2019 Canon EOS 1300D Review India: Should Buy This DSLR Camera?

canon eos 1300d review

The Canon EOS 1300D is an Entry Level Camera which is the best camera for photography lovers. Almost everyone who wants move in the field of photography, buy this camera. Because it is the affordable DSLR camera in the Indian market. And  one more thing, Canon EOS 1300D is considered to be the best for a new photographer. If you are also thinking of stepping into the Field of Photography and your budget is also low then this DSLR camera is the best option for you.


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So let us know what is the specialty in the Canon EOS 1300D and what its flaws. Simultaneously, this will show some photographs which are taken by newcomers by this camera. Here is full 2019 Canon EOS 1300D review in India.


If we look at the Canon EOS 1300D with a budget perspective, then there is a lot of flaw in it. And if we compare this DSLR to another DSLR such as Canon EOS 700D, 800D, 77D, 80D etc. So you will see many faults in it. But we suggest it as it is best for beginners. As soon as you come to the next level in Photography, you can upgrade your camera.


The Canon EOS 1300D and the Canon EOS 1200D is pretty much the same. There is a slight difference between these two and they will discuss it now. The 1300D is the new model of 1200D. So let’s know the Canon EOS 1300D Features.

Canon EOS 1300D has added 3 new features:


1. The best features that have been added to this camera are WiFi / NFC. By adding this feature, many tasks can do easily like connecting camera to pc or laptop. With the help of WiFi / NFC, the camera can easily connect to your mobile, laptop, internet and share your photos, videos. Simultaneously, we can remotely control your camera from your mobile. Simply, we have to install Canon’s app in your mobile, then we can easily connect your Canon EOS 1300D to Mobile.


2. The second feature which is given in this camera is its Image Processor. As in the Canon 1200D Image Processor Digic 4 was used. But in the 1300D we get the Digic 4+ processor, which allows us to click more pictures in less time. And our camera works faster than Canon 1200D.


3. Third Inexpensive camera has 3 Inch TFT Screen, whose resolution is 920k Dots. If we compare it to the 1200D screen resolution then we get double resolution from it. That’s why we get Pictures View and the finest in 1300D.


Apart from these three, the rest of the features are almost like Same 1200D. Such as the Canon EOS 1300D 18 Megapixel camera, with APS-C CMOS Sensor. In this IOS Range 100-6400 is given, which we can extend to 12,800 with the help of software. This is Camera Capable for 3fps Burst Shooting. And in this you can record Video at Max 1920x1080p at 30fps mode, which is Full HD


All of this, we get 9 Auto Focus Point in it. That’s why we can easily Focus any object. And if we talk about its battery backup, then we can take 600 shots on Full Battery. It was something plus points and now we tell you some of its disadvantage.

Disadvantage of Canon EOS 1300D


In this camera we get to see the biggest disadvantage which is its fixed screen with camera. This fault you will not be able to see in a slightly expensive cameras such as the 700D, 800D.  Their screen can rotate in the angle you want. The second disadvantage is, it doesn’t come with screen touch display. Whatever you have to do, it has to be done with the help of Button.

Canon EOS 1300D weight

The weight of Canon EOS 1300D is 485gm, which is light weight, you will not have any problem in carrying. If we talk about the look of the Canon EOS 1300D, then it is very great. And the look of every DSLR of Canon is almost the same.

Canon EOS 1300D Price in India

It has been priced at Rs 29,995. But now you will get between 22,000 and 25,000 in Amazon and Flipkart. Currently you can see how much this camera is getting in Amazon and Flipkart. You can buy this camera on EMI that starts at ₹1,212.


Buy Canon EOS 1300D from Amazon:

Canon EOS 1300D Release Date in India

The Japanese camera maker, Canon has released Canon EOS 1300D in April 2016 in India.

What Can You get With Canon EOS 1300D?

With this camera, you will get a bag from Canon, in which you can carry your camera. And in the box of Canon you will get a memory card of 16Gb, Battery & Battery Charger, USB Cable, Camera Lens of 18-55mm, Strap, 2-Year Warranty Card and Last User Manual. This is Complete Package and if you want to take this 55mm-250mm lens with this package, then you have to spend 8 to 10 thousand extra.

Why you Should Buy Canon 1300D?

The Canon EOS 1300D is featured with NFC AND WI-FI feature .The Canon 1300D comes with an 18 MP APS-C CMOS sensor ISO ranging from 100-6400 with Digic 4+ image processor with 3 inch LCD 920k display and capable of 3fps burst shooting and 9 autofocus points. It is capable to capture images in JPEG and RAW format and it records Video at 1920x1080p at 24p/30p. We personally feel that it is better to invest in good lenses, than a top- notch body as it is easier to outgrow a body, but virtually impossible to quit on a good lens, except if you are upgrading.


At the end we recommend this camera if you want to learn photography or want to take a camera for the home photography.

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