Avengers-Infinity War Movie Review: Must Watch Movie

Marvel Comics superhero fans were waited  from a long time for ‘Avengers: Infinity War’. So many superheroes have never been seen before ever. Perfect movie for superhero fans.

Avengers-Infinity War

Rating: 4 stars
Director: Anthony Rousseau and Jo Russo
Artist: Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Mark Rufael, Scarlett Johansson, Benedict Cumberbak, Chadwick Bosman, Elizabeth Oslon, Dave Batista, Joe Sullana, Chris Pratt and Josh Brolin

Marvel Comics superhero fans were waited from a long time for ‘Avengers: Infinity War’. So many superheroes have never been seen before ever. Perfect movie for superhero fans. Beside it, dangerous villain like Thanos  has not yet been seen in the history of cinema, due to which all the superheroes have become one, still he does not die easily by them.The result of nearly a decade’s hard work is ‘Avangers: Infiniti War.’ The ‘Avangers: Infinity War’ is a spice for superheroes fans who force them to become their fan. Again this time there are not just one or two or three but many superheroes. From the team of the Avengers to the Galaxy of the Guardians, and many such superheroes who have probably appeared in a small scene.

Story of Avangers: Infiniti War

Asgard (Thor’s house) has been destroyed. Thor and his brother Lucky have no strength left. Meanwhile, Thanos’s havoc continues. He wants to get Infinity Stones to become a super power. These are Infinity Stones that are on different places in the universe. The Thanos’s intent is the death of half the population of this world. But his obstacles are his superheroes. The war against Thanos is being run on different places, different superheroes hit him. But preventing the Thanas is not so easy. Many superheroes will also be seen in danger this time. But the director of the film has done all the superheroes to make the film memorable. The story goes a little bit scary in this round but superheroes keep on enjoying it.

Avangers: Infiniti War Review


Superhero film genre can be said without doubt that ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ is a very ambitious film. This is going to be the biggest release of Hollywood in India. The film has surpassed Bollywood superhit ‘Bahubali’ in the case of pre-cell. 1500 shows of the film will run together in Delhi-NCR. Marvel Studios has worked more than 10 years to bring all their Fictional Heroes on screen for the first time. Marvel Studios has also launched a huge marketing campaign for this movie. The big question arises, however, whether or not the film completes the expectations of the audience. And the answer is, yes. In this movie all your superheroes will appear in the full form. No superhero will appear small in the movie. Christopher Marcus and Stephen McFly should be praised for the film’s screenplay.

You will also find some great performances along with a lot of action in the film. The film is made with full balloons that the audience remains interested in it for two and a half hours. The only villain in the film, the role of Thanos has been strengthened and complete justice has been done with the character. Many superheroes also fall in surprise while competing in the film. If you have seen previous Avaran movies then do not miss this film with super-action.

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