Daana Paani Review: Best Punjabi Movie About the Human Life and Feelings

daan paani review

Ever experienced those rare moments when your eyes are ready to give a tear a blow, yet your lips are randomly rotated in a beautiful smile? This is the feeling that Punjabi film, Dana Pane makes you artistic real!


Directed by Jas Gewel’s creative talent and Tanveer Singh Jagpal (fame, Rab Da Radio), Dana Pani is a cinematic masterpiece which will always be grateful for Punjabi cinema. This is a gift for lovers and patrons of Punjabi cinema, who has given their heart and soul through a team. Packed with some amazing displays, late background scores and shadows which grow in the eye, Dana Pani easily becomes a necessity!

Dana Pani Story


Now let’s talk about the story and the script. We insist on this because the story is, in fact, the soul of this film. Jas Gwal did not describe the life of a girl (Basant Kaur), who is living in a craving – her mother’s craving snatched her from fate! Married as a child, she lives in a hope that she will be with her mother one day after her ‘lucky’. However, an amazing entry of Mehtab Singh (Jimmy Shirgil), an army officer – who has given unpleasant work to inform the martyrs’ families about their demise – for good or evil – inverted his world? There is something that you have to go and see it yourself.



There is no hero or heroine in this movie! Yes, this is a movie about human life and feelings, and in real life, we all have a unique role to play that inspires us for our personal destiny. Even in Dana Pani, every character has its own importance and every actor fits very well in his parts. This is a movie, where Jimmy Sheergill speaks less but performs more through the expression of his eyes, body language and subtle face. The most difficult part of Jimmy’s role as Mehtab Singh is that he is an army man and a true soldier can not express his feelings openly. Even then, they had to display innumerable of them! How does he do that only one person of his caliber can do it!


Simi Chahal once again proved that why she is an actress in these days! Whether the globular bank of Bugni to Batua or Basant Kaur is a sweetheart in the innocent, Simi knows how to deliver a great performance well. His best moments in Dana Pani are when he cries his heart like a small child in the pain of longing for his mother!


Other notable performances are from Nirmal Rishi and Gurpreet Gogi. With any of the top talks given to them, these experienced actors screamed with you the intense talent of acting! A special mention is reserved for child artist – Siddhi Rathore, who plays Basant Kaur Kaur. His innocence will definitely bring a smile on your face.


Overall, Dana Pani is a classic which will always be remembered as a movie in Punjabi cinema, which shakes your emotions with its spectacular story and heart performance! This is a film that you do not just go out to get out but also to feel human: to understand others and yourself better. I hope Dana Pani will present something in Punjabi cinema, which is gradually going out of fashion: simplicity!


What did not we like about the film: it’s length! The film is so disturbing that you do not want to end it soon! Apart from this, a small thing in the life of the mother will not hurt even after separation.

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