Apple iPad Pro 2 Review 2018 India: Why You Should Buy It?

ipad pro 2 review

Apple iPad Pro 2- a.k.a Apple iPad Pro 2017 is a new productivity tablet from Apple. I have used this tablet for about a month. And as one question would arise in your mind. There is no doubt, even in my mind, there are some questions about it, as it can replace my laptop? So if you are thinking of changing your laptop from a big slim device with a slim device, let’s know Apple iPad Pro 2 review because I have tried so much that it can be a device that can replace your laptop.

Why is the iPad Pro present?

ipad pro 2 review

This is a real question which is very important to get answers. Although it is difficult to get an answer because the one who has used it has never refreshed it for using any other. In a big fan community, I know many people who are on Android but they love the iPad. If you think a little bit about the mobile operating system, then you can influence the iPad Pro. Because now this time it is coming with the beta of iOS 11.


A great old Apple iPad engineering is a great example of work and artwork. And if you talk about the iPad Pro then it can be said something similar. iPad Pro is just like you make it. Or the kind of work it takes. It seems like you do the same thing.


As soon as you open the box of iPad Pro, you get a tablet. And as we all have in mind, it comes in a Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi + Cellular variants. Apart from that it also has a different Smart Connector, as Apple calls it. Apart from this, some other phone makers know this as a pogo pin connector.


However, let us know that this year’s iPad Pro has a great processor, graphics and screen. It is equipped with the A10X Fusion processor. According to Apple, approximately 30 percent faster than the previous processor. If you discuss the graphics, then this tablet is 40 percent faster than the previous one. Apart from this, the display included in this time is also quite bright.

Package of iPad Pro

package of ipad pro 2

As soon as you take this device out of your box, you feel yourself to be a powerful device in your hands. It’s great compared to any other laptop. This is Superman without you kryptonite. Yes I can say that the iPad Pro is a Superman.

steve jobs

If you want a better result than this, you will need an Apple Pencil and Smartyboard for it. However, if you want to take a smart keyboard you will get Rs. 13,900 will be spent and if you need an Apple Pencil then you will get around Rs. 8,600 will be repaid. By looking at the price you may have realized that this is not a profit deal. However, in my review, I have focused more on Apple Pencil. If you are thinking of smart keyboard then you should take it when you are thinking of using it as a laptop.

Do You Need It?


If you are also a creative professional and you work in an agency which always demands some creative from you. Here you may need a reputable desktop computer. However, the product like Apple iPad can be considered as good for you here. Although here I mean you can do your own on your computer but you may need it to refine it. Apart from this, you can buy it for watching movies only. As I said above you, it becomes what you like.

Are You Excited About iPad Pro

ipad pro

If you are creative, then Apple Pencil helps you do more. While I spent an iPad with Apple Pencil on Apple Pro, he gave me a doodle and sketch without a waste of paper. I have practiced painting without fear of ruining a canvas, I have a reservation with the iPad Pro / Smart Keyboard combination on the MacBook.


It is not so well that its experience is not good, it’s really great. It does not look like a tablet in any form. This can give you a more spectacular experience when you are continuously traveling. At such a time, this can be a lot of work for you.


n addition, if you need to work on any surface other than a table, then the iPad Pro is not the ideal combination with the smart keyboard. At this time for you MacBook Air or Pro or any other device can do a lot of work for you.


This year’s hardware upgrade was focused on creative aspects. Better graphics means that you will use it for gaming. However, if you talk about it, you should not take it for gaming just because it is not going to be as effective. This is a productivity device. And for gaming, you should go with any other device.


Advanced processors, graphics capabilities, refresh rates, shine help all creative professionals. Some of its features, such as great display, etc. are going to be very much like you. Overall you are going to like it a lot.


When I see an iPad Pro in the hands of a ‘Gamer’, I get peace. I want to see a tired professional from an agency at the end of an intense pitch by playing some games. This is the same thing, you can say, but they are different. In one case you are using it as a game of your gaming device, while in the other you want to open it.


Slim form factor of the device will allow you to modify your PowerPoint deck. This is not the ideal tool to create master templates. But once your master slide is in the right place, the task of adding and removing slides and making text modifications is like a bridge.


