Google Pixel 3 Review 2019: Why You Should Buy It?

google pixel 3 review

It is so often that whenever a discussion is done about Pixel smartphone, the matter is limited to just its camera. Most people in the world believe that pixels are a benchmark in smartphone cameras. This is why people talk about the pixels of the phone just about the camera. While the fact is that pixels are the closest to smartphones, the best Android smartphones. There is also a competition between software update and security. We used Pixel 3 and found that it is not only the best camera but also very special. Read this Google Pixel review before buy.

Google Pixel 3 Display and Design

google pixel 3 display

Google has made the pixels 3 screen larger than its previous pixel phone. Pixel 3 has a 5.5-inch OLED display. Google has taken lessons from their mistakes in pixels 2 and have tried this time that there is no problem with this phone’s display. The best part is that the screen is bigger than other compact phones. If you compare pixel 3 display and new iPhone XS display, you will find that these two are almost equal.


Expert Opinion: Its design is similar to the rest of Google’s smartphone. Although scratching is not easily due to matte finish. Also, its size is not too big, which is also easy to use with one hand.

Google Pixel 3 Performance

google pixel 3 performance

The feature of Google Pixel 3 is that it has got the latest Android update. This means that Android 9.0 pie has been used. Talking about the performance of the phone, it is going to give a better experience to the users. Snapdragon 845 processor has been used in this. If we compare it to the iPhone XS, then in the case of Apple performance it is far more than that. The Apple A12 bionic chip is mounted. However, if you compare it to Samsung Galaxy Note 9, you will find that it is much better in terms of performance.


Expert Opinion: Its performance can not be compared to Apple’s iPhone, but compared to Android devices, Pixel 3 is far ahead.

Google Pixel 3 Design

google pixel 3 design

While companies are presenting their smartphones in new and attractive colors, the pixels only come in black and white colors. The same happens with some designs. Compile with pixels 2, it just seems that the company has not done much improvement in the design of this phone. It has a glass of glass on top of its back and matte finishing is given in the bottom part. Along with the strength, it is also taken into consideration that it is not broken early when it falls. The best thing about a pixel phone is that it is very easy to use and you can use it with just one hand. Pixel 3 is a great handset for them who are fond of keeping an attractive hands-free. The 5.5-inch display of the handset is also perfect according to its design. For protection of the screen, the Corning Gorilla Glass 5 is installed and aluminum frames are also mounted around the phone. Now, comparing it with pixels 2, it looks a lot of sharp. In addition to all these features, fingerprint sensor and front speaker in the back part of the phone also make it one of the best phones category.

Google Pixel 3 Camera

google pixel 3 front camera

Talking about the camera, Pixel 3 has a 12 + 2 megapixel dual rear camera setup, with pixel size of 1.4um and aperture f / 1.8. The camera has dual-pixel phase detection with optical + electronic image stabilization and field of view of 76 degree. This is the first pixel smartphone to have a dual front facing camera.

google pixel 3 camera

At the same time, the second camera is a wide angle lens, which can take better selfies, especially Group Selfie. By the way, the largest USP of pixels phones are its cameras. People who want to buy smartphones for good camera purposes, will be searched for this phone.

Google Pixel 3 Camera Features

Smile Capture (Top Shots) – Under this feature you will be given the best shots and processed. Artificial Intelligence has been supported for this. Motion photo alternate shot will click and best of you will be given. According to the company, you do not have to take a tension about whether the shutter will be hit at the right time or not, whether the smile will be captured or not.


Night Sight – Night Spot feature is provided for good photos in low light. Under this, Darkness will also look like realistic looking and you do not need flash for it. The object will be improved through machine learning.


Better zoom – Super rage zoom – The company has given computational photography technology, which is usually used to click Astronomy and Scientific Image. Zoomed and clicked photos also come sharp.


Selfie’s Dual Camera – In the rear, the company has also given a camera this time too. But this time two cameras have been given for selfie. Wide angle lens has been installed for Group Selfie.


Auto Selfie – While using Artificial Intelligence, the company has set up the Detective for Smile, Funny Expressions. That is, selfie clicks will come when such expressions come from themselves.


Expert Opinion about its Camera: Google’s smartphones are known for the camera and the camera of Pixel 3 is much better than the previous phone. These phones are a great option for photography and selfie.

Google Pixel 3 Features

There are several such features in Pixel 3 that will not be available in other smartphones. Let’s know about the unique features of this smartphone.

