Honda Activa 5G Review 2018 India: Excellent Scooter Equipped with Modern Technology

Honda Activa 5G

The Japanese two-wheeler maker Honda recently introduced its popular scooter Honda Activa 5G in the Indian market. This scooter priced with a very attractive look and robust engine capacity has fixed Rs 52,460 in ex-showroom (Delhi) in the Indian market. One of the most popular two-wheeler vehicles of the company, offered by Honda.


In the commuter segment, Activa is only two wheeler that gives competition to Hero Splendor in the country. Honda Activa has been performing well in the Indian market for a long time. Now the company has introduced its new version Activa 5G. We reviewed Honda’s favorite scooter and brought out many things which are very important for you to know. So let’s see what’s in Honda Activa 5G that makes it special. Have a look on the Honda Activa 5G review and try to know how’s it?

Honda Activa 5G Design and Features

Honda activa 5g review

Honda has not made any special changes in the design of this new Activa initiative. Its design is also largely similar to the previous model Honda Activa 4G. Instantly, there is no difference in the design but it uses the new LED unit which makes it slightly different from the previous model.

honda activa 5g

It is expected that the LED light given in the Honda Activa 5G will prove to be much better than the normal hydrogen headlamp. Because this will be consuming at least the batry as well as giving more late etching, let me tell you that this is the first time that a LED headlight has been used in a scooter of a 110 cc segment.


In addition to the design, the company has made a better change in this scooter. The company has used the new semi-digital instrument cluster in the new Honda Activa 5G. In this instrument cluster, there is also an echo speed indicator which will indicate whether your scooter is running on economy speed or not. This will help the driver to consume at least fuel. In addition, the instrument cluster will also give you a reminder about the scooter’s service so that you can serve the scooter on time.


The company has provided another very luxurious facility in the new Honda Activa 5G. By which people used to be troubled during the day. The company has 4 Innovative Lock Systems in it. That is, you will be able to open a scooter seat from a switch only. That is, you will no longer need to lock the side to open the seat as before. This feature was first seen in Grazia. Which was highly appreciated by the customers.

Honda Activa 5g review view

The company also offers new Honda offers a premium look to use metal Kvॅr for muffler Activa 5G that is, a scooter. The company has introduced this scooter with two new shades. These scooters dazzle Yellow is also available Metallic and Pearl Spartan Red color.


Honda Activa 5G in the mirror of data

  • Initial price: Rs 52,460
  • Engine type: Single cylinder
  • Fuel type: Petrol engine
  • Capacity: 109.19 cc Engine
  • Power: 8 bhp torque: 9 nm
  • Transmission: CVT

Honda Activa 5G Engine and Performance

honda activa 5g engine

In the Honda Activa 5G, the company used the CVT engine of the 109.19 cc capacity. This engine was also used in the previous model. Let us know, this engine provides torque of 8bhp, 7,500 rpm and 9Nm. It uses CVT automatic transmission gearbox. Although the engine is built on the basis of standards of BS-IV norms.


Significantly, in the commuter segment, Activa is famous for the world’s most famous. In the country where Honda has presence, Activa is one of the most prominent two-wheeler and it is the most sold scooter from Honda’s side. The company has consistently been offering its updated version. Last year, the company has registered a total of 20 million units of Activa in just 7 months.

Honda Activa 5G

In the new version of Honda Activa, the company has not given any kind of reduction. On the other hand, Honda Activa has a long-standing belief among customers, and the company will never want to lose that confidence. The company has also introduced a new Variant DLX in the new Honda Activa 5G.


This new scooter is the fifth generation of Activa’s scooter and every previous generation of Activa has performed exceptionally well. At present, other two-wheeler manufacturers in the Indian market are also presenting their scooters, but no one has found the success that Honda Activa has got so far.


If anyone has flags after Bajaj’s gear scooters in the Indian market, then he is Honda Activa. The company has also made use of all these features and techniques in this new generation which can improve this scooter.

Decision: Why You Should Buy It


Of course, Honda Activa 5G is a great automaker’s scooter, and in its pricing segment it caters to your needs. At the same time, Activa has been performing well in the Indian market for a long time, then the company will not make any kind of agreement with Honda Activa’s image. According to ReviewDekha, the new Honda Activa 5G will prove to be a better option for you.

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