When you are in the office, make your master slide on your laptop. And continue to add words to prose and poetry on your slides, when you are enjoying a drink with your friends. If you feel guilty of wasting your time by working on it, do not have good ideas flow with the best company?


If I take the example of this review, which has been written for several days Ideas have been added to it and they have been changed from time to time. For some time I have been quite upset. And when I got quite upset with my iPhone then I went on the iPad Pro. And I have also found it very good at this.


iPad Pro has a display that is about 120 refreshed in a second. Which is almost double the rate of any frame. If you talk about Narmal, then it is 60 fps. So you can also figure out how its display will be because it is double refreshing every single frame.

What You Will Do With Apple iPad Pro

ipad pro 2

Are you a keyboard ninja, or a digital artist? And if Apple Pencil is your tool, then tell you that this device makes a different difference to you. Because this is the pencil that will give you something new. Also, iOS has a very effective onscreen keyboard. It works well for you without writing any errors, but if you want a device to type, you should go with a laptop.


If you are doing artistic way, you will know that Apple pencil is almost the bottom stylus. I handed Apple Pencil to many creative professionals, and all of them were very impressed. I have also used Apple Pencil in the last generation. Apart from this, let me also tell you here that I have used 9.7-inch, 12.9-inch and now 10.5-inch iPad Pro tablet. And the best that I’ve ever figured out is 10.5-inch.

Smart keyboard and Apple pencil

Smart keyboard and Apple pencil

Given that this is a separate keyboard for the tablet, it works great. However, there is my personal bias for a full keyboard on Mac, which gave me confidence and comfort while writing pages and pages of text every day. With a smart keyboard, the iPad Pro only makes sense for long lasting flights.

iPad Pro or a laptop?

iPad Pro or a laptop?

However one of the reasons is that it can not replace your laptop. As I discuss for example, the dual camera in the iPhone 7 Plus can not replace the DSLR, as it can not replace the laptop. There are also some places where the iPhone really takes great pictures and in many cases it is somewhere less than the DSLR.

iPad Pro Price in India

Just iPad Pro

If you only spend money on the iPad Pro, then I have told you that this is a superman. Here you can be a big personality but without powers The price of this tablet is Rs. 50,800 (10.5 inch Wi-Fi only with 64GB storage) to Rs. 84,500 (10.5 inch Wi-Fi + Cellular with 512GB storage).

Smart keyboard with iPad Pro

This scenario is if you are typing ninja. If you have opted for the top-end version, you will only get Rs. You have to pay up to 84,500. And now Rs. Add 13,900 and then it is Rs. It gets to 98,400.

Apart from this, if you want to take an Apple MacBook Air, then tell you that for this, you only get Rs. 77,200 will have to pay only. This price belongs to Apple’s official website. Yes, if you go online and want to buy it from anywhere, then you will be able to buy around Rs. Make 10,000 more down.

Pencil with iPad Pro

You are the artist. You believe in colors and strokes. You like pen and paper, pencil and paper, charcoal and paper, even brushes and canvas. You love the smell of oil pies, and believe that art and creativity govern your life. With Maximem Storage you get a tablet and Apple pencil Rs. Finding in 93,100. So are you ready to spend so much money?

Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil with iPad Pro

If you are the master of content. You believe in the power of art, and words. You prefer blogging or doodling in your spare time. You play with words and art. So you get it Rs. Can take a little more than 1,20,000 with tools. So in the end what you think and how you want to use it depends on you.

Buy iPad Pro or not?


The answer will depend on what you want after all. Given this, I have divided it into four phases. If you find yourself in any one stage, then you can choose it accordingly.

Being an engineer in Information Technology, Krishna, is a word that is inspired by the Lord Shri Krishna, believes in the inspection of the latest technology in the real world. Krishna Shekhawat has done his engineering from LIET, Alwar. He started his career with SAGInfotech Pvt Ltd ( Jaipur). He is an enthusiastic about the bikes and cars that are roaming around him. Krishna likes to write reviews about all things. His mostly time spend in gaining the knowledge about new things. He wants to demonstrate his powerful word’s empire in front of the world. Apart from this, he is a simple person and has a helping nature.

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