Ducati Monster 797 Review 2018 India – A Stylish and Elegant Offer

Ducati Monster 797 Review 2018

Monster Series has been an important part of Ducati’s portfolio in our country. It first came into production in 1993 and in the last 25 years this Italian motorcycle maker has launched many versions of Monster. In addition to Scramblers series in India, Ducati did not have any entry level Affordable Bike. In order to fulfill this shortfall, the company launched Ducati Monster 797.


Ducati Monster 797 is the entry level bike of this monster series and the company claims that this segment is India’s cheapest bike, and upgrading from 400 cc to buy a performance bike Ducati is the best option for them. We have done a road test of this bike to check how accurate this company’s claim is and how much it is worth in the Ducati Monster 797 performance. So let us know how our experience was.

Ducati Monster 797 Design and Features

Ducati Monster 797 design

From the design, it is as spectacular as the other bikes of the Monster Series. It is a naked bike and has a musical fuel tank, wide handlebars and double-sided swing arm. Ducati Monster 797 has been designed on the Trailes Frame design. All the lights in it, whether the headlight or the tail light or the side light, all are completely LED. Along with it, LCD headlamp cluster is provided in it, which fits comfortably between 43 millimeters forks. It also has an offsetting monoshock suspension. The LCD screen at Ducati Monster 797 is quite bright and can be clearly seen clearly in daylight too. The display shows time, trip meter, RPM, speed and some other basic parameters. But here the gap between the gear position indicators and the fusion of the fog gog display is sure.

Ducati Monster 797 Specification and Performance

Ducati Monster 797 Performance

Ducati Monster 797 has been given a seat height of 805 mm as much as that of Monster 821. Although wide handlars and light weight make it different from other bikes. Due to being lightweight, its handling in traffic is quite easy. In the model we tested, the option of the optional LED indicator and fly-screen headlamps was given. This facility is available to customers as well. Along with this, the USB charging socket of Ducati Monster 797 has been given. Speaking of Ducati Monster 797’s engine specification, it has a 803 cc air cooled, Desmodue Twin cylinder engine. This engine is also given in Ducati Scrambler. This engine generates 73 bhp power at 8,250 rpm and 67 newton meters torque at 5,750 rpm.

Ducati Monster 797 Engine

Ducati Monster 797 has been developed as a performance bike. It has the capability to fulfill all the needs of a bike rider. To make the ride a smooth, the bike’s engine is equipped with a 6-speed gearbox transmission. In Ducati Monster 797, APTC (Adler Power Torque Plate Clutch) is given, which is called the sleeper clutch in the common language.


Other fancy electronics features have not been given in Ducati Monster 797 as other premium bikes are available. It has been tried to keep it very simple and elegant. However, features such as ride-by-wire, riding modes, traction control are included.

Ducati Monster 797 Ridding

Ducati Monster 797 riding

Talking about riding, riding on the bike from the start of the bike has a great experience. This bike is designed in such a way that it can also be used as a racing bike and also for the daily office. Its pick up is very hot, so it’s a perfect bike to run on the highway.

Ducati Monster 797 Braking and Seat

Ducati Monster 797 Brakes

Breaking the Brembo in Ducati Monster 797 It has 120/70 / ZR17 in front and 180/55 / ZR17 tires in the rear. These tires give amazing grip on the roads even if your speed is so sharp. Due to the hard turn due to this tire, I also believe in the bike that the bike will not slip.

Ducati Monster 797 seat

Despite being a naked bike, its seat arrangement is quite hot and comfortable. Even the people sitting in the front seat get a great experience.

Ducati Monster 797 Mileage

Ducati Monster 797 Riding

Even after the performance bike, Ducati Monster offers excellent mileage of 16 kilometer per-liter in 797 cities and 18 kilometer per-liter on highway.

Should you buy Ducati Monster 797?

Ducati Monster 797 design

By taking Ducati Monster 797 into the Indian market, the company has made the people of Monster very happy. Because, it is the cheapest bike of the Monster series. It has been launched at the cost of Rs 8.5 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). For those who want a performance and stylish bike by upgrading from 400 cc, Ducati Monster 797 may be the first choice.

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