2019 Honda X Blade Review: Stylish bike that offers better mileage with budget

honda x blade review

In this post we are going to explain about the Honda X Blade. If you are planning to buy this bike then first you should check out Honda X Blade review before make any payment.


Honda, the leading two-wheeler maker of Japan, presenting one of the finest bikes in the Indian market, has recently introduced Honda X-Blade, another superb bike in the commuter segment on the country’s road. This bike, adorned with a very attractive look and strong engine capability, was first displayed at the Delhi Auto Expo. Now the company has launched this bike which is priced at Rs 78,500. This price is according to Ex-showroom, Delhi. The company has given the new Honda X-Blade a superb and sharp design. Which separates this bike from its prize segment to others.


One particular thing about the Honda X Blade is to tell that this bike has been prepared on the platform of the company’s own famous bike Honda CB Hornet. That’s why this bike is being seen as a rival in his own house. However, the company has used the full LED headlamp in the new Honda X Blade, which has not been given in any other bike in this segment.


“Honda X-Blade is the latest offering of the Japanese brand in 160cc Premium Commuter segment in India. While X-Blade combat is similar to TVS Apache RTR 160 4V, but the Honda’s lineup also has two 160cc motorcycles.” Lets have a look on the Honda X Blade review:

Today we will give you complete information about Honda X Blade in this article. The engine of the bike will give detailed information about efficiency, features, mileage, price, color etc. So let’s have on the Honda X Blade review.

Honda X Blade Design and Styling

honda x blade

As we previously mentioned to you, the design of the Honda X Blade is off from ordinary commuter motorcycles. The company has given this bike a very sharp look. Apart from this, the curve has been slightly reduced on the body.

honda x blade design style

In the bike, the company has used the full LED headlamp of Robo Face. There is also a small windshield on top of this headlamp which gives it a more sporty look. Its fuel tank has been dual tone and the tank is made quite attractive.

honda x blade side view

If you talk about side profiles, then the company has given ergonomic seating position in it. Its design is decorated with Black Out Theme and Mattel Gray. Apart from this, its Grab Rays and Engine Guards have also been made quite beautiful. In addition, it has also been included in panels such as Fox Carbon Fiber which is a part of its design.

honda x blade front tyre

The company has used the best 5-spoke alloy wheels in 17-inch Honda X-Blade. In the front wheel 276 mm pad disk disc brake and vibration in the previous part used the drum brake of 130 mm. This bike has a state-of-the-art tubeless tire.

honda x blade rear light

Apart from this, in the last part, the company has given LED Tail Lamp in it. Which is quite a unique shape, which provides a different look to the design of the whole bike. Narrow number plate has been given in the bike. Matte finish is provided on the bike’s silencer, as well as a little bit of chrome.

honda x blade review

Overall, the design and look of the new Honda X-Blade is incredibly fantastic. At present, its design is quite sharp and sporty compared to existing commuter motorcycles in the Indian market. Youth will love its looks and designs very much.

Honda X Blade Engine Specifications

honda x blade engine

In the new Honda X-Blade, the company has used an air cooled single cylinder engine of 162.71 cc capacity which provides the torque of the bike 13.93 bhp and torque of 13.9 nm. In this bike the company has included 5 speed gearboxes. The power of this bike is similar to that of Honda CB Hornet 160 R and CB Unicorn 160.


The transmission of this bike has been made with the latest cutting edge technology which provides smooth shuffling during the riding. Apart from this, the use of throttle means that the use of a clutch is very sensitive and smoother. This is a very remarkable commuter bike in its prize segment.

2019 Honda X Blade Ergonomics

The Honda X-Blade offers a commuter style riding stance, which has intelligent foot-pegs and a raised handlebar, which does not need to be said that it is comfortable for everyday use. The position of the rear brake lever, however, my right foot was pointing towards the sky. It can be a bit of an exaggeration, but it would have been nice if it was a bit lower, but it would have been nice if it was a bit less.

Honda X Blade Performance

honda x blade performance

Let us tell you that this bike has been built on Honda’s brand HET (Honda Eco Technology) power plant. From which this bike maintains the best balance in performance and fuel consumption. At this time, all the bikes of Honda are being prepared on this technology.

Honda X Blade Weight

If we talk about weight, the total weight of the new Honda X Blade is 140 kg. Despite the heavy engine capacity, the company has kept its weight better. Which provides the driver with excellent and balanced driving during heavy traffic. Bike weight is better in many ways. Not only does the riding make it easy but it also affects the fuel consumption of the bike.

Honda X Blade Riding and Handling

honda x blade riding

The company has used the telescopic fork in the front of the new Honda X Blade and mono shock suspension in the rear. Although according to a commuter motorcycle, this is not as easy as it is but offers you a comfortable ride. During the driving test, our team felt that bike tires could be made even better. Although the bike’s wheels are fine, but if it used a little more tire, then it could have been quite good. If you run this bike on normal speed like a computer, then it gives you better response.

