Google Pixel

If you are looking for google pixel smartphones, then first you need to know all about them. Here we have come up with the google pixel phone review in India.

google pixel 3 review

Google Pixel 3 Review 2019: Why You Should Buy It?

It is so often that whenever a discussion is done about Pixel smartphone, the matter is limited to just its camera. Most people in the world believe that pixels are a benchmark in smartphone cameras. ...

google pixel 2 review

Google Pixel 2 Review 2019 India: Why You Should Buy It

After reviewing Google pixel 2 XL, I have nothing to say about pixels 2. Yes, Google’s Premier Smartphone’s small variant is a phone that guarantees security itself. The most important asp...

Google Pixel XL Review India

2018 Google Pixel XL Review India: Why You Should Buy It?

  Google’s Nexus devices were introduced, so that users could use Android OS in proper form. The company’s strategy was to work with a new smartphone maker every year, so that they wo...

google pixel review

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