iOS 12 Goes on Live: Check out 12 Superb iOS 12 Feature and Know How to Install it to Your Devices

During the event held on September 12, Apple announced the release of its new iPhone and Apple Watch series 4 as well as the release of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch device’s mobile operating system, the iOS 12 version. Right now, it has been released. Along with the new iOS, Apple has released the new watchOS 5 for its old generation Apple Watch. But WatchOs 5 is not for the first generation.


This new version of iOS was introduced in June at WWDC 2018 conference. It supports all kinds of iPhone and iPad models. Let’s tell you how you can download the new iOS version to your device.

Step 1: Is your device supportable for iOS 12

First of all, before downloading this update in your phone, keep in mind that your device supports this update or not. Good thing here is that all the devices working on iOS 11 will support iOS 12.

IOS 12 operating system will support these devices

This operating on Apple iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone SE and iPhone 5s The system will be updated. Besides this, First and Second Generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro, 10.5-inch iPad Pro, 9.7-inch iPad Pro, 5th and 6th Generation iPad, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad Mini 4, iPad Mini 3 and iPad Mini 2 and 6th IOS 12 can also be downloaded on the Generation iPod touch.


Step 2: Save the iPhone Backup


Before updating iOS 12 in your iPhone, we recommend that you back up your device using iTunes and iCloud. When updating your smartphone, you will need some free space. The size of this update is 2.77GB.

Step 3: How to upgrade

Method 1: Over the Air Update

After backing up your iPhone you are fully prepared to update the new Apple operating system. In this process you do not need any computer and iTunes software Active connection. For this you have to go to Settings >> General> Software Update by plugging your device in the charging. After that the new version of Automatic iOS will be installed on your device.

Method 2: Updates via iTunes

If you do not want to update the Direct latest version of iOS on your Apple device, you can download this update with iTunes. If you update your iPhone via iTunes, then it will be much faster updated than the OTA.

Such as install watchOS 5

For updates, first you need to update your iPhone to iOS 12. After this, Apple will have to keep Apple Watch.

After this you will need to go to Settings in the Watch app on the iPhone, then go to General and then click on Software Update. After this you have to follow the instructions given on the screen. Keep in mind that your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi. After that your latest WatchOS 5 will be updated in the watch.

12 new features associated with iOS12

Better performance

First of all, it is the performance of the performance, since this update has seen better performance in the performance of the old iPhone. Along with this you will be able to open the app faster in the iPhone.

Improved notification features

Now let’s talk about notifications, so you can easily manage app notifications since the new update. All your notifications, including Whatsapp, will now be available in the group. If you are getting annoyed with the notifications then you will have to swipe left and swipe and you can manage it by tapping on the notification. From this, you can turn off delivery quoit or turn off.

Set deadlines

If you use an app for a long time, then you can now limit the time you use the app. For this go to the settings and tap on screen time. With this you can easily limit the time used for the app.

Automatic FEATURES

Several features have been added to the Artificial Voice Assistant Siri of iOS. Now you will be able to command Siri even through Frage. Just like you have to open a banking app, then you just say Siri, show me the money … your work will be done.

3D Object Recognition Feature

3D Object Recognition is now made even better with AR. Through this feature you will be able to find out how much distance between the two objects in the real world is.

Voice memo

The voice memo is rediscovered again. When recording a voice memo, automatic location can be tagged. Because of this, it will be possible to know where the voice memo has been recorded.


Siri’s general knowledge in these new updates has also been impressed. Also Siri will now be able to translate 50 languages. Apart from this, the data related to racing has been added to the database related to racing.

Improved Photo App

The photo app has also been improved since the new update. The photo app also looks like a music app now. You will see a personalized album and sharing suggestion. In addition, the stock camera app has been made even better. You can easily share the photos of your loved ones on social media.

Google Maps – Car Play

Car Play feature has been added to Google Maps. Through this feature you will be able to connect your car to an iOS device. This feature is not currently available in India.

Animoji and memoji

4 new characters were added to Animoji – Rex, Ghost, Koala and Tiger. You will also be able to do voice acting with them.

Group face timing

You will be able to make audio or video calls with up to 32 people simultaneously. In this way you will be able to call the entire family at one go.


More emphasis has been given for privacy in iOS. No personal data can be shared anywhere without your permission. Safari Browser is also designed for this.


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