Honda X Blade Brakes and Safety

honda x blade brake

Apart from this, the company has not used ABS in this bike when it comes to the break of Honda X-Blade. Some bike riders may feel lacking in this. In the front wheel 276 mm pad disk disc brake and vibration in the previous part used the drum brake of 130 mm. Which are enough for a normal speed drive. Provided that you do not run this bike in high speed. Honda has given the X-Blade wide (130 mm) rear tire which produces confidence on the corners and takes rounded entries or is slightly more fun than the highway and if you do not want to slow it down then it is safe.

Honda X Blade Ground Clearance

honda x blade ground clearance

In this bike, the company has given ground clearance of 160 mm. Which is substantial enough according to Indian roads. With this you will not have any problem in running a bike on any breaker etc. The height of the Honda X-Blade seat has been kept 785 mm, the height has been taken from ground. That is, the person in the normal height can also run this bike easily.

Honda X Blade Specification

Honda X-Blade offers a very descent performance. These bikes perform well without consuming more fuel. We are here to tell the specifications of this biker.

EngineAir-Cooled Single-Cylinder
Displacement (cc)162.71
Power (bhp)13.93
Torque (Nm)13.9
No. Of Gears5
Kerb Weight (kg)140
Ground Clearance (mm)160
Front | Rear Tyres (mm)80/100 R17 | 130/70 R17
Fuel Tank Capacity (Litres)12


Honda X Blade Mileage

honda x blade mileage

Talk about the mileage of Honda X-Blade, this bike provides mileage of 45 to 50 kilometers per hour. According to the commuter market, this is a very great bike. In this bike, the company has provided the fuel tank of 12 liters of capacities. Honda X-Blade can be easily run in both urban and rural areas, and these bikes will be successful in both situations. However, this bike is not as suitable for the long drive.

Honda X Blade Colors

The company has introduced the new Honda X-Blade in a total of 5 colors. Includes Pearl Spartan Red, Matte Frozen Silver, Matte Morning Green Metallic, Matte Morball Blue Metallic and Pearl Ignace Black.

Honda X Blade Features

honda x blade feature

Talking about the features of Honda X-Blade, these bikes provide enough features according to their cost. Which has been taken into account with stylish look and design. Here we are talking about some of the main features of the Honda X-Blade below.

  • Full LED Headlamps and Tail Lamps
  • Digital Instrument Cluster
  • Service Indicator
  • Gear Position Indicator
  • Hazard Switches
  • Maintenance Seal Chain
  • Rear Tower Hager
  • Monoscope Suspension
  • Dual Outlet Muffler

Honda X Blade Accessories and Warranty

If you want to design the Honda X-Blade with an even better look and technology, then you can use some of the best accessories offered by the company in it. By using these accessories, you can also increase the quality of the bike. Here we are talking about some of the accessories offered by the company.

  • Knee and all the guards
  • engine guards or Bash Plate
  • seat cavity
  • handles grip
  • helmet lock
  • barbed bar and rim sticker
  • body cavour

Honda offers warranty on all two-wheelers for two years or up to 32,000 kilometers. That is, whichever comes first. Apart from this, you can also increase the warranty of this bike by extending it. Which is as follows.

  • 12 months / 16,000 kilometers
  • 24 months / 28,000 kilometers
  • 36 months / 40,000 kilometers

Service Interval:

  • 750 – 1000 km / 15 – 30 days
  • 5500 – 6000 kilometers / 165 – 180 days
  • 11,500 – 12,000 kilometers / 350 – 365 days

Paid Service Frequency

6000 Kilometers / 6 Months

Honda X Blade Rival

In the Indian market, 160 cc segment is becoming famous. This is probably the reason why many automakers are presenting their bikes in this segment. Although in the case of performance, the Honda X-Blade is a bit weak compared to the current bikes, but according to its price, the bike will mainly compete with Suzuki Gixxer 160, TVS Apache 160 4V, Bajaj Pulsar NS 160 and Hero Extreme Sport.

Honda X Blade Fact Check:

Here we are offering comparative study between the Honda X-Blade and its closest competitors.

ModelsPower/Torque (bhp/Nm)Mileage (km/l)Starting Price*
Honda X-Blade13.9/13.948Rs 81,429
Suzuki Gixxer 16014/1454Rs 82,313
TVS Apache RTR 160 4V16.5/14.842Rs 82,733
Bajaj Pulsar NS 16015.7/14.645Rs 82,496
Hero Xtreme Sports15.6/13.548Rs 77,600


As you have seen, the Honda X-Blade engine is slightly weak with its competitors in terms of performance. But according to its price and mileage, this bike is much better and brilliant.

Why You Should Buy This Bike, Answer is below

Honda X-Blade can be a perfect choice for young people. As a commuter bike, the company has incorporated all the features that a bike driver needs. Apart from this, the special design and look of this bike will surely attract the youth. If you want to take a great and stylish bike for everyday use, the Honda X-Blade may be a better choice for you. That will give you both style and better mileage in the budget.


Honda X Blade On Road Price (Bangalore): Rs 1,01,347


Hope you like this post. If you have any doubt and query then you please comment below and tell us how we improve Honda X Blade review post.

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