Google Pixel 2 Review 2019 India: Why You Should Buy It

google pixel 2 review

After reviewing Google pixel 2 XL, I have nothing to say about pixels 2. Yes, Google’s Premier Smartphone’s small variant is a phone that guarantees security itself. The most important aspect of these devices is AI Proves and the camera is similar to pixels 2 XL but pixels 2 have one or two things that make it different. Google pixels 2 features with the best camera. It comes in a compact form factor. This is the fastest compact Android phone in today’s time.


It is a matter of note that our pixel 2 review is brief. The entire camera section will not be present in it, which you can read in the review of pixel 2 XL. In this review, we are talking about only those Aspects which are not the same in both phones.

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Google Pixel 2 Design and Build


google pixel 2 design


Of course, this phone is a small version of other smartphones of Google. This device has a 5-inch display, probably pixels 2 is the most compact and usable phone in today’s time. If you like compact phone, then you will buy this phone directly. But there are also big beezels in pixels 2. So far no one has made a 5-inch 18: 9 display, but I think this phone would get better by doing this.


While the Pixel 2 smartphone is the best Android phone of 2017, but in the case of design Google needs more improvements. Its aluminum frame is similar to its counterpart but pixel 2’s small footprint makes it more lightweight. When you are walking, it will be lost in your pocket.


Overall, without doubt, pixel 2 is the most powerful compact phone. But seeing all the pixels so far, it is giving a useful look and is coming up with a function on Beauty.

Google Pixel Display

google pixel 2 display


Its display brings a big difference here. You can complain about its resolution but the 1080p resolution works well in the 5-inch panel. This is an AMOLED panel; you will get warm tones in it which many people like it. Of course, Google has chosen AMOLEDs for day-to-day support, so the company has also reduced the Warmer Tone in some places.


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I have to discuss a bit more about the colors of pixel 2’s screen. Like this pixel 2 XL in this phone, the blue color is not present on the off angles, nor does it have a burn-in issue (such an issue has not been received in our review unit). The display of pixel 2 is not vibrator. There is a lack of pop in it that many people like. This device does not have a curved age like Pixel 2 XL and 18: 9 display which makes it less attractive. You can say that you are looking at a display that works but does not have a draw display.

Google Pixel 2 Camera

google pixel 2 camera

Google Pixel sports with a 12.2 MP rear camera with OIS, leaser auto-focus and an 8 megapixel front camera that is perfect for selief. Same camera specifications have been seen in Pixel 2 XL. The camera focusing speed is too good that captures awesome pictures and there is no perceptible shutter lag even with HDR+ enabled. In fact, we found the autofocus speeds to be a bit better than even the Apple iPhone X, in low light. Landscapes shots have great detail and the near-zero shutter lag means it’s easy to get sharp, in-focus shots even when you’re moving about. Macros are handled very well too, with good depth of field. You can enhance the bokeh with Portrait mode, which works just as well as it does on the Pixel 2 XL.

google pixel 2 camera


You can capture good photos in low light as Google Pixel 2’s dynamic range is very good. Landscapes do exhibit a bit of noise but it’s not too bad. Skin tones are always accurately represented in low light, which tends to veer more towards the cooler side. The front 8-megapxiel sensor is equally competent and portrait selfies look great even under dim, artificial lighting. Video recording maxes out at 4K, but once again, at only 30fps. Stabilisation is improved greatly from the first Pixel, thanks to OIS. When shooting under bright sunlight, colours can look oversaturated but details are very good. However, there is a bit of visible noise in low light videos, just like we encountered with the first Pixel.

Google Pixel Performance


pixel 2 performance


Speaking of power, pixel 2 also has a hardware similar to its large version. With smaller screens and lower resolutions, this device has also got a high score on some benchmarks. Actually there is no difference in the performance of the case. Pixel 2 is fast, it’s smoother and it feels good to use it. Do you want a compact android phone which is also fast? So this is the best option for you.


Note: Some users had complaints of high clicking noises from the pixel 2 speaker; we did not hear any such voice in our review unit. Although Google has accepted this issue and the company says it is a temporary suggestion to close NFC. Updates can be made to fix this issue soon.

Google Pixel 2 Battery


The small form factor comes with a small battery. However, the 2,700mAh battery in pixel 2 lasted as much as the XL version. I got to charge my phone from 4.30 am to 5.00 am, after leaving home with 100% of the battery at 10 in the morning. According to the daily, I can play Sim City BuildIt for 4.5 hours in this phone. If you use this device all day, then you have to charge it twice a day. Like this pixel 2 XL it offers average battery life.



I was not only happy with pixel 2 XL, but I also like pixels 2. Because, I like compact smartphones. We must appreciate Google to keep a shift between pixels 2 and pixels 2 XL.


Pixel 2 is an Android flagship device for those who prefer compact phones. Of course, you get a great camera. If I had to choose one of these two new pixels then I would choose Pixel 2.

Our decision


Google Pixel 2 is Android phone. If someone wants to buy a compact Android phone and can afford it, then we will definitely suggest this phone. It has a great camera, but its battery life needs a bit more work and Google needs to do a bit more work in its design.

Positive Points

  • Compact form factor
  • Fast performance
  • Best camera

Negative Points

  • The camera may be inappropriate
  • Battery life is average



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