Honor 8 Pro Review India 2019: A Premium Smartphone in Low Price

After the success of Honor 8 and Honor 8 Lite, the company has now launched Honor 8 Pro in this series.

honor 8 pro review

Huawei’s sub-brand, Honor introduced Honor 8, after which the company launched Honor 8 Lite and now Honor 8 Pro. Honor 8 received considerable praise for its dual camera setup. After this, the company has also used this feature in Honor 8 Pro. Honor 8 Pro has been launched in the budget segment of 30,000 rupees. Based on the specification, it can get a competition from OnePlus 5 and HTC U11.


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I used Honor 8 Pro as a primary device for some days and I did not disappoint this phone by one day. Although not completely perfect, but cannot say bad about this experience. When I was using this phone, people asked me which phone I used which I see this phone is positive things. The price of Honor 8 Pro is 29,999 rupees and this is made from mete-finish metal unibody. It has a 5.7-inch display and a dual rear camera setup is present. Read our full Honor 8 Pro review to learn about the competitiveness of Honor 8 Pro.

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Honor 8 Pro Design

honor 8 pro

Starting with the design of Honor 8 Pro, Its back panel is very similar to the iPhone’s design. In which the top and bottom antenna bands have been given. But unlike iPhone 7 Plus, Smooth Back is not a cam-cam bump in Honor 8 Pro. In Honor 8 Pro, two 12-megapixel sensors are provided in the back panel, which includes one RGB capture and one with a monochrome capture feature. The rear camera has LED flash which is located in the middle of the antenna bands. At the same time, there is a flash in the distance and fingerprint sensor below it. I used fingerprint sensor which is much faster than OnePlus 5. The weight of the phone is similar to ordinary phone but its size is slightly larger in small hands. The size of the phone was somewhat uncomfortable for the first few days, although I used to use large sized phones so far.


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Honor 8 Pro has an 8-megapixel front facing camera and there is also earpiece. At the same time the notification is in LED earpiece, white for notification, red for low battery, and a blinking ring with charging green signal. Another thing about the phone in terms of design is that the fingerprint sensor is placed in the back panel, there is no home button in the front panel on the phone. A feature like IR Blaster is available in the phone. On the right side there are power buttons and volume buttons. While the SIM tray (nano SIM + micro SIM) is located on the left. Below 3.5mm socket, USB Type C port and speaker grill are present in the phone.

DIY Cardboard VR


Before we actually talk about the phone, it is worth mentioning interesting box, which comes in the smartphone. In addition to the usual adapters and charging strings coming in the box of smartphones, there is also an DIY VR headset bundle in Honor 8 Pro. Originally it comes with a rectangle VR headset outside the box, with a pair of separate packed lenses to fit the right spot in the box. Once you have fixed the lens and put it in your phone slot, you can experience the original Google Cardboard-style VR outside the box with Honor 8 Pro.

Honor 8 Pro Display

honor 8 pro display

There is 71 percent screen-to-body ratio in this phone. This phone of the big screen has been given narrow bezels in the side in the screen. The phone has a 1440 × 2560 pixel resolution and it will help a lot in using VR. The brightness of the phone is too low for me because I use my phone in most color combination mode. But still the display is better.


The LTPS LCD display is given in Honor 8 Pro, which is a low temperature PolySilicon screen and it means that it helps to control large pixel density and low power consumption. While the smartphone lets you adjust the blue brightness of the display when you use the device on full brightness, I found out that the display is very good at black and white level, no fading / bluish color tint in it and the difference between colors is also very impressive.


During use I also learned that the ambient light sensor is quite accurate. Personally, I got disturbed by the difficulty of the optimum brightness on the phone if it is wrong. But it is almost always located at the brightness level, depending on the ambient light conditions.


In addition, the smartphone has one-hand usability mode, which can be enabled on the screen by swiping left or right on the navigation panel. I used to make it easy to use with one hand. It is based on EMUI 5.1 with Android 7.0 Nougat. There will also be some shortcuts in it, which can be customized to the settings of the phone.

Honor 8 Pro User Interface

Honor 8 Review Software

This smartphone works on Huawei and Honor’s EMUI 5.1, which makes the smartphone UI a bit different. The Honor 8 Pro UI has many distinctive features and functions, which are known for earlier versions, which include the excellent Magazine Lock Screen, which provides you a great image to use as a lock-screen wallpaper. With one more change in the latest version of EMUI you have the possibility to get a two-layer home screen interface to create a separate app drawer for all apps. Many users like this to keep the home screen of the phone clutter-free.


