Detel Smart LED TV Review India 2018: Is It Worthy or Not?

Detel 24 inch LED TV

Detel is a native feature phone manufacturer, the company has now launched a cheap and even its first Smart LED TV with its cheap feature fonts. The price of this TV is Rs. 17,999. Let’s know whether a great smart TV can come to your hands at this price? Have a look on the Detel smart LED TV review in India.


Today we have come in a time where everything from mobile phones to speakers has become smart, so in such a situation, we would not see a TV being smart, it is not possible. However, we have been seeing this for the last several years. That technology has smartened itself to the extent that almost all the products have been on the way to being smart. However, if we buy a smart product so far, then we have to pay a lot of money for it. But you also tell that this can not be said about the phone. Apart from this, you have to pay a lot of money even today for watches, TVs and speakers. This means that it is still quite expensive. Although there are some TVs in the budget, which are smart, you get low prices, but due to lack of availability of large scale market, their cell and reach are not yet on the scale as it should be . Now you may know that Detel is a native feature phone manufacturer, which is known for launching its fairly cheap feature phones. This company has also launched its own Smart LED TV and has registered its name in history.


As we know that foreign companies have proved themselves in this way, in the smart TV industry, in India, nowadays, Indian companies have even started bringing this and themselves into it. Just recently, I had reviewed the Intex’s 43-inch 4K UHD Smart TV, and seeing it cost me it was quite expensive. Its price can be very high. However, Detel only got Rs. At the cost of 17,999, this TV has been launched. About 8-10 days before the launch of this TV, this TV was given to me for review. And I had brought it to my house for review. And this is where I’ve just released it. Although I can not say that this TV can give tough competition to the TVs of many big companies in the market, but I can say for sure that this has taken a successful step in Detel. Now let us know that apart from the low cost, this TV will be a perfect choice for you at this price, or you will feel a little less about it.

Detel smart LED TV Design and Build

Detel smart LED TV Design

If you pay attention to its design, at first glance you will not like it much. As soon as I pulled this TV out of the box in my house, I found that you get a glossy black color-looking TV, which seems quite simple. It can not be called a premium TV in any way, and if you look at its price, you may also like this TV. Because you are getting smart TV at a price, at which price you have been buying just some of the normal TVs. As you can see nowadays with every Smart and Normal TV, in this TV box you are also getting a two different stand, one of them you can put it on any table etc., and one from you It can be placed on the wall.


To put on the wall you are getting a stand of iron but to keep it on the table, you are getting two simple plastic stands, with the help of which you can rest this TV on table etc. I am quite impressed with the weight of this TV, I also felt light with this box, I carved my car from the parking lot with only one hand, and I had any problems in taking it Has not happened. While parking my house is about 100 steps away. Now you can get an idea of ​​how much weight it will be.


When I set up the TV by removing it from the box, I felt it was easier than setting up a phone. There may be some problem with setting up a mobile phone but you can setup this TV very easily. Overall, due to the time and simplicity of the process, I loved this TV very much till this stage, but if you are reminded again then it does not seem to be a premium TV from anywhere. Seeing this, you get the help of an Affordable TV or a cheap TV. Now go ahead and take a picture on its picture quality, now that when I had set up this TV, the first thing was that I would pay attention to its picture quality, how good it is at this price.


Detel smart LED TV Picture Quality

Detel First LED smart TV Picture Quality

When I turned on this TV, I saw that its picture quality is not as good. I thought the light in my room was less then I turned on all the lights in my room and then looked at this TV, I thought it was still not right. Overall, its picture quality is not good. In addition to this, I have some colors, besides its contrasting rhetoric is not as high as it should be for a smart TV.


In this TV, I have found that if there is any darkness in a movie, then it seems quite a lot. Apart from this, it is also very difficult to differentiate between the colors. Let me also tell you here that I have not seen any visible increase in content played on it. However, I felt some difference in the picture with its online picture quality and set top box.

UI can affect

Detel First LED smart TV

If I pay attention to its UI, then it has affected me quite somewhere as a budget smart TV. I have enjoyed this at first sight. In this you are getting all the features of operating the TV. In this you are getting a browser, app management, app list, media, source etc., which you can operate this smartphone in the right way.

Ports present in Detel Smart TV

I have done this picture quality for several days using this TV as my primary TV, and I have not been much impressed by it, at some point in this price it is not the right choice for you but before that we have any results Come on, let’s talk about its ports, because of which this TV can be connected to any other device. You see that you are getting 2 HDMI ports in it, and if I discuss USB ports, then you are getting 2 USB in it. Apart from this, if we discuss the line in it, then there is a port for it. For one port audio out and for one, respectively, one is getting a port. Apart from this you can also put an SD card in it, VGA is also present in it, and for PC Audio in also you get a port in it.

