2019 Apple iPhone 7 Plus Review: Better Camera and Performance

iphone 7 plus review

I have been using both iOS and Android since last few days. And to tell the truth, I spend 75 percent of my time on Android devices and 25 percent time on iOS. Why? Because I like the openness of Android on the smartphone and the power of the big screen of the iOS tab.


Apple’s iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S and Note Series are counted in ‘Diamonds’ of Mobile World. These smartphones are able to thrill people and increase their interest in the next version. Apple has always been innovative and comes with something new in iPhones. Impressive touch screens, back cameras, and fast processors are just a few glimpses of these small supercomputers.


The iPhone 7 Plus has a few distinct advantages: Two rear cameras — one wide angle, one telephoto — that can zoom in at 2x or even further digitally. And it can create depth-of-field blur effects, or “bokeh” type effects, with portrait photos in a unique camera mode. Better battery life, but not by a huge amount.
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iPhone 7 Plus Design and Display


Apple has added two new colors to this time in the iPhone 7 Plus – Black (Matt Blackfish) and Jet Black (Glossy Black). Apple iPhone 7 Plus seems to be much like the iPhone 6S Plus, but there are still differences. The iPhone 7 Plus has a 5.5-inch Retina full HD display, whose resolution is 1080p.


Removing headphone jack has been a major change. Users must connect wired ear pod headphones to lightning port. There are also two speaker grills on the bottom. Power button and SIM tray are on right edge. Ringer off and volume keys are placed in the left. On the turn, you will see a very beautiful look. There is a shiny black panel on the back side and the silver color is the Apple logo at the top half. 9 Step Policyships System Although Apple has developed to make something different, it has some flaws. After prolonged use, we found that fingerprints are very much on the back side.

iPhone 7 Plus Display

The 5.5-inch display is quite good. I liked everything and I found it better than the iPhone 6S Plus. Videos, apps, games were seen good. The screen is 25 percent more bright than before.

iPhone 7 Plus Water resistance

iphone 7 plus water resistance

In Motorola and Sony’s phones, we have seen the features of dust and water resistance. Apple has also adopted it in its iPhones this time. The iPhone 7 Plus gets IP67 certification. And this feature should have in expensive phones. Many people have tested this by dropping this phone in coffee mugs and bathroom sinks and they have been successful.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Software


The iPhone 7 Plus already has iOS 10 nuggets. The software department has made many improvements includes a redesigned notification tray and a smarter keyboard. A lot has changed in photos, music and news apps. The Siri has been improved in the new OS. It performs fast on the commands and its voice recognition is also accurate. The Home button has a fingerprint sensor.

iPhone 7 Plus Sound and Music

Apple has also increased the sound in the iPhone 7 Plus. Ear speaker also works as a loudspeaker and provides a stereo sound experience in conjunction with bottom speaker. While playing games and playing video I loved this loud and good.

iPhone 7 Plus Camera

iphone 7 plus camera


Now let’s talk about two cameras of 12 megapixels. This feature has already appeared in Vivo’s P9 and Xolo Black. So Apple is not giving a new one, but what is special? A 12 megapixel camera has a wide angle lens and the second has a telephoto zoom lens. That is, the second camera can be used to draw photos by zooming in 2X. For this, you need to tap the camera ax and tap the 2x button and the photos will zoom.


But this is not always the case. Many times the user has to zoom digitally. Apple has made this move smart for cameras that if the OS feels that there is no noise on zoom, then it will not use another camera. If a little bit of digital noise came into the picture, then it automatically takes another camera to work. Apple has probably arranged this system to increase battery life, so if one camera can work, then no other work should be done.


The pictures taken from the back camera were fantastic and came better than the previous iPhone. Photos are sharp and color is vibrator. Deficit of Field feature works well. The selfie camera is 8 megapixels and draws good photos. Videos for back cameras are also good.


Apps like Keynote, Maps, Garage Band and IMAV are pre-installed in it. Battery life is also improvised. If we used it, it would last for a long time in 19 hours. During this Wi-Fi was on and we did moderate user. Voice quality is also fantastic, provided that you are not in the second or lower basement.


It may not be the upgrade we were hoping for, but the iPhone 7 Plus is still an excellent phone with improved cameras, super slick performance and a handy waterproof, yet familiar design.
Positive Point:
  • Heaps of power for slick performance
  • Excellent camera
  • Solid battery life

Negative Points:

  • Very expensive
  • Screen still only full HD
  • No headphone jack
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