar’s F-Pace SUV also sits on an electrically adjustable front seat, which gives comfort but thighs do not get the desired support.


F- Pace also has a huge sunroof. The second row is relatively comfortable and the last AC volt is cool. The car also gives you a 650-liter boot capacity, which you can increase the luggage to 1,740 liters by folding the rear seats.


F-Pace has a big touchscreen display that gives a really good answer when touching the input. Infotainment display is connected to a 12-speaker meridien audio system.


In the case of practicality, there is enough room for all doors to be opened, while the glove box, armstead, and center console storage are quite deep and provide loads of storage. There are also three 12-volt sockets to charge your equipment during long trips.

Jaguar F-Pace Safety Features

jaguar f pace safety

On the safety front, F-Pace receives six airbags, emergency brake assist, ABS, traction control and electronic stability control as standard. Other safety features include cruise control with tire pressure monitoring system, ISOFIX child’s seat mount, and speed limiter.

Jaguar F-Pace Engine and performance

2018 jaguar f pace engine

F-Pace is the first vehicle from JLR the portfolio which is being operated by the new and aluminum-ingenium family. Jaguar F-Pace houses a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine diesel engine which produces 1,750 – 2,500 rpm between 177bhp @ 4,000rpm and 430 nm torque.


The engine has been connected with an eight-speed ZF-Square automatic box which sends power to all four wheels. Despite being a diesel engine, F-Pace’s 2.0-liter powerplan keeps vibration and noise at a minimum.The ZF 8-speed auto gearbox is quite easy and runs smoothly through gear. In addition, F-Pace features include pedal shifts which allow drivers to control the gearship manual and have considerable sensitive input. The new F-Pace has four driving modes like Echo, Ryan, Snow and Sport.


Throttle Reaction is really good and Traction Control System makes you more fun. The company has not made any cuts in the aggression of the car in this matter and you can also thank the company for this. Regardless of the general size, Jaguar’s first SUV is a fun drive car. Surprisingly, despite a slightly suspension setup, F-Pace does not feel uncomfortable on the road. SUV eased the most obstacles and we noticed them hard.

Jaguar F-Pace Mileage

jaguar f pace mileage

We notice in the last moment that F-Pace is a very economical vehicle, and it offers 11 km per liter in the city and 16 km per liter on the highway. This mileage is not bad at the size of the F-Pace.

Our Suggestion


Looking at Overall F-Pace, there is no need to give up driving enthusiasm when choosing this SUV, but with the price of 60.02 lakh ex-showroom (Delhi), this is a very expensive option. Regardless of this price, Jaguar F-Pace is an SUV that provides a sparkling blend of sporty handling and beauty. Given the practicality and efficiency of this company’s package, it is difficult to ignore it.


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