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ReviewDekha is a platform that provides a various of reviews on everything such as automobiles, electronic gadgets & devices, movies and many more. It is only a review provider portal that hasn’t the purposes of any selling products. If you are looking forward to review about any product and you are not getting a proper response. You can find your particular query on ReviewDekha.

It is a quality driven review website that provides point to point and fact to fact things as well it updates a user with news and happenings around the world.This portal is a single resource of quality content and excellent reviews.

About the Author, Editor, Developer: Krishna Shekhawat


Being an engineer in Informational Technology, Krishna, is a word that is inspired by the Lord Shri Krishna, believes in the inspection of the latest technology in the real world. Krishna Shekhawat has done his engineering from LIET, Alwar. He started his career with SAGInfotech Pvt Ltd ( Jaipur). He is an enthusiastic about the bikes and cars that are roaming around him. Krishna likes to write about the two-wheelers and other thinks.

His mostly time spend in gaining the knowledge about new things. He wants to demonstrate his powerful word’s empire in front of the world. Apart from this, he is a simple person and has a helping nature.

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