Gold Movie Review: Akshay Kumar’s ‘Gold’ gives chance to give glory to country

Gold Movie Review

Producer: Excel Entertainment
Director: Reema Kagti
Stars: Akshay Kumar, Mauni Roy, Amit Sadhu, Kunal Kapoor, Vineet Kumar Singh
Rating: 3.5/5

This is the perfect time for Reema Kagti’s Gold. Fierce emotional celebration of Independence Day and the new season of games standing in front, Asian Games After Chak De India (2007) and Surma (2018), the Gold Hockey field is another story. The game that once used to speak of the Indian face of the world Our teams in the history of sports before 1948 had descended from the name of British India and waving the flag of Europeans on winning. Mr Gold is the story of the British team being beaten by the Indian team on their own ground in the 1948 London Olympics. When the Indian tricolor unfurled for the first time on the international sports platform. It is such a fact that there are many mischief-makers behind the truth. Rima has created the film by adding those same aftershocks and dreams.


Gold Tapan Das (Akshay Kumar) and in 1936, Berlin (Germany) begins with the Indian hockey team winning the gold medal in the Olympics. The winning Indians are the flag and the flag is fluttering Britain in the field. Now everyone is dreaming that winning the flag of India will get salute. Tapan is the junior manager of this team. World War broke out in a few years and the Olympics of 1940 and 1944 were canceled. By 1946, it is decided that there will be Olympics in 1948 and Tapan Das again joins the Hockey Association and is preparing to form the team. As long as the team is formed, the country gets split and half of the players go to Pakistan. what will happen now? Will the team be built in a very short time and will the dream of winning a gold medal for Independent India be fulfilled?


The story of gold dream come true. The film is written by Rima in detail with the team and filmed historical situations with nuances. Here is the spread of events. So the length of the film is 154 minutes. The character of Tapan Das is interesting but it has been made into a drama by adding to alcohol addiction. The film has a focus on Akshay. Kunal Kapoor, who was a hockey player of the state, also has Amit Sadh and Dhyanchand aka emperor as well as a sufficient place. Vineet Kumar Singh has played his role well. Mauni Roy was fine as Tapan’s wife.


Although his role is not particularly notable in the story. The director took the help of the most costly costumes for the 1940s. The scenes of hockey are comfortable and they are packed with feelings well. The director removed the song-music but could not be used for special use. Musical occasions here are not helpful to the story nor are effective in listening. It can be said that Gold is the only cinemas of Akshay Kumar’s patriotic brand. If you like Akshay and patriotic brands then the film is for you.


Chak De Seem Inspire Looks Movie: Well, while watching the gold you will miss Shahrukh Khan’s 2007 film Chak De India. Many scenes seem like picking up from there, especially the dramatic moment of the match. Not only this, in the film, you will also notice the other successful sports-based films Dangal and Sultan. It is not that the film is called bad but yes, the unique point of Gold is eliminated by these scenes. Well, Rima has raised them skillfully that not all will criticize Gold on these things.


But the feeling of patriotism is the film: Akshay Kumar has given a good movie to the audience with Gold. In the film, many scenes of struggle between India and the British will shake you and also with the feeling of patriotism.

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