iphone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X launched at 10th Anniversary of Apple

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It’s the biggest leak since Apple left an iPhone in a bar. Heck, it might be even bigger.

This weekend, journalists and developers got their hands on a leaked version of Apple’s latest iOS 11 operating system… and found it chock full of details about Apple’s next iPhone, Apple Watch and even a new Apple TV.

Combined with the huge HomePod leak last month, it could paint a pretty complete picture of what Apple could reveal at Tuesday’s event.

Mind you, we haven’t independently verified any of this info, and it’s always possible these details aren’t final — or are even intentionally leaked to throw us off the scent.

But now, so close to Apple’s reveal, we’re inclined to believe they’re legit.

1.Three iPhones: iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus

One block of code. That’s all it took to inject a massive dose of credibility into the biggest rumor around Apple’s Tuesday reveal.

Which rumor, you ask? The rumor where Apple will announce *three* new iPhones instead of two — including an ultra-high-end iPhone with a brand new tall-and-narrow design, a huge OLED screen that covers almost the entire front of the phone, a face-recognizing infrared camera and a price north of $ 999.

You can preorder the 8 and 8 plus on September 15 and phones will be available in the stores on September 22. iPhone 8 has been priced at $699 while iPhone 8 plus is priced at $799.

2. Face ID is coming

The HomePod leak in August all but confirmed that the iPhone X would have a face-recognizing camera sophisticated enough to detect facial expressions, and let you log in to your phone. Internally, it’s known as Pearl.

But tomorrow, it’ll probably be called Face ID. How do we know? (Press the play button below to play the video.)

3. Face ID will let you pay

Last month, developers couldn’t find a single shred of evidence to indicate that you’d use the new face camera to pay for purchases. That would be a little worrying if it’s also true — as rumored — the new iPhone X will ditch the fingerprint sensor entirely.

4. Apple Watch LTE

Two of the most reliable Apple leaksters told us it was coming. Now, a cellular Apple Watch that doesn’t require a nearby phone is all but certain — because iOS developer Steve Troughton-Smith found pictures in the code of not only the watch itself, but also a status screen showing a cellular strength gauge. (It doesn’t technically say LTE, you might note.)

5. Apple TV 4K

If you’ve been waiting for an Apple TV powerful enough to send full-resolution 4K video to your 4K TV, it sounds like you’ll be in luck. But you may need quite the internet connection if you want to stream 4K video from Apple.

6. Apple goes hexacore with monster A11 processor

For the iPhone 7, Apple released its first totally homegrown processor, with four cores it designed itself. Now, it appears the iPhone X will have six new cores. Benchmarks better watch out.

7. Apple is chopping the status bar in half

If it’s true that Apple’s iPhone X will have a giant front-facing camera module hanging over the top of its all-screen front — see a mockup at the top of this post — Apple would need to split the iPhone’s status bar right down the center.



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