I also noted that among many widgets of Android phone officers, the EMUI 5.1 app comes with suggestive widgets, which are exclusively similar to the iPhone. There are top five most used apps in it, along with news updates from pre-installed Flipboard Apps. Explaining the interface of the device, another new feature is the Eye comfort mode, which is essentially a blue light filter. With the convenience of the eye, which is like night mode on the iPhone’s Night Mode scene and many Android smartphones, the screen gets yellow tint, which is especially easy at night in the eyes.

Honor 8 Pro Performance

honor 8 pro review

Talking about the performance of Honor 8 Pro, I am happy with the hope given by the phone. In this phone, Hisilicon Kirin has given 960 chipset and 6 GB RAM which makes a flagship smartphone even better. Seamlessly working between apps and split screen modes. Although, I installed my most used apps and grabbed snapchat and during this time I had a bit of trouble. The phone crashed several times using these two apps. Although, it is possible that this is a problem of app, which can be cured after a simple update.


I also ran this device on some benchmarking testing apps, in which it got 130,399 scores on UntoTu. This score is expected from Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 and 821 chipsets and this new generation is currently available in the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset.


I installed some fantastic graphics games such as Asphalt 8: Airborne, Temple Run 2 and Racing for Speed ​​in the phone and played it. In which Temple Run 2 performed well, it did not crash at all during the game. Asphalt 8 also performed better, but after 20 minutes the phone got hot, due to which it was difficult to catch. While playing Racing for Speed, the phone does not respond to the setting which is acceptable for a while. But the hotness of the phone is worrying and raises the question whether Honor 8 Pro will have problems in multitasking.

Honor 8 Pro Battery

honor 8 pro battery

Talking about the battery of Honor 8 Pro, it can be a bit disappointing. It has a battery of 4,400 mAh. I had hoped that the battery would give better life. The phone has a 5.7-inch QHD display whose QHD resolution converts more battery. But still the better battery performance was expected. I used it all a day, I started using it 100 percent charging at 5 o’clock in the morning and at 7 pm the battery was on the verge of ending.

Honor 8 Pro Camera

honor 8 pro camera

The camera of Honor 8 Pro is a special feature in which it is a bit difficult to draw. There are 12 primary cameras available in the 12-megapixel. There is a dual tone LED flash, f / 2.2 incarnation, autofocus and 4 video recording capability available. There is an 8-megapixel front camera in which f / 2.0 is presented. Camera apps are quite easy to use. Who click pictures at a faster pace. Camera speed does not compromise with photo quality. I made both indoor and outdoor photographs, this time I did not disappoint at the camera at all.


Many special modes are available in the front and back camera of Honor 8 Pro. Including Panorama, Slow Motion and Time Lapse Modes. To open the mode in the Camera app, you have to swipe to the right in the camera and the swipe will open the camera setting on the left. Like Snapchat and Instagram, it can be added to the text by clicking the picture.


Honor 8 Pro also has a 3D creator mode which is a very special feature of the camera app. Usually if you take a person’s face profile in 180 degrees, then the 3D creator mode will turn it into a three-dimensional caricature.


For Honor 8 Pro, the company has entered into an agreement with GoPro, which comes with a new quick app on the phone. I found it similar to Apple’s Clip App which is very interesting. Basically, if you have a bunch of videos on your phone, you can choose those videos together, click on the share option, where the quick app will appear. When you do this, the app automatically connects all these small videos together, and creates a large video clip. You can also add background music from your library. Plus, there are different filters in it, which you can apply to the entire video. Overall, I’m impressed with the camera performance on Honor 8 Pro below. Some camera samples are given below.

The result of the photos clicked in low light was very good. During this time Monochrome sensor has done better performance than RGB sensors. In the good light, the camera is most capable, which allows splendid shots. Close-ups are quite clear, when you focus on a subject close to the zoom or sensors, there was no noise visible in the image. Also, even in the picture taken in closeup, there is a fast focus on the subject, which I really like. Slow motion video, however, is slightly more adjusted in terms of color. Overall the camera performance is good.



Honor 8 Pro is a great device based on price and is fully justified in this price. I liked the camera of the phone quite well. It has 6 GB RAM and 128 GB internal memory. On this basis, this phone stands as a competitor in front of HTC U11 and OnePlus 5. The value of Honor 8 Pro is 29,999 rupees. Which can get directly from OnePlus 5 on the basis of price.

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