Ports present in Detel TV

Ports present in Detel TV

Ports present in Detel TV

This means that you can add many devices to this TV, and in this case it can be seen as a great TV, but if the picture quality is not good then what are these ports? At the same time, I have also realized that the TV has been built with considerable thinking, that means that you are getting a lot of space between these ports, it means that you can add many devices along with it at the same time . You do not need to remove one device and add another. At the same time you will be able to attach several devices to it in front. Now after the ports, let’s talk about the remote about which I have loved quite a bit.

Detel TV’s Remote

Looking at the remote that came with this TV I have remembered a Chinese remote, which you have ever bought from the market after the defect of your real remote. Because it’s quite a lot full of you. It may take a lot of time to understand it and run it correctly. However, what I liked in this is that in it you are getting dedicated buttons for Youtube, Netflix, Hotstar, and directly to the Play Store. Apart from this, it is similar to a simple remote. Just like you have come to use in any of your TVs. However, if you are running Net etc on this TV, and you want to use the remote as a mouse, then you can do this, but by doing so you may find that you are struggling in some way. That is, you will have a lot of problems while running it in this way, because the remote is not fully capable of doing this work.

Detel Smart LED TV Remote

I have encountered a lot of problems while using it, although the company has made it deeper to run smoothly, so that you can easily rotate and move it with your fingertips, but due to the rubber buttons you do not rotate your fingertips Can. You have to remove your finger from one button and take it on the other finger. Because of this you can be more disturbed. However, if its remote were made something extravagant then people might have liked this TV more and more.

Detel smart LED TV Specification

delet specifictions

If you discuss the specs of this TV, first of all you tell me, so far I have not told you that this TV is 32-inch. Apart from this, its screen resolution is 1366 × 768. In the TV you get 8GB internal storage, apart from this, it has been given 1GB of RAM to run smoothly. The TV is based on Android. It has a grade A panel of Samsung A *. Apart from this, as I said to you that its UI is very much liked. It has a High Definition multimedia interface. Apart from this, this is also HD Ready, which I have felt while running YouTube on it. There is also Miracast in it. Along with this, its Dolby Digital has been given as well. Apart from Wi-Fi, PC connectivity is also provided in it. Apart from which it takes some time to make a great TV somewhere, besides its just Rs. The price of 17,999 seems right to set it up in the market. But TVs of companies not known by many more people in the market are also present in this price which can affect you more than.

Detel smart LED TV Audio

Detel First LED smart TV Audio

If its audio is discussed then it is going to be very impressive. I have liked something like this, its sound, and if I say it in total, then this price is Rs. At the price of Rs 17,999, this TV can not be said to be very expensive for you, but at this price you also need to get something good. If you discuss audio quality while watching TV, then you can be quite impressed by it. If your room is something small then you may feel like it’s too loud. However if your room is bigger then tell you it will not work much better. That is, if you keep a large room, then you may need to attach speakers with this TV separately for a better quality.

Answer: Why You Should Buy Detel Smart LED TV


As I told you at the beginning of this review that it is a great TV on papers, but Rs. It’s not expensive for you at 17,999, but you do not get much of it, its remote is not good, if you talk about picture quality then a normal TV that comes with HD and its picture quality There can be a lot of difference in you to see. That is, a better picture quality can get you in a normal HD TV. The design and design of TV is also not very good. Seeing this, you will come to the fringe of an ordinary TV, apart from seeing this box you can get such a feel. Just by using a UI, any TV can not be called a great TV, and better than just sound good, you should only take a speaker.


In total, I can tell you that in many cases this TV may be like you but in many cases you will not like it at all, the worst I find is that a tape has been used to show its ports. , That is, you are being told about them without the help of a tape, on the TV panel, that is, if this tape has been removed, then you may also have trouble regarding this. TI finally using what port you have to do with what time and what products. Overall, nothing happens if the price is low. You also need to get good features. So if you want to take this TV then I will not tell you that you do not buy it, but I would say so much to you that once you take it, once you see some other TVs in the market, be sure to kill it.


  • Good display
  • Great sound
  • Easy user interface
  • A very functional remote control


  • In-box items aren’t adequate
  • Cheap plastics used

Detel Smart TV News

Detel launches 19-inch LCD TV at the price tag of Rs 3999 in India. The company want to reach out it to every home.

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