Duplex Feature

Google Pixel users will be able to use the Duplex feature first. Under this feature, users can do real life tasks through phone. For example, you just have to tell the phone that if you book a table in a restaurant, you will call the phone yourself and book the table and it will be possible from Google Assistant. Initially, this feature will be available in the US New York, Atlanta, Phoenix and San Francisco Bay Area where tables can be booked in the restaurant through this feature.


Let us tell you that Google Duplex is an Artificial Intelligence based company that is currently undergoing an experiment.

Calling Display

A special feature of Pixel 3 is that you will easily find out about spam calling. There will be real time transcription in it. Under this feature, Google Assistant will respond to the potential spam call itself and get two answers from the caller, it will be written down. After this, you can decide if you want to answer the call or not. If you wish, you can block so that they do not come to the spam connection. This is really interesting feature, see how it works.


As soon as the screen call button will tap Google Assistant caller will tell you that you are giving the answer through Google Assistant and you will get a copy of the conversation. Google will ask the name of the assistant caller and ask for the reason for the call and you will be told the real time.

Google Pixle 3 Wireless Fast Charging

This time the company has supported Fast Wireless Charging. You can run a smartphone for hours by charging 15 minutes. The company has also launched a wireless charging stand for this phone which will be sold separately. This stand can also be used as a photo frame, like a Google hub. You can also do music control and also answer questions.

Google Pixel 3 Price in India

The starting price of Google Pixel 3 64GB will be Rs 71,000 in India, while 128GB internal memory variants will start from Rs 83,000 in the country.

Google Pixel 3 Battery

google pixel 3

The pixel 3 has a 2915mAh battery. Its camera is good but the iPhone is less than the XS. Once full charge, you can run it for 8-9 hours. The good thing is that pixels 3 fast charging supports, so that the phone is charged in less time. Although this is not as fast as the OnePlus 6, but better in charging than many other phones.


Expert Opinion: There is a lot less battery than the premium segment of the smartphone, but its backup is good. There is a need to buy a separate pixel stand for fast charging.

Other Notes

3.5mm headphone jack: This is not a! But you get a good pair of USB-C earbuds in the box with dongle and full Google Assist Optimization.

Phone calls: It makes them The call seemed right to me I wish I could tell you more, but I talk to the phone twice a month.

Speakers: They are more loud than Pixel 2 front speakers and better to handle loud audio. Audio is the overall cleaner this year and actually packs a lot of punch.

The Pixel 3 is a best smartphone that has perfect size and weight

google pixel 3

Pixel 3 is the same size as the iPhone XS, which measures in a touch length, but not quite wide. While Apple has packed a 5.8-inch display in its handset, the display of Pixel 3 is 5.5 inches. Dual lens front-facing camera is embedded on the left side of top bezel and has central stereo speaker top and bottom. Compared to pixel 2, speakers are 40 percent loud, and they sound too much dynamic, and the sound can easily fill up a room.


All major phone makers have now switched to the OLED screen in their flag and we are happy that they have. High contrast ratio actually tells, especially in low light and dark conditions where true black stands out and produces backlight problems.


With 2,260 x 1,080-pixel resolution, the Pixel 3 display is fast and legible. After the last few serious fluctuations, Google has made some serious efforts to improve the display in Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL last year. We are pleased to announce that this year’s phone pixels are perfect.


With Pixel 3 together with iPhone 3, it is impossible to choose between them. Pixel 3’s screen is the best. After complaints about more natural display tuning in last year’s phone, Google has left behind saturation, and we think it is much better. It is also worth noting that you can still dive into display settings and go back to a more “natural” color profile.


Playing gambling in the dark, watching movies in the train, or reading on a park bench – whatever you are performing looks very good and it gets adjusted automatically to be environmentally friendly.

Our Decision

Pixel 3 is a great phone to deliver Android Experience. Its performance will necessarily affect you. But by spending less than 40,000 rupees, you can buy such a powerful phone. We are talking about OnePlus 6, or the OnePlus OnePlus 6T launching can prove to be a better option in lesser range. However, its camera is unrivaled. So if you are fond of fathography, then this can be the best option for you.

Final Opinion: Why You Should Buy Google Pixel 3?

The Pixel 3 camera, performance and design is great, but its price is high. Its price is 70-80 thousand rupees. While many premium and excellent smartphones are unavailable in less cost.


If the budget is high and you like Google’s smartphone then this phone is the best for you. But if the phone with good features is needed in a little less budget then OnePlus 6, Oppo Find X and Vivo V11 Pro can take it. OnePlus 6T is about to launch soon, it can be awaited.

Google Pixel 3 News and Updates

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